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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Paul F    September, 26 2015 -
This is a long and delayed testimonial on the power of prayer. In August 2013 I was in desperate need for a change in career. I have interviewed with several companies but had no luck. One weekend I opened my local newspaper and in it was a novena to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. I diligently said this novena for the next 9 days and pleaded with our Lord and Mary to please help me. Shortly after in September I interviewed with another company for a role. It was some weeks after my first interview that another role came up with my own company out of the blue. I applied for that position and was successful in attaining it in November, despite the fact the first company eventually contacted me again to offer a second interview. After this I began to pray the rosary intermittently.
Fast forward to 2015 and I was once again in desperate need of a change. The role I had been in for the past two years was not encouraging me to develop. Whilst I Like the role the work was not there. In desperation I began praying the rosary and the Mary, undoer of knots novena. Shortly after I came across an advertisement for college courses. I went into the college intending on doing a completely different course for a change of career as I had become disillusioned with my employer and the industry. That day I met with two Department heads who spent some time with me looking at my career to date and what I wanted to achieve. They helped me select an appropriate course and later I was to find that I would receive the course fully funded. I have since left my old company to focus on my education and I have not been so happy in a long time. I believe all of this has happened thanks to the influence of blessed Mary and our Lord who are putting me back on the right path. The role I successfully acquired in 2013 through their help, helped to influence my decision to return to college and study a particular field which my role touched on.
I am now currently praying the rosary for a special intention close to my heart which I hope will be answered soon. I will give testimony to that intention if and when it occurs. Don’t give up hope. Keep praying, things work out in the most special ways thanks to prayer.

Nathalie Oliveros    September, 22 2015 -
This is a long and much-delayed testimonial on the power of praying the Rosary. I wrote this because some recent sad turn of events led me to ask God: “Why is this happening to me? What is wrong with me?” While I was crying in anguish, I asked God, “Why? ...Lord, please give me an answer.” And with my usual way of finding or “receiving” answers, I closed my eyes, opened the Bible, and pointed my finger at one spot, which led me to this: “When you make a vow to God, do not delay fulfilling it; for He has no pleasure in fools. Fulfill what you vow. It is better that you should not vow than that you should vow and not fulfill it.” (Ecclesiastes 5:4-5). At first reading, I asked myself, “What did I promise God?”... and the arrogant part of me telling me that “I am not a fool.” But I read the passage again with humility and admitted to myself that I must have not fulfilled a promise and made myself a fool. I thought hard about what promise I failed to fulfill, and then maybe God helped me remember: I promised Him and Mama Mary in May 2014 that I would submit a testimonial about my praying the Rosary in this site. I had several chances to do so, but I always put it off and promised God that I would do it another time or have a reason not to do it and then forget about the promise again. This is my chance to fulfill my promise and may God forgive me for my negligence and sins.

I was brought up in a Catholic home. I went to a Catholic school, and my parents always prayed the Rosary with us when we were younger. It was prayers and the Rosary that my mother fled to when my father was caught in an awkward traffic situation in Saudi Arabia and he had to be imprisoned for some nights. My mother prayed hard, and thankfully, he was released and was able to finish his job contract. During college, I got busy with studies so I did not pray the Rosary that often, but I always had a Rosary in my bag for my protection. Then my mother was hospitalized. I brought our prayer book with me in the hospital so that I could pray the Rosary with meditations. During those times in the hospital, whenever I opened the prayer book, it would always open to the Sorrowful Mysteries page even though I tried to press the pages of the book so that it would open to another page. This scared the wits out of me, because I associated the Sorrowful Mysteries with death (for Jesus Christ’s suffering and death). My aversion to the Sorrowful Mysteries started with this event, because my prayers were not heard and my mother passed away. I avoided praying the Rosary on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, I left everything to God’s will and started to accept the reality that my mother was gone, and had faith in God that He will not abandon my family because He took away the only person who loved and cared so much for us. I was able to finish my studies and I had a nice job, and I would pray the Rosary only when I felt the need for it, which was not so often. Then I started to encounter heartaches and heartbreaks. Because of them, I started to make a devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help and would always be at the church to attend the novena and Holy Mass on Wednesdays. I would also be in Church every First Friday and First Saturday of the month. I did all these with the only intention or request to find a suitable husband. Then I would question God why things wouldn’t go my way, when I thought that someone was already suitable enough. When I thought that nothing was happening, I decided that I would pray the Rosary for one month for this intention. I had no idea about the 54-day Rosary Novena at that time and just took it upon myself to pray for 30 days. Since it was the Rosary month, I started on the 4th of October in 2010 and told myself that I would finish it by the 4th of November. I started to pray for one particular person because I thought that he was the one that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, even though I met him only a few months back and our situation was very unclear (he didn’t seem interested; didn’t like me, etc.). During those times that I was praying, I had doubts if God would ever grant my request because I’ve had so many requests before that didn’t get answered. But I told God that I leave everything up to Him because this time I am already clueless and hopeless and I don’t know what His plans are for me… So I kept on praying. On days that I would miss praying the Rosary, I would make up for it the next day. However, I was still scared of praying the Sorrowful Mysteries because of my experience of when I was younger, but I prayed it anyway and always tried to finish it as fast as I could. By 2nd November, the person whom I was praying for proposed to me and we were married in December of that year. It was a sudden decision for both of us but I trust that it is God’s will. We were blessed with a child soon after. Our marriage is not perfect, but I always put my faith in God and we put Him in the center of our family.

