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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Anonymous M    May, 26 2015 - Anywhere, USA
there has been an ongoing problem in my marriage since 2002 that has caused a lot of friction, loss of trust, etc . . . things would get better for a while but then the issue would come up again and cause a lot of anger in me, with my husband (it seemed to me) either unwilling or unable to change. Always when this happened I would go into a depression which I think was my way of suppressing my anger. I thought of and worried about the issue every day, would it happen again? why didn't it stop? On May 15 it happened again and I got extremely upset and once again my husband seemed to not understand my anger, depression, and rigid attitude toward what to him was not that big of a deal since it only happened once in a while and he felt he was trying his best. I have prayed about this for years and my prayer was always that he would change and completely stop the behavior. Yesterday I woke in a state of deep depression, it was such a heavy weight on my soul that I took it to Mary in prayer more fervently than usual. I felt that the love and trust I had for my husband was in danger, indeed, I felt it was almost gone. I knew my trust was severely damaged, but this time I felt as if I were falling out of love with him and that frightened me more than anything, because we have always had a special bond. I am in the midst of a 54 Day Rosary novena, yesterday was day 11. After I finished my rosary prayer I decided to do research on the problem in our marriage. For the first time researched the actual definition of an alcoholic. What are the signs that a person is a true alcoholic, because that is what I believed my husband to be, and I was very unforgiving and upset by any lapse. I felt he had to totally abstain from all alcohol or he had "failed" Well, as I researched alcoholism I realized that though my husband did have a drinking problem he had never, in all the time I have known him, had the symptoms of full blown alcoholism. It was very eye opening. I read information on several reliable medical sites and all that I read led me to understand, for the first time, that though he clearly needed to watch how much he drank and cut down on his consumption for health purposes and to keep from becoming alcoholic, he was not yet alcoholic and what he needed to do was cut back his consumption, which he has done quite well for 7-8 years. This convinced me that perhaps I was the problem in our marriage, not him. He was trying, but I would not accept anything but total abstinence. I didn't want to be an enabler, though, so I needed to be sure this new information was correct and it was okay for him to drink a beer (he has never been one to drink hard liquor) once in a while and for me to allow it. I was sitting at my desk in front of my computer and asked Blessed Mary for a sign that it was okay for me to change my attitude and be less severe about this issue. I was not expecting much and even said as much to Mary, in my mind I said to her, "but, it has been so long since I heard from you . . . " Immediately after I had that thought I was moving papers around on my desk absent-mindedly, and heard a sound of something metal dropping onto the desktop. It was a Miraculous Medal rosary center that had been sitting on my desk, but I had not seen it there, it must have been caught up in some papers I was moving. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then it hit me. That was the sign I was asking for. The timing of it dropping right in front of me immediately after my thought (about not having had any signal graces lately) could not be a coincidence. So this gave me confidence to proceed and discussed my research findings with my husband last evening. He said that he knew he had a problem but had never believed that he was an alcoholic and it had hurt him when I would accuse him of that. We discussed it and he will continue to cut way back on his drinking, but will not hide it from me anymore and I will try to be less severe about it. We will work on it together. I noticed immediately a lightness in my spirit, as if a huge weight had been lifted. My husband said he felt the same way. I thank Blessed Mother for showing me a different way to understand the problem. I thank her for her motherly love and signal graces and for the healing power of the most sacred Holy Rosary.

Brigit    May, 26 2015 - Nairobi, Kenya
Im doing my first 54 day novena rosary and yesterday i was feeling very discouraged, i did not even eat my supper well and i forced my self to say my night prayers, i felt like God was not answering my prayers. Today morning as i was reciting the sorrowful mystery i told mama maria to continue interceding for me and wen i was done praying, i felt very calm and peaceful once more. Thank you Abba father, thank you Jesus, i love you mama maria.

