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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

George    October, 26 2016 - Germany
I have been suffering from acid reflux for about 3 years more or less and was too afraid to get it checked. I took a lot of acid suppressants but things got worse with time. To make a long story short, the Blessed Mother healed me a week into my 54 day novena. It was not a miraculous healing, but she led me to a solution that worked. How gracious and compassionate is our Mother and Father in Heaven? Pray to her. She hears you and will bring your requests to Jesus.

Obiorah Gabriel    October, 26 2016 - Enugu
I want to thank Mother Mary for praying and interceding for my brother in the hospital, my brother recently had a cement fell on his neck, and we rushed him to the hospital, there the doctors did an xray and brought a report to us that his spinal cord shifted, and they'll need to do surgery to put it back to its position. On informing us, they also said that he has a 5% chance of walking again. I was so sad with the news. Then when they did the surgery, I thank God for the successful surgery they moved him to the ICU room. At the ICU, the doctors where bringing in bad news about him, saying that we should pray for him, they were telling us about people that died that way. I was so worried, I rushed to the chapel and prayed the whole rosary asking our Mother Mary to help my brother to survive this, because they put something in his mouth, and if he dare speak, he will lose his life. So I pray the Rosary daily, with the 54 day Novena and also begged St John Vianney to pray for my brother. But the following day, they removed the thing from his mouth and he's now breathing perfectly. Though he's still in the hospital, but he's recuperating very well. Thanks to Mother Mary, thank God for His powerful healing miracles on my brother. Pray your Rosary all the time, it's very powerful. If you've stopped, pick it up and continue. You'll receive unending graces.

Maryanka    October, 22 2016 - Texas USA
I prayed the 54 Day Rosary novena for several intentions, one of which was for an "improvement" of our financial situation. I asked for a specific signal grace of a yellow rose. I began to worry, as some time passed and I was not receiving the sign. I have never been one to think I deserved anything or should ask for anything. That is how I was raised. We did not have a lot of money and the message I got growing up was that it was wrong to want or ask for anything. I decided that maybe I should withdraw my request, I thought perhaps it was rude of me to ask for a specific sign. So I had a yellow rose with a few blooms in our garden and picked a bloom and placed it before a statue of Mary. I told her I should be giving her a rose, not the other way around. Mind you, I did not withdraw my request for financial improvement, just the specific sign of the yellow rose. I think it was the next day, I was going to work on an art project and decided to select classical music to play while I worked. I have a boxed set of classical music but I only like one of the CDs in that set. It has been a while since I listened to that music, and could not remember offhand which CD I liked best. I chose one (from a box without looking at the cover art) that I thought might be it, but it was the wrong disc. As I was returning it to the box, I noticed the cover art was a beautiful illustration of a yellow rose. I was elated and felt it was a sign from Mary she was pleased with the rose I had given her. I did not know whether it referred to my initial request for financial improvement or not. I continued to pray the novena. Not long afterward, a friend of mine posted a photo of a painting I had given her. She said she had been cleaning house and found it in a closet. I had totally forgotten I painted it for her, as it must have been over 30 years ago. It showed up on my Facebook news feed page as she had tagged me on the post. It took me a while to notice that the most prominent feature of that painting is a long stemmed yellow rose. Even then, I was not sure it was the signal grace I was seeking. Another week passed and again on my news feed, up pops a "memory" post provided by FB where I had posted several years ago a photo of a yellow rose signal grace. No doubt in my mind that one was a signal grace. It was a yellow rose that we found in our garden with a double center. It is important to note that this signal grace occurred about the time our financial difficulties first began. It was so unusual I took a photo of it and a few years later I apparently posted the photo on Facebook. Once I let myself believe that all of these yellow roses were signal graces, I began to hear Christmas tunes playing in my mind. I could think of no reason why I would be thinking of Christmas music in July. I asked for confirmation that this meant we must wait until Christmas and several rather unusual things occurred that supported the idea that we had to wait until Christmas. I couldn't imagine why. In September we were told that our expensive insurance plans were no longer being offered and we must choose new insurance plans. It was very upsetting, but it forced us to make changes in our coverage we probably should have made 2-3 years ago. Now that we have made our choice we find that our monthly insurance cost will be substantially less. The new coverage does not go into effect until January 1, 2017. My husband and I both believe that this is the improvement promised by Our Lady. It makes sense now, why we had to wait until Christmas. It is not the big lottery win I was hoping for, but The Lord knows what is best for us. Jesus, I trust in you. Mother Mary, thank you for your love and constant intercession.

Bella    October, 18 2016 -
I got a boyfriend

After 12 years of pain and loneliness and desperation and tears I finally got a perfect very handsome, physically fit and soft n character beautiful man.

I finished my 54 day rosary novenna ( just one novenna)
and he came straight to my home himself. I didn't loose my time dating online, going to clubs etc. to meet men. I just prayed the rosary. And he came himself to my home.
Exactly how I imagined - that my guy, my future husband has to come to my home - himself .

I am very happy woman now and encourage everybody to pray rosary

God Bless all of you

Blessed be Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary

Pramila Annet Fernan    October, 16 2016 - India
All Praises to My Mother and her Divine Son Jesus Christ The King. Few days back I shared my small story that why I started this novena. Its to get one boy as my husband whom I love the most. Its like Mother Mary was giving her blessings with every Rosary. But I fell like I did one stupidity today. And it just killed me for a moment. Today I just put the DP in watsapp what this boy had put. Its quote not his pic. But still I don't know what went wrong after few hours when i checked this boy have blocked me.OMG. My heart came to my mouth. I was so upset. I was returning from airport since i went to drop my brother. To confirm again I sent one video to him it was not going. I seriously dint know what to do. Sat in car and just remembered my Mother Mary and Jesus Christ and said 10 Memorare to Mother Mary. Believe me all of you i think when i was praying this boy have unblocked me. Meanwhile my one friend texted me asking whats the matter. I told her you just block me for 10 minutes i just want to see how it shows when someone blocks. She said ok and exited and blocked me. But before checking her i just went again to check this boys profile and unbelievable he had unblocked me by that time. I was soooooooooooo happy. I really dont have any words. My Virgin Beloved Adorable Heavenly Mother Queen of Queens had chaged his mind and unblocked me. Awesome. I love You Mother. Trust me all of you even i loose my faith while praying but still i never give up. I try. And see how Mother Mary Helps. I am thankful today to Mother Mary that she chose me to give witness today here. Never give up. Our Mother is with us always. Hail Mary..I Love You.

Chidalu    October, 11 2016 - Philippines
Praise be to our God and honor to the best mother,Virginia Mary. So excited, I got my signal graces yesterday and this morning. Very hopeful that my kids will excel in the second periodical test which starts today and our family reunion next year.
My friends, our Mother Mary is a promise keeper. Hold unto Her tightly. Pray the Rosary for it is our rescue from problems . Thanks my Mother Mary.

Chidalu    October, 11 2016 - Philippines
Glory to Jesus and honor to Mother Mary. I was desperately worried of my son's performance in his weekly test. These weekly tests are part of the overall assessment at the end of the session. My request was heard through the intercession of Mother in the Holy Rosary.
I will come back to testify of others once my requests are granted. Thanks Mama Mary.


Rosary Promise #1: "Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the rosary, shall receive signal graces."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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