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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Jade    August, 30 2016 -
There's another testimony I wanted to add. It's an ongoing process of deliverance, but I feel it's necessary to speak about it.

I have always had problems with demons for most of my life. I was a neglected child, and those types of children are targets for Satan to possess. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 12, for hearing demonic voices. The attacks didn't really stop, though; I have been raped at night, have had nightmares and sleep paralysis, bruises on my legs, felt cold presences sexually molest me, for most of my life. Because of the demonic influences, I lived a very sinful life growing up, practically 24/7 on the internet. It wasn't until I started seeing apparitions of Jesus, Mary, and Saint Michael and other angels did things begin to change. I was introduced to the Rosary by finding a Rosary of my grandmother's. It took a while for me to be able to say it without demons stopping me interiorly, but once I began to say it more and more, their presences began to leave and I have felt them leave my body. I just never wanted to give up on it, and Mary has helped me tremendously. I see her apparition all the time, helping me against the demons. I haven't been able to reach an exorcist priest, so material-world speaking I've been solo but I have had a lot of help from heaven. The devil hates the Rosary, more than I can say. It's why you have to keep praying it. He and his minions always try to stop me from saying it. Though there have been some days I didn't say it, I still haven't given up and things are much better than they were before. It's a process. Deliverance takes time, especially without a reliable exorcist priest but the Rosary and the Chaplet of Saint Michael have done wonders. I don't meditate on the mysteries very well yet, but I just listen to what St. Louis de Montfort said about saying the Rosary. Even when there are many distractions, just keep trying to focus and keep praying the Rosary. You won't regret it.

I'm converting from Protestantism to Catholicism starting this September. Please pray for me :)

Franzeska    August, 30 2016 -
I want to share the grace and miracle from rosary prayer. I was diagnosed with Major Placenta Previa while i was pregnant. I went to see 2 doctors and said will be happened a severe bleeding and perhaps having a premature baby. This one cannot be prevented and even having a bed rest still can be happened. I being told by my sister to pray to Mother Mary and pray for Rosary. I prayed faithfully everyday and ask Mother Mary to give me a sign if my prayer being heard. I experienced a little bleeding on one day and go to L&D for monitoring and i saw the nurse name was Mary, its mean my prayer being heard. After that i can discharge and continue to my own activity. I cannot believe how Much is Mother Mary grace to us, i can go through the whole pregnancy without having a severe bleeding and go through the C section, my doctor quite surprise i can go through the pregnancy without experienced a severe bleeding. eventhough in the C section i lost much blood but i believe Jesus and Mother Mary will help me. I thank God and Mother Mary so me and my baby are safe, health and sound. How great is our GodO

Anonymous M    August, 29 2016 - Texas USA
Another UPDATE - I promised Jesus that if my husband's stolen wallet would be returned to us I would go to mass (I pray rosary every day, but it has been a while since I've been to mass). Then we got the call that the wallet had been found by someone, but the person wanted to deliver it to my husband personally and never came back (see my story from last week previously posted here). This was stressful and upsetting, but I felt it was more of the devil's tricks, trying to stop me from going to mass. So I told Jesus that I would go to mass as I had promised, whether or not we got the wallet back. I kept my promise and went to the Saturday evening vigil mass, even though the wallet had still not been returned. When I got home that evening, I checked the mailbox and found that my husband's wallet had been mailed back to us !! The person who had it was the person who initially found it. I can't explain why he held onto it and failed to turn it in the store's customer service desk or why he did not attempt to call or locate us for 2 weeks, but in the end he did the right thing and mailed it back. The best part of the story is all of my husband's IDs are still in the wallet and the man even returned the money. He only used $2 of the money for postage. So the signal grace of the hearts (see previous post) was true. All is well. Thank you sweet Jesus. And thank you for leading me back to church.