TT    May, 18 2015 - Massachusetts
This is a long overdue thanks and appreciation to God the Father, God the Son our Savior Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit and my Mother the Most Virgin Mary. I have been praying the rosary for a few years now and making several novenas due in part to a serious medical condition that our family is facing. I found the 54 day novena only last year and did one just before Christmas. I started a second one and today is my last day. The blessings and Graces have been phenomenal. It is difficult to find a place to start. All I would say is that our Mother loves us. She listens to us and draws us closer to her Son. Her son loves her and anything that you request from the Son, she would make sure you get it. I have seen in these past year two medical miracles. God delivered my brother. He is still facing some medical challenges but I have full trust in the intercession of our Mother and on the saving Grace of Jesus, the Mercy of God the Father and Holy Spirit that their Holy and Perfect will would be done and my brother shall pull through this too. My experience from this Novena is you should be patient and attentive. Some of the petitions are answered almost immediately, some take time, some are answered in ways more than you would expect. Keep the faith and trust that Our Mother Mary is interceding on your behalf and Our Lord who said we should ask the Father in His name will answer your plea. No matter how difficult the situation is, he is able. Nothing is impossible to Him
Also be prepared for spiritual attacks that would make life sometimes even more difficult to create doubt. In those times Cry to Jesus and His Mother and they would answer.
Ask for signals if that helps keep the faith. This morning I got mine.
Hope this helps. I thank all the Saints in heaven who have been interceding for us. Please continue to pray for us. We need a miracle. Mother Mary, Pray for Us. God the Father, have Mercy on Us. God the Son, Have Mercy on Us, God the Holy Spirit Have Mercy on Us

Emmanuel    May, 16 2015 - Lebanon
I last posted here when I was at the start of my 54 day Novena.
Now; I write this when I'm almost at the end of it, and boy what a journey.
In my entire life, never have I seen so much change towards the better in my character than I have during these 54 days.
My anxiety, my people skills, my work ethic, my love to others, my love to God, my deeper understanding of the Bible, my mood, and even my weight-loss routine have gone towards the best.
I'm not talking about a massive improvement. I've done too little to earn such a gift, but I'm talking about visible improvement.
I started this novena to combat my anxiety, I continued it because I yearned to be in the presence of God.
I see people here posting how the novena solved their hardships; and let them overcome obstacles, but to me; this prayer is more than that. It's sitting in the presence of God, with all the inner peace that brings me.
I urge everyone persistently prays the Novena; in petition to others and/or in thanksgiving. It shouldn't solely be a prayer of supplication. You won't be disappointed.

m    May, 13 2015 - sydney
I had been saying back to back novenas so that my husband would come to church with me on Sundays. Even though that has not happened yet, on a few occasions ( special feast day) he had accompanied me to church without me asking or telling me.To me that is a very good sign given that previously he would never have done that.2 years ago I also said one 54 day novena for him to stop smoking and a few months ago he gave it up for good. I keep praying and hope that one day we will be going to church together on Sundays.Thank you Jesus, thank you Mama Mary for everything.

Dulani Jayakody    May, 13 2015 - Colombo
May the blessings of Lord Jesus with you,

I am writing this with a happy filled heart. Lord Jesus and Mother Mary are always with us. For the past 04 to 05 months my family was having many financial issues due my father behavior. He lost his foreign employment and came to us before 05 months. He did not have a proper job but earned sufficient money to feed the family by doing small jobs. He was totally upset and started to fight with the family & ignore us due to his anxiety. The home became a hell and none of us wanted to come home after school or work. We missed our family prayers as well.
But my mother has a very strong faith in Jesus and Mother Mary. During the day time she prayed the rosary as much as she can and asked for strength to bear the cross of life. After 05 months struggles, we found the exact way to control our dadís anxiety by getting to know a consultant who can support us. Same time my father got a permanent job and I got a very good new job with a good salary package which will give me the full capability of looking after my family. Now we all feel much comfort and gratefulness towards Lord Jesus.
We cried and lost our lives in sadness. But Lord tested us. Mother Mary is the only person who we prayed for. She is there when ever we want. But you will get tested many times before you find the happiness.
Don't ever miss your prayers and be strong in lord that he will bring the rainbow to the dark sky after the heavy rain.
Thank you Jesus , Thank you Mother, the lady of Roses , the Lily in Heaven.

