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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Jamie    October, 15 2015 - Bay Area, CA
Hello my name is Jamie. I wanted to share my experience with mama Mary how she has helped me through my pregnancy.

In October of 2013 I was praying at our lady of peace in front of mama Mary's statue. While praying mama Mary gave me a clear message that I would become pregnant. She told me to not have any fears or anxiety bc she would help me every step of the way. She said to have faith and trust that she will be with me. She said her son has given me the most beautiful and healthy baby.

After receiving this message I was excited so I told my husband and parents.

When I did become pregnant 10 months later everything felt fine with the pregnancy physically.

Emotionally it was scary when at 20 weeks the Dr told me that my baby was having difficulty growing. At 24 weeks I was told my son could possibly have a muscle and or a genetic disorder. I saw several Drs they all said the same thing. The dr explained that my baby could have a very difficult life ahead she even asked me if I wanted an abortion. I couldn't believe what the dr was saying I was so upset and disgusted by her question.

During these Drs appointments I remembered the message mama Mary gave me.
I chose to have faith in Jesus and pray the rosary. I told mama Mary to be in charge of my baby to be there with him inside my belly and to protect him.

One night in my praying and pleading, I had a vision of mama Mary and Jesus as I kneeled in the church during mass. She was high above me with Jesus at her side. She held my baby with loving protective arms and looked down at me. I begged them to please deliver me a healthy baby. The look on her face said to me really? We got this! The look on their faces told me to believe. I cried because I knew I should just have that unwavering faith and in that moment I felt foolish for begging but also at peace because I knew they really did have everything under control. Mama Mary, the mama of all mothers, was holding my baby. Wow.

When the Preist held up the host during the consecration, my baby kicked like crazy in my belly, as the sound of bells rang. The Holy Spirit surged through my body that night convulsing from my belly through to my heart. I felt so loved and at peace I didn't want it to end. My
Baby also felt the Holy Spirit and continued to rapidly kick even more. I realized that my unborn baby and I had both been slain by the holy spirit I felt beyond blessed!!

I successfully delivered my son Maxwell at 28 weeks 3 months before his due date.

Although he was born tiny at 1.92 pounds he impressed the Drs with his strong lungs and healthy heart. He was able to breath on his own from his second day of life. All his genetic and muscular tests came back normal.

He is now 9 months and 15 pounds. His vision and hearing is excellent. He is an alert active and happy baby and is growing big and strong.

I can't thank mama Mary and Jesus enough for their presence in my life and for blessing us with a healthy son. I'm thankful for her guidance and for opening my ears, eyes and heart to receiving her message.

Thank you all for reading my story. May you all walk in faith and not by sight.

Maryanka    October, 15 2015 - Texas USA
it is interesting that a previous person should mention the numbers 2727 as a signal grace. I just now noticed, with surprise, that my Ebay fees for this month are $27.27. I really would not have given it a thought had that other person not mentioned it. Notice how the two 27s are separated by a decimal point. Nice touch, Mother Mary. And just to let you all know, those fees are exclusively for rosary sales (new handmade, vintage and restored vintage). As I have said in the past, this is work given to me via a powerful signal grace from the hand of Mary. She gave me a job when no one else would hire me. That is the absolute truth. Perhaps the numbers 27.27 are Mary's way of encouraging me to continue praying the 54 Day Rosary Novena. I am convinced, more than ever, of the saving power of the Rosary and Mary's love. Also, I have been working extra hard in my job and I think she must be pleased. I report this signal grace to give you all confidence to keep praying the rosary and never lose hope that your prayers are being heard. Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Joseph love you and watch over you always. When you visit them, consider taking the "bridge" of the Rosary. It is the safest route !!

