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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Louise    December, 06 2016 - Philippines
Thank you Mother Mary and to Jesus Christ for keeping my family safe. I pray to the Holy Rosary to always keep my family safe and good health. Mother Mary please help me pass the Career Service Sub Professional I took last November 20, 2016 and Professional exam I will take. I prayed the Holy Rosary every day now. I started the 9 days Novena prayer yesterday and my 54 day novena last week. Please help me find a good job this December, located near my home. That I will get an interview from the jobs I applied to. Mother Mary I pray for your intercession through Jesus Christ your son, that my petition will be granted. Thank you Mama Mary. Amen.

Margo    December, 06 2016 - London
Dear God, Lord Jesus and Our Mother

I want to say thank you for saving my life today!

Without your intercession I would of drowned.

Thank you for your glorious blessings and watching over me.


Buggybeth    December, 01 2016 - USA
Dear Mother Mary, thank you for helping me finish my first 54 day rosary novena. So powerful. Thank you for answering my nearly impossible intention on day 54. Thank you for listening and helping me. The signal graces I asked for throughout my 54 days were awesome. I'm amazed at the power of prayer! OŘ 9

Pramila Annet Fernan    November, 30 2016 - India
Mother Mary Thank You for helping me to finish my 1 set of 54 days Rosary Novena. And for all the graces. Specially curing my acne problem on my face. My Mother I ask your continues help and blessings. Please pray for me with your loving son Jesus Christ my Savior to help me and grant me what i am seeking for in my 2nd set of 54 days Holy Rosary Novena. Amen.

Bella    November, 16 2016 - Canada

Thank you Mother Mary and Lord Jesus
I was very desperate to find a good job. I was looking and had multiple interviews and job offers but all of them failed, I either got fired immediately or after 1 to 3 months.
I fell into depression and tears and frustration. My self esteem dropped down to zero. I was working making peanuts for a very
bad company as I lost any hope that I can get smth better.
After finishing my 54 day novenna - circumstances worked out the way that I left my old job - suddenly just impulsively and I never looked for a job - my friend called me and offered job in his new office and is treating me NICELY. I am very happy now as again I got interviews just from other friends I never applied for one but work finds me itself just through network.

I made a book -to pray a rosary
I collected pictures and all kinds of religious items on Rosary topics. I made an album on all rosary mysteries, starting from Anunciation and finished by Glorious mysteries.

Every page is decorated with Bible citations, on the approprite mystery and pictures from books etc depicting angel, Virgin Mary, Jesus and Joan the Baptist, sufferings of Jesus, Resurrecion and etc. to help me to concentrate on rosary miracles as well as roses, flowers etc.
Also when I pray rosary sometimes I watch videos on rosary miracles online - wedding in Cana where Jesus is dancing with his Mother on the wedding etc. I find it very helpful and vivid.

God bless all of you
The most important thing is
1. Do not ask for signal graces. They will come anyway.
2. Just trust in Mother Mary protection
3. Be very VERY ATTENTIVE when you pray the Rosary, take your time, do not rush, immerse yourself in every mystery- close the door and be in silence, and pray and you will be heard.
I used to pray all 20 miracles before - to get specific intention - a guy to date and a job. But I did not get any of them and failed to finish Novenna as it was very hard to pray so much. Hovewer I got a very nice dream - Virgin Mary was blessing me on the last day of my Novenna.
And I got a guy later by the way.

Kavitha    November, 15 2016 - India
Mother Mary help us in the darkest moments of our life.I gave my final examinations a few months ago.Although not that great,I still hoped that I will definitely pass.But when results came,I failed for Physiology.This was quite unexpected as I was good in Physiology.Professor told me to give it for re totalling.So I proceeded with that.I had been down since then.Losing one subject means lag by 6 months while rest of the class go to next level of studies.I had been down since then.But I didn't lose hope.I started to pray rosary that hard.I made sure I prayed all the 3 mysteries a day (150 Hail Mary's).This continued on for a while.When the result of retotalling came,I passed.It was really a miracle because only a few get passed by this.
The other thing is about my driving licence.The driving test is hard to pass.It is really difficult to pass.I asked Mother Mary to help me pass the test while praying the rosary.And I did pass the test and got the driving result without any mistakes.
Thank You,Mother Mary.
Thank You,God.
I am really indebted to you.

Marc    November, 08 2016 - Beirut, Lebanon
As I am writing this I can say I am passing through one of the "harshest" times of my life. Faith, Financially, Emotionally, heavy stress you name it pressure from everywhere. 3 years ago I was passing through similar times so I decided back then to start a 54 day Rosary Novena, everyday before I sleep was the time to pray.

Believe me when I say that my nights were more frightful than the scariest Hollywood horror movie you have ever seen, almost every night I was plagued by nightmares far beyond "scary". Meanwhile, none of my intentions were being fulfilled, no signal graces and many family and financial issues became even worse. So at the 39th day I laid down my arms and surrendered to the nightmares or should I say the devil. I stopped praying out of fear, clearly satan was not happy at all with me praying a 54 Day Novena. I stopped praying 26th of November 2013. A year later I stopped going to Church on Sunday.

Today As I was getting back home from work, devastated, overwhelmed, depressed and even chocked at some of the things that are happening to me I decided to go the little chapel and pray to our Mother Mary.

A first time encounter since 3 years, sitting there I felt I can say whatever I want no strings attached. No one would blame or judge me or point fingers at me. So for 10 minutes I just conveyed to Mother Mary what was happening to me and I asked her for help. Help for me to get back to the Rosary and Church, help to overcome the many issues in my life. I left the chapel and went back home.

Your are asking yourselves, where is the testimony in this ? Well, after forgetting about for so long I looked for about 45 minutes on google in order to find the website. Once I found it I went straight to the stories, to be honest, the stories moved something in me and starting tonight I will start a 54 day Novena. The testimony is this : no matter how long and how far you go away from Mary and the Church she will get you back, I ask you all to pray for me not to lay down arms again and be back for good. I will keep posting here every now and then my progress so it can be encouraging to others who are going through the same. Thank you all and Thank you Mother Mary for getting me back here.


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