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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

RD    July, 24 2016 - Canada
With the Rosary and daily Mass and putting the love of God first in my life, I was healed of a prolonged depression and not wanting to live. When I feel down I pray the Agony in the Garden mystery and focus on empathising with and watching how Christ deals with his mental anguish. Nearly every time I pray this, I feel like my low mood is lifted and I am able to concentrate on work, and enjoy life. One important lesson from this mystery is praying for what we think we need, but ultimately submitting to and accepting God's will. That is key to mental peace.

Maryanka    July, 23 2016 - Texas USA
I think my first attempt to post this story didn't go through, so I will try again. I am not sure if this is a signal grace, but it does involve rosary and a bit of serendipity, so it feels like a signal grace to me. I restore old rosaries, but also make new handmade rosaries. Lately I have gotten away from doing the restorations, focusing mainly on making new rosaries. But a recent project to restore a vintage rosary lead me to look again at my collection of broken rosaries, many missing beads or parts. This got me familiar again with what I have and what I need to find. Two matching purple beaded rosaries, both broken and missing beads, could be restored into one rosary. But it seemed a shame to restore only one. On a whim (that same day) I decided to check an online selling site to see if I could find a matching 3rd rosary, not expecting much. An intact rosary would not do me any good, so I began my search with the thought that it would have to be a broken rosary also missing beads. It is unusual that I was even looking for broken rosaries as I had not done that in a while. I was surprised to find a rosary listing that appeared to be a match, and the rosary was missing 7 beads. For other buyers that would be a drawback, but for me it was perfect. There were no details about size of the beads or parts, but others were watching the listing and I didn't want to miss out on it. So I took a risk and made an offer to the seller and my offer was accepted. I got the rosary in the mail yesterday and am pleased to report it is a perfect match !! So now I can restore 2 rosaries instead of just one. I feel that this is a signal grace intended to lead me back to restoring rosaries. In addition, the following day, I sold a rosary that I had restored quite some time ago. It has been listed for probably over a year, so I don't think the timing of the sale is a coincidence. Thank you for the work, Mother Mary, and for the gentle push in the right direction. I love you, I love your son, and I love the rosary :)

Edlin    July, 15 2016 -
I was having severe digestive and constipation issues which worried me greatly. After one particular bout of constipation I was worried that I had to undergo drastic treatment such as surgery. I was so frightened about the prospect, so I prayed the rosary especially the memorare prayer several times. Along with an adjustment of my diet the issues have mostly vanished. This is just one of many graces I have been kindly given when praying the rosary. Others types of graces I've received include the easing of emotional issues, strengthening of faith etc. Do not be afraid to ask what you want through the rosary.

John    July, 11 2016 - Oxford, UK
This is the beginning of the 3rd week on my rosary journey, so its early days but I am noticing that my spirits are better, not as depressed as before. Take today. Three weeks ago I was sleeping in, (I am unemployed due to depression) but today I am up and about before 9am, having started my day with the Rosary. I have put my name down to volunteer at homeless shelter and I have applied for a couple of jobs, something I havnt done for a long time. I noticed a rose in the garden this morning. A signal grace, to keep going? Just hope I can keep going...pray for me. Thank you.

deepa    July, 11 2016 -
Actually I was facing a problem since oct 15 which had 4 parts, 3 parts has got miraculously solved the 3rd part was solved on 5th jul tuesday
I really thank mother mary and st anthony for solving this without my name getting involved anywhere as I prayed for , which otherwise was not possible
as I was facing politics in the company and now I am waiting for the last part to solve before this month end as I am planning to visit st anthonys shrine next month at dornahalli and i was praying the daily rosary as well..thank you thank you so much mother mary and st anthony for your powerful intercession

Mikkiana    July, 09 2016 -
So this happened a few years ago.

I remember crumpling up a homework and throwing it in the trashcan.

Then I realized that maybe this homework serves as a chance for my grade to increase in science. I needed an increase in that particular grade because it wasn't my highest and I needed it so that I can perhaps raise the likelihood of me being accepted in this prestigious high school (they require a copy of my grades and an entrance exam)

But I can't find that certain homework anymore.
A sense of nervousness rushed through me.
I began to pray the rosary. And I spotted a piece of paper on the table. It was the homework I was looking for! It didn't have any signs that it was crumpled previously, which I clearly remember it did.

So thank you Mary and the Most High!

Andrew Lloyd    July, 07 2016 - Kedah Malaysia
On March 3 I spm exam results.i got a very bad results and I was so depressed.on April 15 matriculation result are name is not there because I am not qualified.i prayed and plead to mother Mary to give me one chance that is to make me qualify for matriculation.i prayed and I was called for matriculation one day soon it's very near.this is a greatest miracle in my life.i prayed novena of our lady of undoer of knots 9 days.i got it after finished the novena.powerful prayer and mother of god and she will help you.holy rosary prayer helps me amen.thank you Jesus and Mother Mary.i love you.i will sacrifice myself to you God.amen


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