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How is praying the rosary better than traditional prayer?
Beyond the Liturgical Prayers of the Church, the rosary is arguably the most powerful method of prayer on the face of the earth. What makes the rosary such a powerful form of prayer is the fact that it is a multifaceted devotion which combines prayer with meditation. By praying the rosary prayers while simultaneously focusing our minds on the important events surrounding the lives of Jesus and Mary, we are subtly redirecting our subconscious minds to become more attuned with God. Praying the rosary helps us gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our spiritual surroundings, and it helps us better ourselves after each recitation.
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Rosary Promise #8: "Those who are faithful to recite the rosary shall have during their life and at their death, the light of God and the plentitude of His graces; at the moment of death they shall participate in the merits of the saints in paradise."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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