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Isn't it superstitious to hold or wear rosary beads without praying with them?
Wearing the Rosary solely as a charm for gaining "luck" would constitute superstition and this would not be an appropriate practice.

Some people clutch onto rosary beads during Church or during times of trouble, but this alone is not superstitious. Holding the rosary is a way to help focus oneself on the persons of Jesus and Mary (sort of like looking at a photo of a loved one). To some, holding onto the rosary is much like holding the hand of someone they care about.

Wearing the rosary (unless worn suspended around the waist by priests or the religious) is generally not recommended. However, we should not condemn those individuals that may choose to do so. Who knows? Maybe God has drawn a person to wearing the rosary in an attempt to open them up to this practice or influence those around them.

There are many people who wear the rosary with devotion or to honor a loved one. While the rosary was intended to be prayed and not worn, it would not be proper to reprimand these select devotees. For those devotees wearing the rosary, there is a good chance they are wearing the rosary to bring attention to this devotion and spread its use. A true devotee who wears the rosary most likely prays the rosary every day and is willing to teach anyone and everyone how to pray it for themselves.

To wear the rosary for the sole purpose of making a fashion statement is not recommended, as this practice is considered offensive and blasphemous to many. If you want to start a trend, try pray the rosary instead!
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