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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Uju    January, 13 2018 - United Kingdom
Dear brothers and sisters. Blessed be God and blessed be the great mother of God Mary most holy. I thank God for answered prayers through our mother Mary's intercession. I completed my 54 days rosary novena with the petition for a good catholic school for all our 3 children which was very difficult to get in the new town we relocated to in April 2017. Before the start of the summer break we still hadn't got admission for the new school term in September. We would either get a school offering admission for one child and not the other 2, or each child in a different school. We had no choice but to continue the daily 2hrs drive from our new home to their old school. However I faithfully persevered in my daily rosary asking for our mother to intercede. Then in October 2017 my husband out of desperation drove personally to almost all the schools in town seeking admission. Miraculously the head teacher of one of the schools informed him about a catholic school though not in our catchment area that might be able to help. My husband dropped off the admission forms and that same afternoon I received a call from the head teacher that they can offer admission for all 3 children!!

Within a month of our children starting school there, an outstanding school which is just a 5 mins walk from our home sent admission for all three children!! Dear brothers and sisters this is a much sought after school with a waiting list of at least 58 pupils for each class!! May God be praised for his mercy and grace. A lesson I have learned from this is to be patient in adversity that God will answer our prayers in accordance to his will at the right time.

No matter the situation, the rosary is a very powerful weapon to overcome all the difficulties and challenges we face in this life. May we continue to persevere in our daily recitation of this powerful prayer and teach others to do so as well. God bless.

Maryanka    January, 10 2018 - Texas, USA
I am not sure if this is a true signal grace or I just want it to be, but I will tell it and let you all decide. My husband and I have been struggling with a very difficult, seemingly impossible, problem. This has been going on since the end of July. This problem was created by another person but we are left to deal with it. Twice a solution has presented itself, only to be blocked by the same persons. I pray rosary daily and have also been praying consecutive novenas to St. Jude for help resolving this problem. He helped us in the past with a similar problem (caused by the same person), so I know he can obtain help for us through Jesus again. And, as I pray the novena, I also ask for the help and intercession of Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Rita, St. Pio and others. A few days ago, while praying to St. Jude, at the very moment when I asked for his intercession, my new printer woke up and did whatever it does from time to time, I guess it cleans itself? But I was struck by the timing of it waking up, precisely at the moment when I was asking for help. The printer has a little read-out screen with messages on it. I usually do not even look at it, since my old printer didn't have such a thing, but this time I thought to look and see what it said. Much to my surprise the message on the screen read, "Please Wait" I am hoping this was a message from St. Jude, telling me all will be well eventually, but we must wait a while longer. Time will tell. In the meantime I will continue to pray the Rosary every day and the novena. Don't give up. Keep praying. Don't let the devil get you down. Jesus loves you.

Louise    January, 07 2018 -
Thank you Blessed Mother Mary for the blessings you have given last year, the safety and good health of my family and also the financial blessings that you shared to me because I need money for my tuition fee. Please intercede my prayers to guide and protect my family inside and outside of our home, to keep them safe and healthy. St. Joseph the worker, please pray for me amd through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary that I will have a new work this 2018, clerical work that doesn't involve talking, please preay for me Blessed Mother Mary in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Thank you Blessed Mother Mary, thank you St. Clare, Thank you Our lady of Fatima, thank you Our Lady of Piat, Thank you Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Thank you St. Joseph, thank you Lord Jesus Christ, have Mercy on us. Amen

Pajammies    January, 04 2018 -
I was in the middle of my 54 Day Novena but did not feel like my prayers were being answered. My boyfriend and I were fighting on a daily basis and it seemed to be getting worse until he didnít speak to me and refused to answer my calls. Something in my gut told me to visit him and apologize personally but he lived 5 hours away. There were no public vehicles for me to take and the quickest way would be to take a car. I swallowed my pride and asked my family for help and even if they didnít approve of me going so far, they agreed to take me. This was a miracle in itself. During the trip, I prayed 9 rosaries straight combining the 54 Day Novena and the Undoer of Knots Novena. I was tired but frantic and didnít feel as if she was listening to me. I begged Mama Mary to wipe away his anger and to accept my apology. I didnít know what to say to him either but it didnít matter. I had to go there or else it would be over between the both of us. I just knew it. I finally arrived after 5 hours on the road and asked him to meet me. I was anxious and was ready to hear any hurtful words or tears but was instead greeted with a warm smile, a hug and the appreciation that I made that trip just to see him. It has been three days since that visit and so far, our relationship has become more relaxed. It feels like a fresh start. I have Mama Mary to thank for.

So to you, donít give up praying. God and Mama Mary can and will move mountains for you.

Mina    December, 31 2017 - Malaysia
In my previous post, I talked about how BVM granted a financial help in the middle of my 54 days novena. This time, I'd like to share how BVM helped me with a deeply rooted problem in my life which is finding inner peace. I have issues with lack of self-approval and self-esteem. At one point in my life, I got myself entangled in a marital affair in which I unknowingly became the 'other woman'. This entire event also led me to face my other deep-rooted childhood injuries. After 4 months of not contacting me, my ex's wife contacted me on the last day of my 54 days novena. We made peace and with that closure I feel like I can finally move on with my life. I am still a work in progress but I feel that I am going down the right direction.

Benny    December, 26 2017 -
Pray the Rosary everyday, its will give you hope. i want to say sorry to Mother Mary so breaking many promises, but she always heard my prayers and forgiven me. Thank You Mother Mary. i am on my 5th 54 Days Novena Rosary. and its great.

Pajammies    December, 24 2017 -
Today is Christmas Day. I started another Novena a few days ago and praying 3 mysteries a day while combining it with Mary Undoer of Knots. I am having relationship problems and it seems as if he wants nothing to do with me. I am unsure but I try not to ask for signal graces. I finished two mysteries already for today and I was not actively looking for signal graces until my father said, ďYour Auntie Rosie just greeted me.Ē Right then, I knew my prayers were being heard and one day will be answered.

From this Novena, I was able to reconnect with others whom I have not spoken to in years. Thank you Mama Mary.


Rosary Promise #8: "Those who are faithful to recite the rosary shall have during their life and at their death, the light of God and the plentitude of His graces; at the moment of death they shall participate in the merits of the saints in paradise."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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