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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Louise    April, 25 2017 -
Thank you again, Blessed Mother Mary for interceding my prayers. Thank you for helping me passed my Civil Service exam Professional eligibility. This is important for me to pass employment in the government. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for hearing my prayers through you dearest Mother Mary. I will continue praying the Holy Rosary and the 54 day novena. I'm currently on the third consecutive 54 day novena.Thank you St. Clare, thank you Our Lady of Piat, thank you Our Lady of Guadalupe, thank you Our Lady of Pompeii, thank you Padre Pio, thank you St. Jude, thank you St. Joseph, thank Lord God. Guide and Protect my family dear Blessed Mother Mary. Keep my family safe and healthy inside and outsife of our home. Thank you for the blessings, opportunities and protection. Thank you for the signal graces. Queen of the most of Holy Rosary pray for us. Mother Mary intercede for us. Thank you, pray for us blessed Mother Mary in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Uju    April, 17 2017 - United Kingdom
Glory to our Loving and merciful saviour Jesus Christ. Honour to our Mother the blessed Virgin Mary. I have always been devoted to our sweet mother Mary who has always interceded for me whenever I call out to her. Many years ago I almost drowned in a river during an outing with family. I call out to my heavenly mother to save me and she rescued me. Another testimony of this great mother of God was a night houses on our street was raided by robbers ( then I was still living in Nigeria). My neighbours houses were all broken into except ours. I attribute this to the mother of God because as soon as I heard the robbers from outside my bedroom window I shouted out to Our mother " Mary mother of Jesus, save us" I repeatedly said this pray non stop for almost an hour until I realised that the armed robbers had left our compound without stealing or hurting us!! My husband and I recently relocated to a new town where we have applied for school admission for our 3 children into a catholic school. Our application was rejected based on the fact that they have no space. I have completed my 54 days rosary novena asking our Lady to intercede as this is the closest Catholic school to where we live. With faith and hope in my heart I wait for my prayers to be answered.

Amara    April, 15 2017 - Nigeria
Glory to JESUS!Honour to MARY!.GOD continues to shower numerous blessings and favours upon me and my family through the intercession of Mama Mary. The Rosary is indeed a heavenly powerful weapon for victory in all circumstances. I am a living testimony, if it were not true I will not tell you. pls let us as Children of God and Mama Mary continue to be steadfast in praying the Rosary for our victory and the peace of the world. I am sure we will not regret it but testify always. are you in need of victory and divine miracles, then pick up your Rosary and recite with love, faith, perseverance, meditation and trust and see how things transforms for your joy to be complete in Our Lord Jesus. Mama Mary is too much!.Thank you Jesus. Hail Mary Holy Queen.

Obasi Chiazoka    April, 14 2017 - Nigeria
I began praying my second consecutive Rosary Novena 5 days ago and I told my Mother Mary, Mother of the Holy Rosary the intentions I want to pray for in this my Novena. It wasn't up to a day and one of those intentions was granted. My elder brother got a job after so many interviews and rejections. Thank you My Mother. You've always been My Mother before I was born and you'll continue to be my Mother even after death. Thank you, I'm sincerely grateful. I love you Mother.

Obasi Chiazoka    April, 09 2017 - Nigeria
Thank you my Mother Mary, Mother of the Holy Rosary for your intercessions. Today's my last day of the Novena and I've received many Graces and Blessings. Continue to be with me as I commence another for the petition I'm in dire need of. Stay with me, Mother, for it is necessary to have You present so that I do not forget You. You know how easily I abandon You. Stay with me, Mother.

Karina    April, 05 2017 - SC
Hi all, I have been praying the rosary for a few months now and my family and I have been doing the 54 novena since March. Let me just tell you all how blessed and great I have been since we started praying the rosary every evening. I came across a big problem last year and I still have not had a solution for it. But I pray every night and I know God and Virgin Mary are taking care of it because I feel and witness their blessings every day. I will continue praying the rosary every evening in hopes that our Lord and Virgin Mary will fix everything and will keep protecting me like they have done so far. Keep praying the rosary always you guys because it certainly does work, we are blessed with miracles every day!

Caroline    March, 21 2017 -
Praise & Thanks Giving to Holy Trinity & Mother Mary & St Jude

I request you all to recite the 54 day rosary & also the Precious Blood of Jesus Chaplet along with fasting.

I got a job after 5yrs, jus 15 days ago i started the chaplet & God blessed me with a good job & nice package. I am greatful to him. Million thanks to our Blessed Mother for intercessing for me. Don't give up, Miracles do happen if you pray to our Living God with a humble & contrite heart.


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