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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Luvi    February, 24 2015 - U.S.A.
I am in deep awe, above all things to God for all the prayers answered through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for everything that is happening to me and my family.

I was hurt and devastated when my husband was recently diagnosed of Leukemia on top of his other cancers that he had years ago. My anxiety and fear begins to creep in. The Lord answered me even before I ask why. God made this situation as a breakthrough to help me realize the importance of the world around me especially my relationship with my family, the severity of my actions that caused them pain and the apology that was never said. I was indeed very sorry.

My soul was sick but I was healed because my husband Charles bore the pain for me. Charles is getting better because I changed. The conversion of my heart begins the healing process for both of us. My relationship with my family has never been better.

All my days and nights in the hospital were spent in meditations and praying the Holy Rosary. My novenas to the Holy Infant Jesus asking for help were granted. The prayers of our family and friends no matter what faith they are have strengthened us during our difficult journey. The Eucharistic Ministry made us feel connected to the church by bringing to us daily the Body of Christ during the time of our stay in the hospital. The joy was unspeakably explicit!

In our lifetime, we will be confronted with challenges and other surprising events that we thought weíre ready to face. The strength within us and our deeper relationship and faith in God will be put to test and you will be amazed how much you know about yourself. To me, this experience was a defining moment, an opportunity to change and learn who I am.

The Rosary became more meaningful each day. Itís the one thing I canít live without. Keep the Blessed Virgin Mother close to your heart. Donít let a day pass by without praying the mysteries. Youíll be glad you did!

Ikechukwu Nwuzoh    February, 24 2015 -
Thanks to Our Lady for today's graces.I lost my phone in a taxi.I prayed to Mother Mary for the grace that the person agree to give it back to me.It is not ordinary for people to agree to return someone's lost item once they pick it up.I then called my phone and the taxi man not only agreed to give it back but also brought it back on same taxi.Thanks to the Queen of the Rosary

ciana    February, 21 2015 - GOA
il publish my story soon... i love mother mary and have no words of gratitude for her.... she is THE MOST AMAZING BEING i have come across. my most amazing mother... my best friend.. i love Jesus... i can feel the heaven with me all the time... the situation which seemed impossible turned around with the help of Rosary, Mass, and prayers to all my dear saints and souls in purgatory

b    February, 20 2015 -
On Monday, I will complete the 54 day Rosary Novena (it will be the first time I have done this novena).
Over these past 51 days, I have experienced so many blessings:
- I often weep when I think of how much our Mother loves me. I saw some videos in YouTube of the dancing sun, and was overcome with tears of joy and happiness.
- I cried today in Thanksgiving that Our Mother wanted me to pray the novena for the full 54 days before I saw God's promises
- I wake up every morning looking forward to spending time with Our Mother in prayer
- Yesterday, I was overcome with the desire to pray the Divine Chaplet (I believe the Blessed Mother lead me to it), and I have decided to pray it every day at 3pm for the souls in purgatory and those who die this day
- I have been going to weekly confession
- Most spectacularly, I had a dream a few nights ago with St.Michael the Archangel in it - he presented to me a sword. I woke up immediately, in amazement, that he would come to me in a dream.

I have seen amazing progress in the intention of my novena, and have complete confidence and trust my petition will be honored.

Juliana    February, 13 2015 -
Thank you Mother Mary for helping me with a very stressful school day. I was extremely worried and feeling sick to my stomach about a presentation that was poorly prepared and a midterm that I hadn't had time to study for. I prayed a Memorare this morning and asked Mary to help it run smoothly and I trusted in her. My presentation went much better than expected, ran smoothly, I didn't make any mistakes and I felt confident and calm. Some classmates even commented on how interesting it was. Then, later on I had my midterm and even though at the beginning I was nervous, I prayed and then I could think clearly and write a good essay answer. At the beginning of the day, I couldn't imagine how I would get through these two daunting tasks, but looking back, it went extremely well because I trusted in the Blessed Mother. She will never let you down if you trust that she will intercede for you. I can not think of one test or assignment when I prayed about it that my prayer wasn't answered. Thank you Jesus and Mary for ALWAYS answering my prayers. I hope this story will inspire others to pray to the Blessed Mother in times of need. She really loves you just like a mother :) Amen

Maryanka    February, 03 2015 - Texas USA
This is a small signal grace story that happened yesterday, so subtle I would have missed it had I not been paying attention. I have been down in the dumps and stressing over financial worries (for years) and though I have had some good fortune recently I was pondering (as I was walking into the post office) that it didn't seem to make any difference in how I felt. Nothing ever seems to be enough for me. I was thinking that I really needed to work on my gratitude. I was aware on some level that I have much to be grateful for and was pondering my lack of joy, even though some good things had occurred. I was wondering what was wrong with me, where was my gratitude? I walked into the post office and (I kid you not) a young woman was talking loudly on her cell phone. The first words out of her mouth as I entered the room were "Thank God!" She had been given some good news and was thanking God. When I heard that I felt that was no coincidence and I was being told that, yes, my thoughts were correct, I needed to thank God for all the good things and gifts he has given me. So I am going to start mentally listing everything in my life that is good, even small things, and take time daily to thank God for them. Thank you Mother Mary for the signal grace and gentle reminder. Have a good day everyone, and may your day be filled with many small blessings.

Felicia    February, 03 2015 -
God is truly amazing. A few days ago before my confirmation camp, I was having severe toothache and my parents have brought me to a dentist nearby. The dentist said that there was a very big hole at the back of my tooth. He will try to fill it for me but if the pain continues, I would have to pull it out. I am only 17 this year. The dentist said that I am going to face difficulties in eating in the future. I love food and the thought of it really scares me. A few days after the filling is done, I experienced toothache again. This time I went to another dentist which I believe that he was sent by God. The dentist examined my tooth and said that there wasn't anything wrong with my tooth and the filling was unnecessary. I told him that I have been experiencing severe toothache. He had no idea why am I experiencing the toothache and asked me to wait for a few days. I prayed the rosary faithfully and true enough, my toothache is completely healed. My tooth is not even experiencing any pain whenever I drink cold water! This is out of my expectations! Thank you Mother Mary for interceding for me! Thank you and love you!


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