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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Maricel mediano    August, 20 2016 -
I was just really amazed about the miracles that mother mary grant us I felt blurry vision last February so I decided to find a optometrist to check my eyes if I need to change mg glasses but he told me that I had a lot of problem in my eyes first I had a mole on my right eye and he told me possible I had a glaucoma so I decided to have a second option but still the 2nd optometrist told me that there is a big possibility that I had a glaucoma so my family decided to look for an optalmologist and they ran for a series of test and thanks to mother Mary, Saint Lucy, Saint Rita of cascia, Saint Vincent Ferrer, and Padre Pio the findings is negative but the eye doctor told me that mole inside my eyes should be remove and I told her OK and had a several check up but one day I received a call that I should go back to the clinic. I could not forget the doctor told me that they already performed a biopsy and it was cancerous and he give me 3 months to come back in the clinic I felt down at that time a lots of if comes to my mind I had anxiety attack, muscles tention I could not sleep thanks to my family they never left Friday afternoon I never stop crying and my daughter ask me mom we should go to sacred Heart church but it was close so we just prayed and I was really crying to our Dear Sto. Nino to heal the illness of my eyes and then I decided to had a confession the next day while waiting for my turn I prayed that God give me a sign that the cancerous cells never come back again lay your hand in my head I was crying again to the priest telling him the illness that I've been facing but he told me just believed in Jesus he is our great Doctor have faith in him and to my surprised he lay his hand on my head this is the 1st sign of miracle the second one during my 54 days rosary I'm on my 10 days Mother Mary give me also a sign my 4 awesome kids give me a 4 pots of different color of roses and they told me Mom take care of this because it shows that you never give up and you love us dearly so everyday I miraculously watering the roses and another sign came when my brother in law gAve me a rosary he never know what I've been through I'll just tol him after I received the rosary.....July 29 2016 the date that I'll never forget JESUS performed a big miracle to my life the doctor told me your safe it never grows back I was really crying and thanking GOD for the miracles that happened in my life I promised to Blessed Mother that I will pray the Rosary everyday and praying also everyday to all my beloved saint.I thank you Lord, I need you Lord, I love you Lord, I praise you name oh my Lord....I love you Mother Mary, I need you Mother Mary, I thank you Mother Mary.

ann mary    August, 19 2016 - Sharjah
We are in short of cash this month. All groceries are bought due to card payment. Not even a penny. Today morning drinking bottles got empty which require cash payment. I was tensed as I din want to buy water without money. Was just staring at my purse. Had nothing in it. I closed and asked Mother Mary if she could give me money just for the water. You know, I opened up my purse and in the middle compartment there was 20 bucks. I do no how to thank her. Keep on praying.

ann mary    August, 18 2016 - Sharjah
My second child, six month old, had an allergic rash yesterday since morning. He was irritated and fussy. I took my child in my arms and said the rosary. The rash started to fade and today morning it disappeared. We were planning to take him to the Dr. But I assured my husband I will pray the rosary and ask help from mama. Keep on praying miracles are awaiting you.

JM    August, 16 2016 - tx
I finished a 54 day rosary novena recently. while this was mainly for my vocation, a few other things have happened as well, including a miracle that happened yesterday on the feast of the Assumption. Thank you dearest Lady for your intercession and thank you Lord for this answered prayer for which I have been praying now over a year. Never doubt, keep praying.

Lucky    August, 15 2016 - India
Praise the Lord..! I apologise to mother Mary for the delay in writing my testimony her in this website . I've started my novena prayer to mother Mary for the special grace for my love to get a good job. We ve been in love for 6months and due to my temper.. I used to fight with him always and it gave us a break. All through those painful days I've been praying to Jesus and Mary ma for my transformation .. So that I would get him back .. I can understand mother Mary's love for me through transformation and she moulded my heart where I got patience over things and learnt "how to face any type emotions " I'm sure il get back my guy .. And though I ve tried many a times to talk to him and apologise and promised that " il never be like before" . Unfortunately he cannot accept me still coz of fears that il give him pain again as I've did in first place .! I cried all day and I wanted "anyone of his friend to help me to get him back " even if hav contact with his friends .!
I prayed to mother Mary .. He looked up to my tears and she took me to a situation where his "new friend " came and told me that " he still loves me and wanted to get back " . THANKS A TON mother Mary ..! But I'm sorry to say it din last for even a week after our patch up .. He again was worried about our past pain and he left again ..! But somehow I believe in mother Mary that she wil bring my boyfriend back again to me . As she heard my prayers and sent his friend to help our love .. Definitely she will listen to my prayers and my love wil be back to me with whole heart ..! Good things take time .. Let Jesus and his mother Mary work on my prayers .. Untill il surrender everything to them for they know how to bring him back .. I truly feel blessed for the miracle made to bring my boyfriend back where once he hated me . Now I know that he never hates me and somewhere in his heart longs for me . When time is right he ll be back .. I thank you mother Mary .. You are reason I write my testimony here ..! Amen

ann mary    August, 11 2016 - Sharjah
My six year old was addicted to YouTube game videos. Today I fasted and prayed a rosary. He shut down the computer obediently. It's a miracle.

Veronica Tini    August, 10 2016 - Indonesia
Thank You Mother Mary for helping my brother to find a job. I have prayed 3 times of 54 days novena and Mother Mary has helped me to find a job for my brother. My brother has been through many job rejection but now he is not jobless anymore. Thank You Mother Mary


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