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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

clare    March, 29 2016 - kampala
Praise GOD family. I am in the middle of a 54 days novena and i have already received my signal graces. i requested for the number 2727 and i saw it in my excel sheet at work. i was so happy. it was my desire that my team leader at work gives me a performance rating of 3. the highest is a 4 and everyone was below 3. i begged the virgin for a 3 but part of me didn't fully believe it was possible since our team leader was very strict. I thank GOD through the intersession of the blessed Mary that i scored a 3.05. thanks be to the king of kings.

Kavitha    March, 27 2016 - India
Mother Mary,I am so sorry for the delay in giving my testimonies.Please do forgive me.
I will be giving it one by one.
Mother Mary helped me a lot during the month of December.It was the time of my internals.I was mentally and emotionally down that time as I had some issue with my friends.Also I had not prepared that hard for my exams.I got sick during those days. I thought I would fail.And that would mean the worst consequences possible.
But praying rosary during those days really helped me.I passed all the subjects.She really saved me from all the trouble.
Thank you,Mother Mary.

Kavitha    March, 27 2016 - India
Praying rosary has really changed my life.I have become more calm and patient.My sinful life has been transforming into a life of grace and love.It seems Mother Mary is bringing me more closer to God as time passes.I have joint the Rosary Confraternity.There was a time when I hated praying rosary and ignorant of Mother Mary.But now I am an ardent believer of rosary.It was a miraculous conversion by God to save my soul.Each day Mother Mary gives me a good thought to grow close to God.Eg : to pray for holy souls in purgatory etc.There has been a lot of trials and sufferings whenever I prayed the rosary.But always at the end Mother Mary helped me.I thank my sweet Mother who always stood with me even when the whole world was against me.
Thank you,God.
Thank you,Mother Mary.

Anonymous M    March, 24 2016 - U.S.A.
this is a long involved story, but I think it is a good one that demonstrates the power of the rosary, and the healing Mercy of Jesus. It also shows how the devil will attack in an effort to stop you from praying the rosary or believing in Mercy. Recently, because of a strange series of events, but husband had to see a different doctor, his old doctor stopped seeing Medicare patients. The new doctor (unfamiliar with my husband) sent him to a cardiologist. The cardiologist (unfamiliar with my husband), had him undergo several hours of testing. It was all very upsetting and stressful, but we felt that he did quite well for his age (he is 76). I was especially worried during the first test, the Carotid Doppler test, the whole thing made me very nervous, and the sound that test made was very unnerving. I was worried what they might find and to calm myself I held onto my Miraculous Medal and prayed as best I could. Then I told myself that whatever they found would be the truth and we needed to know the truth. Then I had what I consider an inner locution, because a thought came to mind that I do not think I would have been capable of thinking at that moment when I was so nervous. The thought was "and the truth shall set you free." It made me feel better, it was a hopeful message. But then a few days later we got a call for him to come in early for his follow up and the cardiologist scared us both half to death by saying he had "failed" the stress test and he worked my husband into his busy schedule to perform a heart catheterization because, as he said, he "didn't want to wait" I don't think I have ever prayed so hard about anything in my life. We both went home that day in shock. It was a really tough week as we prepared for the procedure. My husband had a bypass 22 years ago and I greatly feared he might have to have another one. I prayed and prayed, many rosaries and special prayers to St. Pio and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, asking Jesus to heal my husband's heart. Around that same time I made the mistake of making a rosary using the wrong kind of wire. I had used Mission wire and really honestly had no idea that a rosary made with Mission wire could not be sold. So, once I found that out, I asked my cousin if she would want the rosary. She is a lapsed Catholic who no longer has a rosary or remembers how to pray rosary. I was very pleased when she said, yes, she did want the rosary and asked for links to websites that would teach her how to pray it again. The day of the heart cath was a very stressful day, starting with a delay of 3 hrs during which we were not even sure the procedure would take place. I was a nervous wreck. Finally he was taken in for the procedure and I settled down with my stepson in the waiting room, praying hard that he would only require a stent or two and not another bypass. At almost exactly one hour we were called in and this made my stepson happy, but terrified me. I felt they had not had enough time to do a stent, so I thought if it only took an hour then that must mean he would need a bypass. The doctor showed us the film from the procedure and kept showing us different areas of small blockage and I stood there waiting for the bad news but finally he said of the blockages "but that is why he had the bypass to begin with" So those were all old blockages dating back to 1994. Then he said my husband's body had made its own bypasses and showed us the 22 year old bypasses from his surgery in 1994, and the blood was pulsing through them beautifully. Then he said something that made me ask, "so there is no blockage at all in those bypasses?" and he said, no, there is no blockage at all, and said it was almost unheard of for bypasses to be still functioning well after that much time. I believe Jesus healed my husband's heart. I remembered the message, "and the truth shall set you free" and believed it to be a true message from God, for the feeling of relief and gratitude was almost indescribable. Sadly, our joy only lasted one full day. The day after my cousin received her rosary in the mail we got a phone call from the cardiologist's nurse. She said the doctor had seen COPD on my husband's chest x-ray and would talk to us about it in 2 weeks at his next appointment. Once again we were both shocked and stunned. My husband has no symptoms of COPD !! The first thing I did was do an internet search for "misdiagnosis of COPD" At the post office I ran into a friend whose husband had had COPD. She told my husband, "if you had COPD you would know it." I have done a lot of research and it is scary, but I still find it very hard to believe this diagnosis. For one thing, it is often misdiagnosed and a chest x-ray is not the way to diagnose it. Even so, this has done little to comfort me. The worst part for me is the idea that Jesus would work a miracle for us and the joy would last only one day. It didn't seem like something Jesus would do, but it sure seemed like something Satan would do. My theory, and I pray I am right, is that the devil was angry at me for sending that rosary to my cousin and really angry that she might actually start praying rosary. I believe the nurse relayed the message wrong (it has happened to us before) or the doctor has misdiagnosed my husband. Not sure yet, but when I was telling my sister about the inner locution and my feelings that this whole thing was a lie of Satan, trying to distract us from the mercy we had received and cause us to despair, I felt very VERY cold all over, I was literally quaking all over. The feeling subsided, but a little later I re-read aloud (to myself) my typed message to her and right when I got to the place where I was telling her I thought it was Satan trying to distract us from God's Mercy, I started to feel very cold and starting shaking and quaking again. Afterward I prayed rosary and felt very calm. This has happened to me maybe 5 other times in my life. A friend of mine once told me it was "The Chill of Truth" It is always a good sign, a sign that one is saying or doing something right or telling some sort of truth. Even so, I am still struggling. The devil really does not want me to believe that Jesus loves me. So today I decided it is time I acknowledge the great Mercy Jesus has shown us, the healing of my husband's heart and the comforting message he gave me when I was afraid, "the truth shall set you free" A COPD diagnosis would definitely not set us free. Jesus always tells the truth, but Satan is a big fat liar. I ask you all to pray for us this week, the attack is against Mercy and is merciless. I am anxious all day long, fearful, have lost weight, and suffer feelings of intense dread and despair. But I have promised Jesus, in return for restoration of our peace of mind and for my husband's good health, to do what I can to promote the rosary and bring people to Him on the bridge of the rosary. And this story that I relate to you is part of that. Pray the rosary, it is so beautiful and powerful. Trust in Jesus. Jesus is Love.

