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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Benny Varghese    February, 06 2017 - India
I am on my 26th day of petition of the 54th days rosary, i am praying for my friend for a good life for her and for some reason we are not talking for around 6 weeks, i asked mother Mary for signal graces as Red roses and i believe i am seeing red roses everywhere, thank you mother Mary for listening my prayers, i am just waiting for that day, when she would talk to me again. Miracles will happen i believe, but some times i loose my faith and have to pray hard. I will complete the 54 days Novena Rosary whatever happens.

Thanks you Mother Mary & Jesus Christ.

Christina39    February, 06 2017 -
I am not spoken or write good in English, but I hope that people who read this understand my tastimony.
I am catholic, but I lived together with my partner in 10yrs and we not married. In 10 yrs I was away from Catholic Church, and I am not carrying any Rosary. Until two years ago, my friend give me a Rosary a gift from Medjugorie. And something happen to me, I felt my life is miserable, unlucky and meaningless. Even thow, I have 3 beautiful , health children and very kind partner. Until right before Christmas last year, I come cross to a 54of Novena pray and I start to Pray Rosary, not only I get a new job that, but I have peace in myself, I come close to Jesus, and Our Mother Mary. Dear beloved, do not stop pray Rosary, pray in deep of your heart and Your get answer.Spray to Love of Jesus and Our Mother. Amen.

kate Elfrida odeh    January, 27 2017 - benue Nigeria
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, tachycardia, later,depression, anxiety disorder stepped in.was browsing through the internet of the power of the rosary. I decided to participate in saying the rosary and to the glory of God.I have full peace of mind,knowing God watches over me and our mother praying has always been with me.saying the Rosary is the best thing that has ever happened to drew me closer to God.I sleep well now knowing I have inner peace. I trust God through the intercession of my beloved mother Mary to receive more grace.

Andrea    January, 25 2017 -
Thanks be to God and blessed Mary ever virgin for answering my prayers during and after the novena. She brought my prodigal love back to me and I am so ever grateful. I pray she continues to intercede for our love and help us and guide us. Amen.

Neelima Sunil    January, 21 2017 - India
Thank you Jesus and mother Mary for performing the miracles I asked through our lady undoer of knots novena. Praise the Lord

Coralie    January, 16 2017 -
Thank you Mother Mary for your intercession. I have just completed my 54 day novena for my daughter to conceive after many years of trying. She is now 10 weeks pregnant. I am continuing to pray for the safe delivery of the baby and also that my son will meet a catholic girl who will become his wife and lead him back to God.

MonicaAS    January, 08 2017 -
I grew up praying the rosary every day with my family since I was a child. When I got married, I got lazy and stopped doing it consistently with my husband. We have always had a tough relationship but it has gotten better in our first year of marriage. Recently, we have been trying to conceive and are having a hard time. This has caused me increasing stress and anxiety. Which I think in turn has affected my body negatively. I pray many novenas but thought I should start praying it after I saw the Blessed Mother in my dream. I have a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe beside my bed and thought it was her but after a little research I think it may have been Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. So as of New Years Day I have begun the 54 day novena in hopes of conceiving. My husband it praying it with me. I'm hoping it will also help our marriage. I am on Day 8. Please include me your prayers. I think some times the devil tries to steer me away but I am determined to continue this novena.


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