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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Marion    October, 10 2016 - Uganda
Today i am very thankful to God and Mother Mary.i was desperately looking to change career and get a new job since 2014.i applied every where but i couldnot get even on the shortlist.i had heard about the 54 day rosary Novenna in 2012 but had never really prayed it.on 15th August 2016(Assumption Day), i started the 54 Day Rosary Novenna.on 29/08/2016,i was invited for written interviews.we were over 2500 but i succesful.o 9/09/2016 i was invited for another set of written interviews.we 450 and i was still sucessful.on 27/09/2016,i was invited for oral interviews.we were 202 applicants and they needed only 50 of us and i was successful.Iwas called on 7/10/2016,i had got the Job and that was the last day of my 54 day Rosary Novenna.i went for a briefing on 9/10/2016 and will be reporting to work on 31/10/2016. This has been a miracle to me.

deepa    October, 10 2016 -
I was suffering from a problem for the past one year at work it had 4 parts , 3 parts got sorted out and I have sent my testimony after each part
and was waiting for the final and main part to solve I was praying the rosary everyday to mother mary and novena on tuesday to st anthony and had visited doornahalli where st anthonys shrine is
for thanksgiving due to another answerd prayer and had prayed for this request as well and finally it got sorted on last week of last month,
I had sleepless nights for one year and lots of fear and tension at the end I started claiming the promise that god fights the battle for me as one person was trying to put
the blame completely on me and was always reminding me of the problem and consequences he is very strong and smart in manipulating things , I was very negative about the consequences related to my work, but thank god it sorted out well..the deadline for this is till few months beginning next year
thankyou mother mary and st anthony for interceding for me and giving me peace in advance I used to put chits and ask mother mary to help me pick the right chit relating to when and how my problem will solve and it worked out in this case which I take it as a signal grace and whenever I used to worry about this I used to seea rose. pls continue to pray the rosary
thank you god/jesus/mother mary and st anthony..

Pramila Annet Fernan    October, 09 2016 - India
I started my rosary novena 14 days back for the special intention. I am liking one boy and his proposal also had come to me. But till today I couldn't figure it out what's causing us that we both away from each other. Well i seriously don't know about him but silently i love him lot. I did all possible prayer in my life but just lost hope at the end. I had madness of searching for powerfull prayer so that i can sort out our problems. I got many times this 54 day rosary novena in my search but in my mind I got only one thing that such a long rosary who will pray alone. Trust me friends whenever i got this novena details in my search i just used to skip it. But one day i dont know just opened it got the points in my mind and just started the rosary novena. Starting 9 days only with bread and water. And then continued by skipping food from 7.45 am to 7.45pm. Only water in between. Last week my schedule was very busy with office work i always used miss this boy. He will be in one place in the evening with his uncle since they are dealing with business and somehow i used to adjust the time and run from office to see his one glence. But last week just missed him. And then saturday came and since it is Dasara season our office is closed for 3 days so when i was praying rosary in adoration monastery i was crying and asking Mother Mary tell me mother how to spend these 3 days without seing him. I finished my prayer left from there and waiting for bus in bus stand this guy came its like he was adjusting himself to see me. However i just turned my face to opposit direction and continued to search for bus for me. I really don't have much guts to stare at him directly and its really hurts if I see him ignoring me so before he does so I only take off my eyes from him so that at least in my heart one feeling will remain that he was seeing me. However he left from there and i got my bus since my bus was behind his vehicle when it stoped in next stop he got down from his vehicle and from my bus i could c him properly. Its like Mother Mary was telling me that My crazy child your guy is front of you scan him properly and keep him in your eyes and heart for 3 days so that you dont miss him. And yes i scaned him and still i remember his dress his expression etc. I know this is just begining and much more is there to come. Thank You Mother Mary and Jesus the King for showing so much love on me. I Love You Both. Praise The Lord Almighty. Amen

