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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

M.    May, 13 2015 - sydney
Today I am writing my testimonial because that was one of the promises I made to Mother Mary at the beginning of my 54 day rosary novena.I have been ill for a very very long time but because at the beginning my symptoms were not severe,I did not really pay attention and did not know that they were the beginning of a list of bad health issues.I quit my job in September of last year because I could not cope anymore.Since then I must have said 3-4 54 day rosary novenas back to back.Since resigning I had been addressing each symptoms one by one.You name it : numerous reflexology sessions,meditation,energy healing,daily walk,detox with magnesium,liver cleanse,supplementations,GP,naturopath,change of diet,but unfortunately nothing worked and last month something happened that made something click in my mind.I found the root cause of my health issues.It was such a relief and after the relief came more confusion.One day I felt I had reached the end of my rope when my neighbour popped in for some coffee and gave me a novena which was sent by his mum to me.That day I knew Jesus was talking to me.You can check it on google by typing father Dolindo Ruotolo "O jesus I surrender myself to you".I have been saying that everyday and after nine days I would start again.I want to say thank you to my Mother Mary for having made me realise what was wrong with me and where all the symptoms were coming from.I still need a lot of guidance and help from her so that I can find that trustworthy specialist who will be able to help me as some symptoms got worse since September.I ask Mother Mary to lead me to a good health practitioner that would give me the cure.As I am not working I can spare very little and with the money available I did all of the above and now if I do obtain some money I do not want to spend it and not get my health back.So dear brothers and sisters in Christ, keep praying beacause after all the tears and despair,God does come to our rescue.Keep your hope and faith alive.

Maria    April, 16 2015 - NL
my husband wanted to start a new business for which he wanted to quit his current job which is earning him a good sal , by doing this he would have put me in a lot of pressure and financial crisis and talking to him about this would only make things worse so i dint talk much . i said one rosary and memorare prayer 10 times.
next time we talked i put the topic again and he agreed to me without any argument that it is not a good idea to loose this one to start something which does not have a guaranteed income as my salary alone cannot meet our expenses and my sons school fee etc. so far so good but i hope and pray that such nonsense thoughts does not get into his mind when he has a family to look after and put all the burden on me.
There have been many instances when rosary has saved me relentlessly and i know mother mary listens to me everytime and takes away my troubles as soon as i tell them to her through the rosary. Rosary is truly my weapon against the troubles.

cathy    April, 16 2015 -
iīm back again since last month. in my 54 day rosary novena i had also made a request as my doctor had told me that i seem to be having some cancerous cells. i went back again and last week the test results show nothing!!! praise the Lord. letīs keep praying the rosary!!

mariam    April, 14 2015 - India
Hello!!!let me begin by saying that i came across this website accidentally...but ever since i visited i always wanted to say the 54 day novena..i was so excited to pray after i read the testomonies here.Yes!i did it!!i should say that my prayers were granted at the right time.My faith in rosary has increased alot now i believe that there is nothing impossible when we ask her intercession.And one important thing that i realised late was that "ROSARY" is one of the most precious and valuable gift given to us without even asking for it!!!Thank you Jesus!!Thank you Mother Mary!!PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Kavitha    April, 14 2015 - India
I had a severe migraine yesterday.Usually it lasts for a day and half even if I take medicine.It really takes a toll on my daily routine.My exams are fast approaching and every second counts.Perhaps the reason for migraine was working on computer for a long time,due to strain.
I pray the rosary daily.I requested Mother Mary to take this away.I thought it would be gone in an hour.I felt something was going on in my head.I felt my nerves were vibrating.I almost gave up after an hour but at that moment the headache just vanished.I thought it would return but it never did.I was able to continue my works smoothly.
Thank You,Mother Mary.
She is always with you,helping you, even when you give up hope.

sophia    April, 13 2015 - kenya
Am so greatfull to mother mary,am on day48 of the 54days rosary novena and one of my petitions has been fullfilled,at one point i felt lk dropping it coz i felt i wasn't doing it the right way.i now know that our mother looks at our heart not how we do things.Thank you queen of heaven,i believe all my petitions have bn answered.Thank you!

rita    April, 10 2015 - denver, CO
Hello all, My 2 years Old baby started itching yesterday evening and had rashes appearing all over her body. I got scared and started saying the Hail Mary, before I could finish one Hail Mary, I heard a voice say to me Give her Benadryl right away. So I told my Husband to go get Benadryl. I gave her some and within less than 20mins, she was sound asleep and the rashes disappeared from her skin. God keeps Performing miracles and Mother Mary keeps interceding for us.


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