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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Obasi Chiazoka    May, 05 2017 - Nigeria
Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary and Joseph. I'm back again with another testimony. On the 25th of April, that's last month, I was introducing the Rosary to a Catholic, a female friend. At first, she was reluctant but after much persuasions, she agreed to pray it since it was just praying the Rosary according to her. She agreed every morning whenever she wakes up to say her morning prayers and this will be till the end of the month, the 30th and I also told her to tell me her experience at the end of the month. Within me I prayed that Mother Mary grant her a petition that will make her always pray it. This evening, I was chatting with her and I asked her how far and then jokingly I said 'looks like you're enjoying it' and she responded 'Hehehe, Well, out of the blues, my school issues got settled. Walahi, I've read my prayer request over and over and I'm shocked that that issue that disturbed me for long has just gone away'. Isn't that just wonderful of Our Mother Mary. Now she's made up her mind to always pray it everyday, not just in the morning alone but also in the evening. Our Mother is AWESOME.

Obasi Chiazoka    May, 04 2017 - Nigeria
Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary and Joseph. The Lord is good, all the time. 2days ago, I came here giving thanksgiving on how Mama Mary interceded for me when I was in dire need of help. Between yesterday and today, I was granted two of my requests. 2-3 years ago, I was supposed to have done what I did 2days ago and due to one reason or the other, I couldn't. Since then, it has been a subject of insult upon me. If I had done it then, I would have reactivated one of my bank accounts that have been on dormancy. So, whenever I make just a little mistake, my dad gets angry using that against me. I just do end up crying, sometimes, praying my Rosary. Sometimes, I go to the Groto and pray with tears in my eyes. Then, I don't pray the Rosary on a daily basis. But I never stopped asking Mama Mary to help me in this situation. My prayer wasn't answered, not until this year, this month. I have registered and got the voters ID card, not only that, I've also reactivated that my account. Mama Mary hears me. I never remembered not until a thought came to me that I prayed about this situation 2years ago. I know this may not sound like a miracle, but to me it is. No matter how long it takes for our prayers to be answered, just pray, most for Mama Mary's intercession. Even Her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ has said whenever we need something, we should go to His Mother, that He will grant it to us in many folds. So, in any situation you find yourself, just pray the Rosary. Mama Mary surely hears and will come to your aid in no distant time. Pray, Hope and Don't Worry(PHDW). GOD BLESS

Obasi Chiazoka    May, 02 2017 - Nigeria
Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary and Joseph. I write this with a heart of Thanksgiving. Today, I received God's and my Mother Mary's Blessings and Graces. I decided to go register for an identity card, voter's card to be precise, so I left as early as 6am and it commences 9am and closes 3pm. Meanwhile, I had a dream where I went to get registered, but I did not dream where I was successful as I woke up immediately. I had that believe and confidence that I'll be successful, having dreamt about it. When I got there, the queue there was like water (I mean many). I needed to get a form before I could make the registration and that was my main target. With that form, I could come anytime for the registration. 9am came, they began sharing the forms but it did not get to me. 12pm,2pm and I've not got the form, I became worried. I said to myself, I can't leave my house since 6am and go back home empty handed after almost 8hours. I then decided to say a brief prayer to My Mother Mary, followed by numerous Hail Marys and the Memorare. At about 3:30pm,they decided to share the forms again and again it did not get to me. I continued saying the Hail Marys and Memorare but this time, I said it with almost tears in my heart because I was tired, neither did I eat before going there nor bought anything there to eat. At exactly 4:30pm,they decided to share the forms again, this time, I was the 6th to be given. I was so very happy. I just can't thank God and Our Mother Mary enough. Thank you father and mother, for coming to the aid of this poor sinner.

Maria    May, 02 2017 - Netherlands
i was having a lot of financial troubles for the last 2 years, my husband who was working on contract with a big firm lost the contract job, after which he started thinking of doing business and took loans and we went into large debts.. in between all this troubles i got a new job by Mother's grace with a better salary than earlier due to which we just went on managing for a year,and my hisband went on blaming me for his business not working out and i went through a turmoil struggling with my 4 year old kid... daily fights at home.. my husband always vending out his frustration on me.. at the end of the year, i convinced my husband to pray together the Undoer of Knots novena ... on the 8th day we got a call from a Manager saying he would like to intake my husband on contract... He joined the job... but it lasted just for 3 months(Oct-Dec)... though short it was a great help for us as we could pay off most of the debts ...
Then again from Jan to March he was searching for jobs, nothing worked out ... In March i started the praying the 54 Novena ... asking my Mother to show some mercy on me , cos i got pregnant and i knew we wud not be able to handle i had prayed , that i want an answer before easter this year ... my mother gave me an answer... MOther gave my husband a good job , he joined on April 10 a week before easter ... i was on the 21st rosary then...This is one of the biggest miracle in my life ... i dont know how to thank my MOther enough... i have been saved from a great disaster that would have otherwise happened...M praying that he gets his current job gets permanent as they have said...Thanks for all your blessing mother.. thanks for interceding at the right time in my life and showering ur blessings on us...

Maggie    May, 01 2017 -
I'm going to start off by saying...if you're thinking about suicide all due to your lifes problems think back and remember that our lady had to undergo many things that pierced her adorable heart. This is my 3rd time praying this 54 day rosary novena. It's a fascinating story to be honest. Well yeasterday being my 3rd time praying this speacial novena it also being the first day. Prior to that (before then) I was mid way through finishing my sencond attempt...but i felt as though i was being ingenious so i started all over yeasterday at exactly 11:20 ish. My first time praying this novena i didn't get anything i asked for... But i can definitely say my mother has been holding me ever since the first attempt. I know you just want to rush through this and get your answers but remember when saying this speak with your whole heart give glory to God and honor our mother and then tell her what you want,and need she will hear you. If you hear a voice telling you that you must start all over just do it. Rushing through
prayer won't fix things.

Amara    April, 27 2017 - B
Glory to JESUS!Honour to MARY. last night after reciting the holy rosary, I retired to bed to sleep but I felt a very discomforting pain on my abdomen it was so hurtful that I couldn't sleep, so I took the Rosary and photo card of Our Mother of Perpetual Help and place on that part wer I feel the pain,after a while the pain gradually subsided and it was all gone. I slept like a baby and woke up like a giant in the morning. Thank you Lord Jesus,Thank you Mama Mary. God bless you sweet Mother you are always there for me. Hail Mary!

Louise    April, 25 2017 -
Thank you again, Blessed Mother Mary for interceding my prayers. Thank you for helping me passed my Civil Service exam Professional eligibility. This is important for me to pass employment in the government. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for hearing my prayers through you dearest Mother Mary. I will continue praying the Holy Rosary and the 54 day novena. I'm currently on the third consecutive 54 day novena.Thank you St. Clare, thank you Our Lady of Piat, thank you Our Lady of Guadalupe, thank you Our Lady of Pompeii, thank you Padre Pio, thank you St. Jude, thank you St. Joseph, thank Lord God. Guide and Protect my family dear Blessed Mother Mary. Keep my family safe and healthy inside and outsife of our home. Thank you for the blessings, opportunities and protection. Thank you for the signal graces. Queen of the most of Holy Rosary pray for us. Mother Mary intercede for us. Thank you, pray for us blessed Mother Mary in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


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