Since the time I finished the Rosary in 4 November 2010, I was not able to do it again because I got busy with married and family life. Last year, 2014, I heard about the 54-day Rosary novena from a friend and told myself that I can do it and will pray the Rosary again. I started it during Ash Wednesday. I promised that I would pray four mysteries each day and there were times that I had to pray six mysteries to make up for the mysteries that I missed on some days. It was a very difficult task. Aside from having to allot time for it, I was also bombarded with temptations and weird, evil thoughts. There were several moments when I wanted to stop praying because evil thoughts would just pop in my mind in the midst of my prayer. However, I asked God for help, and kept on saying the Rosary, and prayed harder when the evil thoughts come. With God’s grace, I was able to overcome those evil thoughts and God gave answers to my questions. It was also during this novena that I realized God’s love for me with the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. To me, it is a miracle that the Sorrowful Mysteries has now become my most beloved Mysteries, and I look forward to praying it on Tuesdays and Fridays. Sometimes, I also include it during the other days. It is when I pray the Sorrowful Mysteries that I feel a strong connection to God. I also began to experience “small miracles,” some things which even my husband could not understand and wouldn’t want to hear because he just thought them unbelievable (e.g. I lit two small candles inside a small glass jar [a Glade candle jar]. When I finished praying, I found one candle “jumped” and “stuck” itself outside the jar, while there was no trace of the other candle inside the jar because it’s all melted).
Before I started the 54-day novena, I was a worrier. There were times that I would fall into deep depression because I had no one to tell my problems to. Now, whenever something bothers me, I would kneel and pray the Rosary, cry my heart out to God and to Mama Mary, and things get better afterwards. I still worry but I always remind myself that God is always with me, and Mama Mary is always there to intercede for me. I finished my first 54-day novena with some requests that remain unanswered, but we also got blessings which we were not expecting. I started another 54-day novena and also prayed the Undoer of Knots novena. My important requests are still unanswered up to this time but I believe in God’s plan and His perfect time. I try my best to say at least one mystery of the Rosary every day and say up to three mysteries if I can, and have faith that dearest Mama Mary will fulfill her promises to those who recite the Rosary.

Thank you for giving me this chance to fulfill my promise. Thank you, Father in Heaven! Thank you, Jesus Christ! Thank you, Mama Mary! Thank you, the entire Celestial Court! Thank you, Holy Souls in Purgatory! To God be the glory! God bless us all!

Elena    September, 12 2015 - Toronto
I started 54 day Novena - and I pray 3 rosaries daily ( Joyful, Sorroful and Glorious ) for one intention plus I prayed extra rosary Novena to Mary Undoer the knots - 9 days for another intention - to meet an appropriate guy to marry as I am 34 years old now and very desperate to meet a good man.
However I didn't really hope that it will work as I am single for 10 years already with no guys, boyfriends or anybody at all.

During first 7 days of this prayers - I was introduced to a very intelligent young man whom I liked very much. I became desperate again as he seemed a right man for me and I didn't believe he may like me.
On the 9th day - when I finished my 9 day Novena to Mary Undoer the Knots - in the intention to meet right guy - he invited me out and I believe everything will be fixed very soon. He is exactly what I asked for and he likes me very much.

Now I started another 9 Day Novenna to Mary Undoer the Knots - for a good job and I continue to pray my 54 day Novenna for my special intention.