M.    May, 13 2015 - sydney
Those who have read my previous testimonial knows that I have not been working for a while. Even though I have applied for several jobs,no one got back in touch with had started to take its toll on me and I was getting more desperate each day. One day, I thought to myself that in spite of the symptoms of my illness(I still did not know what the root cause of the problem was at the time),I have to apply for jobs. And that is when I started to do so.For what felt like a long time I did not receive any positive replies but now that I think of it, it must have been a couple of weeks only. One day, I went to my friend's place. She had been a catechist for quite a while and she asked me if I was interested to do that too. The topic never came up before. I said I would give it a go. She gave me the co-ordinator number and I sent her a txt.She texted back saying that she would ring me soon with all the information needed and she asked whether I was from her parish since all the other catechists were from the same parish. I replied that I was from a different one and after that I did not receive a response and the next day my friend called to ask what happened and I told her that the co-ordinator might not be interested since im from a different parish.she then told me that once they had issues with a catechist from a different parish and from then on they said they were going to be more careful. Since I wanted to find a job I was ok with that.the following week when my friend came home for coffee she told me that the lady did not get in touch with me for a whole week because she had just lost her aunty and she had been very busy, in addition to being a carer to her sick when my friend told her that I was looking for a job after all, she pleaded with her to convince me to help her out since the kindy catechist was looking for a job. She said she had already put me on the roster so I couldn't say fact after 2 weeks of starting scripture classes ,the other catechist found a job and so god's timing was perfect as always. Since she taught in another school, I took over her class there here I am doing god's will even if I wasn't a 100% sure I was able to do it due to my health but I am really enjoying a part of me understands why I did not find a full time job at that time.he wanted me to do something else even if it is 1 day a week only. That was at the end of January.Since then I have been looking for a part time job.I don't know what god has in store for me.I would like to mention that I have a wish to become a counsellor and 5 weeks ago I went on the net to check out the fees and I fell on a website that did not give me the option of doing that.instead I had to enter my name and number for an adviser to call me.I wanted to cancel it but there was no option on the the next day someone called me and quoted some fees and being in the situation that I was in,there was nothing that I could have done. I only really wanted to know the cost which I thought was too costly for me even with a part time job in the future. Another miracle happened yesterday. I was cooking lunch and received a call from a girl who has the same name as me, later I got to know that she was of the same age as me and suffering from the same health problems that I am suffering from. She was really a god sent, telling me about their company being affiliated with various colleges and universities and that she found my number from one of the colleges, and that they apply for government grant on behalf of prospective students and a list of things that I thought was too good to be true. Now this has gotten me started on the procedures to become an Australian citizen because that is the category of people who can benefit from government funding.yesterday morning I was no my walk and thinking there is nom chance of me becoming a counsellor or having enough savings for the future, im already living hand to mouth these days and im only 36 with health problems that look like they will take forever to disappear, but god send me a ray of hope for which I am utterly grateful.I couldn't hold back my tears after the phone call and also each time I would remember that phone conversation. As one would say: too good to be true but all believers know that with god everything is about the plan that he has for us even though from time to time we tend to say:"that was such luck" or "that was such a coincidence". I will contact that sweet girl who called me after receiving my citizenship. What a saviour we have in Jesus and what immense support we have in Mary. I have said several novenas for a job and I am yet to see the miracles on my path. I will try to be patient. God bless you.


Rosary Promise #8: "Those who are faithful to recite the rosary shall have during their life and at their death, the light of God and the plentitude of His graces; at the moment of death they shall participate in the merits of the saints in paradise."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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