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Doesn't the Bible warn about repetitive prayers?
"...And leaving them he went back again, and prayed a third time, saying the same words over." Matthew 26:36-44

The Bible teaches us that the vain repetition of prayers is fruitless. In the quote mentioned above, Jesus may have repeated His words, but His prayers were certainly not vain repetitions. Much like the prayers of Jesus, the rosary is not vain repetition. Since we pray AND meditate with the rosary, our prayers are not empty phrases. In fact, the rosary has so much substance and meaning, it is actually a more effective way to pray than any other form of prayer.

Most people who do not truly understand the rosary think that the rosary is just a bunch of prayers recited in a row. This is very far from the truth, as the rosary has a much deeper meaning than most people understand at first. If someone says the rosary is vain repetition, there is a good chance this person does not know all the facts regarding the rosary and its intended use.
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