peter    October, 14 2015 - houston
3 years ago I prayed the 54day rosary novena for two particular intentions this is in addition to praying my daily rosary. Last year one of my intentions was fulfilled thanks to the Blessed Mothers' intercession. the 2nd petition was for gainful employment. I continued to pray my daily rosary and a couple of months ago I had to move to a new apt. the week I was to move, the apt. management informed us that we were to be located on a different address than the one the main complex had (the complex apparently had two addresses). guess what my address turned out to be?..2727..and then it hit me 54 day rosary novena, 27days of petition and 27 days of thanksgiving. when we moved to our new apt. I started another 54day rosary novena and reminded the BVM of her promise to obtain for me employment in the accounting profession as I have been unemployed for almost 3 years. well 2 weeks ago I was about to take a shower and just before entering the bathroom, I looked over to the statue of the BVM that sits on my night stand and asked her if I will ever receive a signal grace as a sign that my petition will come to fruition. I took my shower and when I was done my phone rang and a recruiter I was working with called and told me that I was scheduled for an interview. I was speechless as this was my first interview since losing my job. I went for the interview and on the way back from home I received a call from the same recruiter telling me that the company was very impressed with me and that they had scheduled a 2nd interview with the mgt. I met with mgt. 2days was a Friday.. and on the following Monday I received an offer. I start my new job in 6 days. The blessed mother has truly shown herself a mother to me. to all persevere in saying your rosary and she WILL aid you in all your necessities. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Ally    October, 09 2015 - USA
Wow! I've always been a fan of the rosary since I was a little girl but sadly, would always start then drop off after a week or two. Now that I'm older, I'm more determined than ever to make this gorgeous prayer part of my life - day in and day out! I started the 54 Day Novena YESTERDAY morning in hopes of securing a wonderful, new career. About 8 hours later, I recieved a job offer from an incredible company! Mother Mary is the most beautiful soul -- she truly listens to and loves us! God Bless!

Caroline    October, 07 2015 -
I am currently saying the 54 day novena. I have recieved 2 signal graces

Yesterday i was praying for a friend who is in Canada shes a non-believer in Christ, she worships pagan gods. She is having problems with her married life i pray for her during rosary that she may come closer to Christ & understand who the living God is, she called me yesterday seems to be her problems are getting resolver

Last night i was having severe periods pain, took medicine still did not stop, it was like crazy, & 2a.m in the night, it just would not stop, i jus put my hand on my stomach wherever it was paining and said 1Our Father &10 hail marys, trust me the pain subsided, and it was gone.

I am so happy, please pray the rosary and influence others and non-believers to say there are many blessings to be recived

Thanks to holy trinity & mother mary& gurdian angel

Caroline    October, 04 2015 -
Mother mary helped me to pass in class 11 even when i had written just 2 pages of the answersheet. I needed 35/100 to pass, inspite of writing almost nothin she passed me all glory n praise be to her

Paul F    September, 26 2015 -
This is a long and delayed testimonial on the power of prayer. In August 2013 I was in desperate need for a change in career. I have interviewed with several companies but had no luck. One weekend I opened my local newspaper and in it was a novena to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. I diligently said this novena for the next 9 days and pleaded with our Lord and Mary to please help me. Shortly after in September I interviewed with another company for a role. It was some weeks after my first interview that another role came up with my own company out of the blue. I applied for that position and was successful in attaining it in November, despite the fact the first company eventually contacted me again to offer a second interview. After this I began to pray the rosary intermittently.
Fast forward to 2015 and I was once again in desperate need of a change. The role I had been in for the past two years was not encouraging me to develop. Whilst I Like the role the work was not there. In desperation I began praying the rosary and the Mary, undoer of knots novena. Shortly after I came across an advertisement for college courses. I went into the college intending on doing a completely different course for a change of career as I had become disillusioned with my employer and the industry. That day I met with two Department heads who spent some time with me looking at my career to date and what I wanted to achieve. They helped me select an appropriate course and later I was to find that I would receive the course fully funded. I have since left my old company to focus on my education and I have not been so happy in a long time. I believe all of this has happened thanks to the influence of blessed Mary and our Lord who are putting me back on the right path. The role I successfully acquired in 2013 through their help, helped to influence my decision to return to college and study a particular field which my role touched on.
I am now currently praying the rosary for a special intention close to my heart which I hope will be answered soon. I will give testimony to that intention if and when it occurs. Donít give up hope. Keep praying, things work out in the most special ways thanks to prayer.


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