Every day I also try to do something good to people that are around me.
And to avoid sin.

Thank you Mother Mary .
God bless everybody


Eden    September, 03 2015 - Philippines
Hi everyone, I also want to share my story about rosary. When I was young my mother thought me to believe in Mary and rosary because when she was younger she used to pray rosary everytime and she said, it really helps her. When I started to pray rosary some of my prayers were granted. Way back to my 2nd year college.Since I am a fine art student, i was so busy doing my plate (ART PROJECT) but I'm still working on it on the said deadline so I was so helpless and thinking that i may be failed to this project (final exam plate) and if i will fail i'll repeat this subject. While working, i didnt noticed that its time to go to school because i have another final exam from my minor subject which is Logic.So im packing up my things included my plate and I was so nervous. I was crying because its already 12 noon and our exam starts also 12 noon. I am so depressed and hopeless that day but I never forgot to carry my rosary. I prayed while crying. We're already near my school but it was traffic and I really wanted to run to my school but i cant do anything so i just wait. when I was about to go to my classroom, I have this mix feeling (nervous,depress, my heart beating so fast)and it was already 12:30 And then when I enter the room I was so shocked.When I enter, the exam havent started and I was so lucky and reliefed. After our exam, our prof was mad in our class because we didnt attend the morning class which was his subject and we need to pass a plate (womans photography) but I didnt take any picture and again I felt nervous at that time so my classmates had nothing also so we took pictures outside the school and then already passed it to my prof and again I thank mama mary and Jesus for that. I went to my last subject which was illustration (im still working on my art project at that tym). Im so depressed because i didnt finish it but when our prof enter our room, he then suddenly said "you may finish ur artwork and pass at the end of our subject". i was so surprised from his announcement and I did finish it and I was luckily able to get 1.25 on that project!.Thank u Mama Mary and of course My Lord Jesus Christ. And i still have so many stories about rosary. ( womans photography was a contest and I got the first place and received a checked of 2,500 pesos) God is so Good as well Mama Mary. Thanks to rosary.

ann mary    August, 30 2015 - sharjah
My son din score well last term and he has hard time making friends. I startedthe 54_day_ rosary novena today as his classes started today. I am very confident I will excpect a miracle soon as mother Mary never abandons her children through rosary.

m.    August, 28 2015 -
Hi i wanted to share my testinomial like many others to glorify god.last year my husband and i had to cut all communications with another couple who were very close to us.truthfully they were more like siblings from different mothers.although i have lived in 5 different countries i had never met people who were so hospitable,generous and helpfulto gratitude we were the same towards us.because of some misunderstandings we decided last year that we would severe all communications with husband specially reached a point where he didnt want anything to do with them.he harboured resentment towards themfor 10 months.and then one day we came home from work and told me that he saw the wife who stopped her car at the lights too and he waved at her.i really thought what would come out of his mouth after that would be something that i should expect....but instead he said that the wife's face lit up and she waved at him and she had such a beaming smile on her after we stopped talking to that couple i started a 54 day rosary novena to ask him that if ever i bump into them one day and we greet each other to make them say to me that the decision that we made was for the best and for everyone's peace of mind.although that has not happened yet i feel that mary has given me an indication that that is most probably what that couple must be thinking.if it was the opposite my husband would have seen resentment on that girl's face.since then my husband have seen her on the street 6 times in total and she would always wave and honk and give him a wide smile.the reason for which i did the novena was for me to have peace of mind and to hear my friendstell me that our decision was for the best would have been an indication that there was no grudge.but mother mary did put my mind at rest by making my husband put his resentment aside and wave at our friend.but the most important thing for me was my friends reaction and for that i am utterly grateful.i believe the time hasnt come yet to meet them face to face buf i do have my peace of mind.thank you mary and jesus for your miracles.i am forever grateful.

Kavitha    August, 26 2015 - India
Thank You,God.
Thank You,Mother Mary.
Thank You sweet mother for your divine intercession.Thank You for giving me a chance to study medicine in a good medical school.It came to me unexpectedly when I considered myself unworthy of it,when I was so depressed.It was not that easy.I had prayed three sets of 54 days rosary novena continously.Dear friends,the power of rosary never fails.Our mother always hears us.It's just that it takes some time,the right time. Lot of people said,"you can't and you won't" and all that stuff.But God did not let me down completely.
Praise you,Jesus.
Thank You,Mother Mary.


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