Jade    August, 27 2016 -
I've been praying the Rosary for my mother's needs, and she's been looking for a new place the live while I've been hoping for her to come back to the Catholic Church and to get out of her current situation to grow closer to God. Sure enough, my mother told me today that she's moving out of her current apartment to a new one. Truly a miracle, for it's almost impossible to find affordable housing anymore. Also, I've been praying Our Lady somehow get involved to help save China's church issues, and when I was praying for it, I was led to a few news articles about the same thing via Church Militant. I ask that others pray for this and the whole Church as well. :)

Anonymous M    August, 24 2016 - Texas USA
UPDATE & new signal grace - in March, 2016 I posted about the ordeal of my husband's heart cath and the amazing blessing that after 22 years his heart bypasses are still free of any blockage. But then, if you recall, a few days later we were told that a chest X-Ray showed he had COPD. Very frightening but I received powerful signal graces that this was a trick of the devil to distract me from the great Mercy we had received from Jesus. Happy to report that to this day my husband still has no symptoms of COPD. So I am confident the signal graces I received then were true. But this has been a crazy year for us. One thing after the other. I have noticed that every time I get near the end of a 54 Day Rosary Novena, something upsetting or strange will happen that causes me to be discouraged, an attempt to stop me from finishing. This time on day 46, my husband's wallet was stolen. He forgot it in a bathroom at his workplace and when he went back a while later it was gone. He had all of his IDs in the wallet, including his Social Security number !!!! We are very afraid of identity theft and had to replace his IDs, report the theft, cancel 2 credit cards, etc . . . We also signed up for a fraud alert program. We've done all we can, but are still worried. I prayed to Jesus and asked him for a sign that "all will be well." I specified the sign of the heart, since that is a sign I associate with Jesus, His merciful heart. The following day we went to the Social Security Administration and were waiting our turn when I noticed a little girl scooting her pink flowery tennis shoes across the floor tiles. In contrast with all of us poor adults sitting there waiting our turn, the girl was playing and having fun. That got my attention. As I was watching her she turned around and her t-shirt was emblazoned with 6 pink hearts, each the size of a small plum. Then a few minutes later I noticed a young woman got up and went to one of the windows without having been called to do so. I wondered why she did that, so she got my attention too. Also she was an attractive woman and that kept me looking at her. She returned and sat back down and that is when I noticed that her blouse was emblazoned with white crosses. I felt that was a second signal grace to confirm that the first one was truly from Jesus. A few days later we got a call from my husband's manager at work, a customer had come in (on my husband's day off) and said he had the wallet, but for some reason didn't bring it with him. So within seconds we were both elated and crushed by the news. He said the wallet was "in another car." The manager said the man acted strangely and he has made no attempt since then to return the wallet or contact us. So, we have no way of knowing what kind of person is in possession of my husband's wallet or IDs. We don't even know if the IDs are still in the wallet. Yesterday as I was feeling discouraged and upset over the cruel delay (cruelty is a a definite sign the Devil is involved) I noticed a piece of chain in my craft supplies and how it lay puddled almost (but not quite)in the shape of a heart. I said aloud to Jesus, as I lifted the container, "this is almost like a heart but it's not complete." and no sooner had I said it a portion of the chain dropped down and connected perfectly with the rest of the chain to form a heart. Not a perfect heart, but the timing and the way the two section of chain joined exactly was amazing. This is day 54 of my current Novena and I am about to pray the final rosary. Please pray for the safe return of my husband's wallet and his IDs. If that is not possible, please pray his SSN and IDs will not be used for ill purposes. Pray the rosary as often as you can and don't let the devil keep you from it. Now, I go to pray my 54th . . . Mary, Queen of the most Holy Rosary, intercede and pray for us. Amen