Anonymous    March, 24 2016 - Melbourne, Australia
Over the past 3 years I've prayed numerous 54-day Rosary Novenas and can honestly say that the Virgin Mary's intercession is powerful.
Mother Mary has helped me find an excellent job, my parents' situation has improved, a family member has converted (much to the surprise of many), and God has introduced me to some very helpful people along the way. I also received many signal graces.
But it's not an easy novena! There were times when the devil attacked (he despises the rosary) big time, I'd experienced bouts of depression and strange temptations whilst I prayed but I did not give up.

Brigit    March, 10 2016 - Kenya
Im praying for a job and I asked mother Mary to give Me a signal grace in form of a rainbow. Mother gave me a better signal grace, I was able to speak in tounges when I was praying yesterday. Thank you mother for UA intercession, praise you Lord Jesus Christ.

Maria    March, 08 2016 - Netherlands
I have been searching for a permanent job for two long years , always interrupted during the 54 rosary novena , which i never completed. Later i heard about the Mother , Undoer of Knots novena ... i started praying this but with many breaks ... however i completed this novena and from the day i fininshed within two weeks i got a job offer from a big company which i had never even dreamt of as i felt this was beyond my reach ... the first interview i had was with an HR who at the first instant i felt it was Mother Mary in disguise.Since i was sure i wud not get through , i kept ignoring and shifting dates of interview etc but somehow this HR was urging me to attend interviews and just before the final round called me up to tell me what they expected etc and then finally wen i was selected she hugged me , also gave me a contract which was much better than others of my exp and told me that she wanted me to be happy and then quit the company soon after i joined ..i still feel that it was Mother Mary who spoke to me through her and gave me this gift for my 2 years of prayers and depression. I love my Mother whom i believe is always behind me asking me to pray to her.I got this job at the most wanted time, when my husbands contract was ending..truly Gods time is the best time.


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