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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

monique    March, 08 2015 - malaysia
My husband is a kind of a bully. He picks on many trivial things..just to put me down.i am fighting a battle by praying to Jesus and letting him fight the battles for me.
Saying the rosary has been my means of staying positive and sane..
I have started 54 day novena of rosary for my son. And yday was day husband worked night shift and me and my two yr old son were home. ..I smelled something burning..but I kind off ignored it...the morning when my husband came, he switched on the room light and the bulb blew off...
I was glad my husband was the one who swithched on the light tht blew off the bulb...because if I had been that person who switched it on...he would use that to further say very hurtful and negative things..not to mention ask me money for fixing it..because my husband demands money from me all the time....
I believe its the graces of merciful mother mary who saved me from an episode of my husband insane accusations and extracting money.
I would also like to thank the anonymous person who shared a testimony of how he/she had to say 3 54 day novena of rosary before our mother mary looked upon the situation with mercy.
I am still a joyfull and positive person despite of my circumstances...because mother mary and Jesus helps me in ways I thought it'll be impossible. Thank you. :)

Kavitha    March, 05 2015 - India
It is true that Mother Mary always helps those who pray the rosary and ask for her intercession. The second miracle of my life was a gradual one.It happened almost a month ago.
On february 19, I had swelling on my left ankle.At first I did not give it much attention. It was not painful.I was sure that I did not hit my leg anywhere or had any sprain.Suddenly the swelling started to spread. Next day,there was oedema on my right ankle too.The swelling there too started to spread.Since I didn't have any fall or injuries, my dad who is a doctor, prescribed me several blood tests.I did undergo those.When I searched about my condition in the internet, I was panicked to see that such symptoms occur when we have
problems related to heart,liver, kidney or veins.Also my knee and right ankle began to ache when I walked or did some exercise.
I was sure that I am suffering from something serious.I was praying rosary everyday.I began praying more fervently. I asked Mother Mary to cure me.I also prayed to St. Antony of Padua.This continued for several days.After a week the test reports were received.I was expecting something serious although I was hopeful.But I was surprised that everything was normal.My wbc count and lymphocyte count was a little bit high.It seemed that my body was fighting some internal infection.There was nothing to worry about though.The pain on my ankle and knee was gone.Swelling subsided and was gone in a week. everthing became normal.
The graces that Mother shower in our life is abundant.I know that Mother Mary really helped me this time too.Mother Mary is really a gift from God.Rosary is indeed a blessing to us.So let us pray rosary everyday and every time when it is possible.

Kavitha    March, 03 2015 - India
Although I am a catholic I didn't give much importance to rosary or mother mary.I used to say rosary simply without knowing the deeper meaning.I had to do it because of my parents as they were really devoted to mother mary and rosary.I was never convinced even when they explained its meaning and power.
Even though I was having a secure life, it started crumbling down suddenly. I don't know but somehow the idea of rosary struck in my mind.I began reading articles and sites about rosary.I started to believe in rosary and its powers.I became devoted to mary and pleaded for her intercession.I began praying rosary everyday even if I am really busy.
I got to witness the first miracle of rosary in my life yesterday.
I was registering for an exam yesterday.I had given my date of birth correctly in the part I of online form.When I logged in again my date of birth was not the one I had given.I was shocked as I could face disqualification and there was no other way. I logged in and out several times.I even called the help desk of the institute but they were not taking the phone.I even sent an email but there was no reply. Tired and dejected, I gave the hope.
But suddenly I saw the red beaded rosary on my bed.I began praying the rosary earnestly, crying asking mother mary to help.I remembered her promise that we shall never be conquered by misfortune. After praying I began studying for my exam.
Any way after 1 and 1/2 hours,when I logged in again my date of birth appeared correctly. I was surprised.I thanked mother mary.
I felt I should my testimony here.I don't know how others feel about my story.But my case so miserable and mother mary really helped me.
Also praying rosary daily helped me to focus in my studies and get rid of my sinful nature.I t gives me such a calmness.I know that mother mary is bestowing innumerable graces on me which I may not realise at present but someday I will.

Anonymous    March, 01 2015 - Australia
I started praying the rosary on a daily basis 2 years ago and I am absolutely amazed at the abundance of graces me and my family have received (the list is endless!)

The Virgin Mary is a powerful intercessor. Some prayers were answered immediately and some took a lot of effort (I once prayed three 54 day rosary novenas in a row to get my prayer answered!).

God himself knows our hearts and He has perfect timing - don't give up if your prayers do not get answered straight away! Saint Padre Pio often stated, "pray, wait and don't worry".

To get closer to God's heart I started going to mass and receiving Holy Communion almost daily - this helped cleanse my heart and understand God's will better. I found, after a period of time, that my prayers had become more 'in tune' with what God wants and not with what I want.

Never give up!

Teena    February, 28 2015 - Ind
My boyfriend had gone for a trip with his friends. I couldn't reach him on phone and was worried. I prayed 9 Memorare and was started the Rosary thinking that i will pray all the mysteries and trusted that before i complete it i will hear from him. Just as i finished Joyful mystery, call got connected and i could talk with him. Thank you Mother Mary. I couldn't wait to tell you all so that those praying feel encourged and keep on praying.

Peter John    February, 27 2015 - Philippines
Hi all! it's been a long time since I have written my miracle stories here. I am very grateful to our most dearest powerful and merciful Mother Mary for all the graces she bestowed upon me. I would like to share it all but there is really a lot.

Tomorrow is the last day of my 54 days rosary novena. Mother Mary appeared to me in my dream last january 17. On my dream, both of us were riding a boat and she is the one oaring. We were on a beautiful lake, rich in aquatic blue color. She was in front of me and, I can see her IMMACULATE HEART. That dream was immediately followed, she appeared to me in my boarding house, her face was in agony, reflecting the sorrowful mystery, I was scared that time because I thought she was a ghost. Then she appeared again but this time, her face was full of joy, reflecting the joyful mysteries, then I woke up.

I really feel how blessed I am even I have many sins committed that offended her immaculate heart. Let's continue praying the Holy Rosary, our Blessed Mother is ALWAYS listening! God bless!

Luvi    February, 24 2015 - U.S.A.
I am in deep awe, above all things to God for all the prayers answered through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for everything that is happening to me and my family.

I was hurt and devastated when my husband was recently diagnosed of Leukemia on top of his other cancers that he had years ago. My anxiety and fear begins to creep in. The Lord answered me even before I ask why. God made this situation as a breakthrough to help me realize the importance of the world around me especially my relationship with my family, the severity of my actions that caused them pain and the apology that was never said. I was indeed very sorry.

My soul was sick but I was healed because my husband Charles bore the pain for me. Charles is getting better because I changed. The conversion of my heart begins the healing process for both of us. My relationship with my family has never been better.

All my days and nights in the hospital were spent in meditations and praying the Holy Rosary. My novenas to the Holy Infant Jesus asking for help were granted. The prayers of our family and friends no matter what faith they are have strengthened us during our difficult journey. The Eucharistic Ministry made us feel connected to the church by bringing to us daily the Body of Christ during the time of our stay in the hospital. The joy was unspeakably explicit!

In our lifetime, we will be confronted with challenges and other surprising events that we thought weíre ready to face. The strength within us and our deeper relationship and faith in God will be put to test and you will be amazed how much you know about yourself. To me, this experience was a defining moment, an opportunity to change and learn who I am.

The Rosary became more meaningful each day. Itís the one thing I canít live without. Keep the Blessed Virgin Mother close to your heart. Donít let a day pass by without praying the mysteries. Youíll be glad you did!


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