lucky    September, 24 2016 - Xxx
Praise the Lord . I'm seriously glad to write my testimony here today . Signal grace that I've received this evening .. I'm here on my 52nd novena prayer and my prayers had been answered..! My petition is all about my ex that he should get good job and though he should turn responsible and accept me and my love after all we have been broke up .. Mother Mary , queen of rosery have prayed for me and now as I've prayed.. My guy got a good job and though we have got back again after a lot of struggle this evening .! I Thank you mother Mary for your love and care ..! Yu have given me opportunity to write my testimony here .! Please whomever reads this never leave hop never stop saying rosery ..! Novena prayer are the powerful to bring your petition true .. Queen of rosery .. My mother Mary I thank yu always -amen

Kristin787    September, 20 2016 -
I am a Rosary devotee and pray in a Rosary group regularly. I was in search of a used car. I have been to many car dealers and car lots and the cars I saw had problems with brakes, possible body damages, etc. I was feeling hopeless after I left the car lot and decided to go to mass at Our Lady of Assumption church. I prayed to our lady after mass, and when I went outside, I had this impression like Mother Mary was speaking to me to go to this dealership for a certain car. I followed up and went to the dealership and found the right car. A friend of mine who saw the car could not believe the car was in such good condition and had low mileage. On the day of the Feast of our Lady of Assumption, August 15, I bought and took home the car. Thank you Mother Mary for the clear signs. Keep praying the Rosary.

Maryanka    September, 19 2016 - Texas USA
I am on day 25 of my most recent 54 Day Rosary Novena. This time I listed my intentions at the top of the page where I keep track of which day I am on. Already 2 of my intentions have been fulfilled. I am so amazed by Our Lord's mercy and love. The most recent answered prayer is I have been having very poor vision in my right eye. It was very upsetting as I had cataract surgery in both eyes 2 years ago. I felt that the blessing given to me 2 years ago by Jesus was being taken away from me. But when I would start to think that way I would remind myself that the devil might want me to think that, but Jesus will never give a gift and then take it away. I thought the blurriness in my vision might be due to posterior vitreous detachment, diagnosed in that eye just over a year ago. But it wasn't getting any better. I finally went to my eye doctor a few days ago, very afraid he would say I had a detached or torn retina. But he diagnosed posterior capsule opacity in both eyes instead, the right eye being worse than the left. This is something that sometimes happens after cataract surgery and it is easily repaired with a painless laser procedure. The doctor fixed my eye right there in his office within 5 minutes of diagnosis. I walked out of there feeling like I was floating on a cloud of Love. My vision in that eye is now very good. I am scheduled to have the other eye fixed in 3 weeks. My "good eye" is now my bad eye. Thank you Mother Mary and dear sweet Jesus. Also St. Joseph, St. Pio and St. Mother Teresa as I prayed to them also for healing of my eye. I look at the other petitions on my list and doubt and worry is slowly being replaced by a sense of trust and hope. I worried about my eye needlessly for 6 months. I have worried about so many things all my life and this has been a particularly rough year. But I have started keeping a list of things I worried about needlessly. Already 7 things on that list and that is just for this year only. Keep praying the rosary and try not to give in to doubt and fear, those are just tools of the devil to derail you. Remember, if the devil wants to derail you, you must be on the right track !! Trust Jesus. He loves you.

Veronica Tini    September, 06 2016 - Indonesia
I'm praying my 4th 54 days novena and it is day 45. I feel abandoned by God and Mother Mary. It is just like i'm fighting my problem alone. I feel it is no use to pray the rosary. I feel really chaos this several days. I can't focus on my work. But now,right now when i'm typing this story i feel really relaxed and calm. It is because Mother Mary has sent me roses this morning through my community's whats app group. I don't know how,but after i've seen the roses picture i feel relieved. Suddenly in my mind i know that i'm not alone fighting this life problem. Thank you God and Mother Mary.


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