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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

monique    January, 30 2015 - malaysia
I should have submitted this testimony a long time ago..but nevertheless...I'll share now.
I got married 3years ago to a man who claimed to be pious. But once I got married I realised that there was something very wrong with him and his family line . After getting married my husband and I stayed with my sister in law..she always claimed that there is a ghost in the house. I felt it too the day I entered in the house after getting married.
One husband slept in the hall..and I inside the room. A green creature touched me n looked like my husband.but at the same time..I can hear my husband snoring in the hall.
For some reason..I looked away..and said a hail mary..I turned back to look at it again..and when I saw it screamed in fear and its face changed.I saw the real face of tht green was imitating my husband's face. I don't know why I said the hail mary..I did not know mother mary or have special devotion to her previously. .but after that incident...I often say the rosary..
My husband's mother sought after mediums when she was alive..she died a terrible death..i think it's her spirit and another thing that which is in that husband would not beleive me..Mother Mary has been my only person whom I could turn too and confide with...I came across 54day rosary novena..I received a red carnation flower as a sign..unexpectedly from a colleague..from our lady of good health church on Mother Mary's Birthday..and coincidely was saying the 54day rosary novena.
I had since moved out of that house with my husband. I have a son now 2year old . Although I experienced a lot of miracles which i am deeply grateful husband has some issues..he doesn't provide for me and my son..he gambles..I live with my parents most of the time as my son is taken care of by my mother. My husband works on shifts..recently he started lying about where he goes. .what he does..I work full time..and my husband asks me for money often..we don't stay together in a home as often as a family should be..during weekends I have to pester him to bring me and my son husband seems to let go of his duties as a husband and a father..he buys expensive stuffs for himself and has huge debts..which he says..I should help settle.. I have prayed and have been assured again and again of answered prayer. I wait patiently..
But everyday I receive signal graces from the rosary I recite..the lord has his ways and his time..I thank my Lord for his mercy upon me..many times and many ways and many days...he has helped me much.thankyou mother mary..Thankyou Jesus

rita    January, 29 2015 -
Hello all, Mama Mary is the mother of all mothers. I have been praying for over 3 months now. said different Novenas and just started my 2nd 54-days rosary novena and on day 2. while at work and having a bad day thinking about my finances, I colleague of mine decided to hcat with me via internal chat telling me about a new friend she met. at the end of the chat she sent me a beautiful red rose. I was so happy and cried because I know that Mother Mary was just trying to tell me that she is with me and will answer my prayers. Will definitely be back with my testimonies. Hail Queen of the holy rosary Rosary.

mel    January, 16 2015 -
I want to say thank you to my mother mary,my lord jesus and my heavenly father for a precious gift that they have given me through a lady whose name starts with an M.when I thought I was walking through a dark tunnel that had no end,god sent me this lady who was the answer to many of my all-in-one gift from god who brought along with her many a solutions to what I thought was an impossible situation.glory be to all the heavenly beings who came to my rescue.thank you.

Helena    January, 15 2015 -
I would like to Thank our Blessed Mother Mary, Saint Joseph and the Baby Jesus of Prague, for the gift of the Holy Rosary. I started praying my first 54 Day Novena on the 1st January 2014. Praying for a Financial breakthrough for my family. Within 10 days of starting the Novena a company contacted my husband with the news that they still owed him money from his pension fund payout of 5 years ago. My family life is also much more relaxed. And my prayer life has also increased tremendously. I can only recommend Praying the Rosary everyday. Thank You Dear Mother for your intercession to your Beloved Son Our Lord and Saviour. Thank You

Annie    January, 09 2015 - N. IRL
I prayed the rosary asking Mary Our Mother to help us do well in our inspection & to help me feel calm and do my best during the inspection. I felt so calm during the time and the result we got was out sanding!!! Thank you Mother Mary :) Pray and believe!!

Rosa Mystica Akimana    January, 08 2015 - Ohio,USA
I don't what to start for this woman has done great things thru rosary. Let me just say a few of them. First of all, when I graduated from undergrad, I was so desperate. I had no job, I had no shelter(I am an international student) I had no money. My only hope was to get a scholarship for graduate school. I had applied to seven different schools, and not one school gave me a full scholarship. and that was in April 2014. I had to graduate in the beginning of May 2014. Feeling hopeless and desperate, I decided to start a 9 day novena , praying rosary (all 4 rosaries ) everyday. Beside that, I avoided my bed throughout the whole period of novena. I would lay down on my carpet. Now, on the fourth day of the novena, one school re-emailed me asking if I would still go there for my grad studies. This school has given me admission before but never gave me a scholarship. Now they contacted me saying "we will give you the scholarship..full scholarship and stipend". Now , isn't it funny how Mary has worked it out all for me thru rosary.Also, that the last school I was considering but she made it happen. Now I am in grad school about to finish my first year , safe and sound. I truly believe that whatever we ask our Mother thru Rosary, she will provide. Rosary does miracles, it is also filling a hole in my heart , it gives me that strange happiness whenever I feel lonely (when I go a longtime without praying it).Thanks a lot Mother, without you I wouldn't be who or where I am today

Rocio    January, 07 2015 -
I will be forever grateful to Mama Mary for the countless requests that she has granted for me. It is true that God listens and answers our prayers and even more so through the intercession of our blessed mother. She has helped me in numerous ways- she helped my cousin when she was battling cancer, she kept my father out of jail, she helped me find a job, she reconciled me with an old friend, she reunited me with my ex-boyfriend, and she has always kept me out of harm's way and taken care of my family. I could go on and on about the graces she has bestowed on me through the holy rosary. A few days ago she sent me a signal grace while I was praying the rosary. I received a text message that I was desperately longing for from a friend. It was so amazing and made me cry with joy and gratitude. I feel her loving presence and comfort whenever I pray and I know she brings us all closer to Jesus. I encourage you readers to please pray the rosary. Its promises and miracles are real. It's the most powerful tool that we need in order to lead better lives while serving God. Try it, it truly works. Just have faith and never give up. My heart overflows with love and gratitude for you my blessed mother. Thank you Jesus, Mary, and Saint Therese.


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