Mari    August, 24 2016 - Philippines
Hi everyone. This is my first time to post my testimony here. I came across this website thru my cousin who introduced me to this. Im a catholic, and was brought up to say the rosary every night however way back then it seemed as an obligation. For so many years, i havent tried praying the rosary by myself until i learned about the rosary miracles. My cousin had me read the rosary miracles because of the situation im in right now. I can say that im at my lowest point in my life because my partner left me when i was on my 7th months of pregnancy for another girl, til now havent heard anything from him. He cut all means of communication. I was so devastated that there were times im at a point of taking my own life but whenever i see my tummy and feel my baby moving inside me it brings me back to my sanity. My family and relatives were giving me all the support they can give me. When i started reading about the different testimonies of other people i just couldn't get enough reading and within 3 days i've read everything and hoping to read more. On the day i started reading the testimonies ive also searched about the 54 day rosary novena, undoer of knots and the express novena of Mother Teresa and also searched for a guide on how to say the rosary. On that same day august 20, i also started praying the rosary. Im already on my 5th day of the 54 day rosary and undoer of knots novena. On my 3rd day, i asked for a specific signal grace however i havent gotten that signal grace until now and honestly i got sad. However, yesterday when we were driving suddenly i started saying the express novena and asked that we will be guided on our way. Then, when we were on our way home, we almost had an accident. While we were about to change lanes, out of nowhere there was a car who almost hit us. The car just left like nothing happened and we were all in shock. I can even hear the other vehicles following us suddenly stopped as well. Then after awhile i realized that it was God and Mother Mary who saved and protected us from that accident. I then asked forgiveness because when i thought that no one is listening to my prayers, i was very wrong. I know God and Mother Mary were trying to give me an assurance that they're listening and to strenghten my faith. Few weeks from now ill be giving birth to my first baby boy. Please help me pray for a safe delivery. God Bless everyone.

Thank you Lord Jesus
Thank you Mama Mary

Maricel mediano    August, 20 2016 -
I was just really amazed about the miracles that mother mary grant us I felt blurry vision last February so I decided to find a optometrist to check my eyes if I need to change mg glasses but he told me that I had a lot of problem in my eyes first I had a mole on my right eye and he told me possible I had a glaucoma so I decided to have a second option but still the 2nd optometrist told me that there is a big possibility that I had a glaucoma so my family decided to look for an optalmologist and they ran for a series of test and thanks to mother Mary, Saint Lucy, Saint Rita of cascia, Saint Vincent Ferrer, and Padre Pio the findings is negative but the eye doctor told me that mole inside my eyes should be remove and I told her OK and had a several check up but one day I received a call that I should go back to the clinic. I could not forget the doctor told me that they already performed a biopsy and it was cancerous and he give me 3 months to come back in the clinic I felt down at that time a lots of if comes to my mind I had anxiety attack, muscles tention I could not sleep thanks to my family they never left Friday afternoon I never stop crying and my daughter ask me mom we should go to sacred Heart church but it was close so we just prayed and I was really crying to our Dear Sto. Nino to heal the illness of my eyes and then I decided to had a confession the next day while waiting for my turn I prayed that God give me a sign that the cancerous cells never come back again lay your hand in my head I was crying again to the priest telling him the illness that I've been facing but he told me just believed in Jesus he is our great Doctor have faith in him and to my surprised he lay his hand on my head this is the 1st sign of miracle the second one during my 54 days rosary I'm on my 10 days Mother Mary give me also a sign my 4 awesome kids give me a 4 pots of different color of roses and they told me Mom take care of this because it shows that you never give up and you love us dearly so everyday I miraculously watering the roses and another sign came when my brother in law gAve me a rosary he never know what I've been through I'll just tol him after I received the rosary.....July 29 2016 the date that I'll never forget JESUS performed a big miracle to my life the doctor told me your safe it never grows back I was really crying and thanking GOD for the miracles that happened in my life I promised to Blessed Mother that I will pray the Rosary everyday and praying also everyday to all my beloved saint.I thank you Lord, I need you Lord, I love you Lord, I praise you name oh my Lord....I love you Mother Mary, I need you Mother Mary, I thank you Mother Mary.


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