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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Paul    December, 27 2014 - WA
I'm Chatholic, practiced Rosary when i was a young boy following my mom's lead, but as i grew up, Rosary is no longer my priority, only prayed occasionally.

By the time I moved out and live by myself, I encounterted many depressions and there was not many day I found peace in mind and heart. Then one day, I believe I was called by the Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother to get to know more about the power of the Rosary, and I found this site. Ever since I pray the full Rosary every single day, also started to know more about the many great Novenas for specific intentions.

Ever since, at least 3 years since i began devoting to our Blessed Mother through reciting the Rosary, I have found great peace in my mind and heart, and MANY Novenas have been granted for me, for those whom i prayed for, and for those whom I invited and introduce to pray the Rosary (in which I have posed testimonies in this site).

The Rosary and our devotion to our Blessed Mother truly is so powerful that binding the Devils, gaining peace, and being granted many many neccessary graces.

Paul    December, 27 2014 - WA
Less than 2 years ago i met and be friend with a middle school teacher who gratuated with high degree in science and with honor, but he had been struggling so much for years being only as a subtitute teacher for several schools, the job was uncertainty. I made a novena to our Blessed Mother and also then continued including him in my daily Rosary prayer that "he may find a stable job that he will be happy with". Shortly after, he told me that he was accepted to be a permanent science teacher for a school near him, and indeed got better pay. Fast forward to now, he is still with this job, happy, and loving what he does.

Paul    December, 27 2014 - WA
Long story short, a year or so ago, my brother and a dear friend of mine were single for a long time, led both of them became doubtful of their future. I were with them and heard stories of their failure dating lives. I made novenas to our Blessed Mother for "they may find their mates and be happy". Fast forward to this day, Christmas, I've learnt that both of them are now with their mates and are very happy! I know for sure that our Mother truly have helped them.

ann mary    December, 26 2014 - sharjah
Hi everyone. You have no idea how I am obsessed with the rosary and this website. I feel sad on days when there are no testimonies. I hope there will be a story each day in this website. I have been saying the rosary for my son who is hyperactive and he finds it hard to focus and stay quiet. I started this rosary and the tears of blood rosary of mother Mary for about three months. My son got A+ on all subjects. Thanks mama.

Mark    December, 25 2014 -
All I can say is thank you my mother, you truly are a miracle worker , I give you my heart as a thanks for what you have done for me, I promise to share my story and encourage devotion to you when the time is right, I love you

PerpetuaRose    December, 12 2014 -
Interestingly, my first experience of the power of the rosary began in the Summer of 2013, but I only just now realized it. Last summer, my husband and I were enduring very serious marital troubles, and ended up living on opposite coasts. While we were apart, I took to praying the rosary in its entirety each night before bed, I attended daily Mass, frequented Adoration, and also invoked St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. Rita. I felt especially close to St. Therese because I asked her to send me magenta roses as a sign my marriage would not only heal, but would flourish. Three days after my request, I received the roses, and as they blossomed, their magenta hue grew more and more radiant. My husband gave me very little signs of reconciliation during this period, and largely did not speak to me at all. I was in the dark, clinging to the light of hope afforded by the Faith. Then, over two months into our separation, grace revealed its work very suddenly and powerfully. My husband communicated and stunned me with the news that he was getting out of his military contract early and had a job interview near me lined up. He was coming out for the interview in a matter of weeks and wanted me to pick him up from the airport. Long story short, we were reconciled, he got out of the military and got the new job, and moved back home. Since that time, we have been able to develop an authentic bond of trust, tested and proved by the hardship we endured. Admittedly, I did not associate this blessing with the rosary or Mary in particular. Certainly, I knew it was due to my prayers, which I happened to make through the rosary. But it is only just now--over a year after this grace in my life--that the power of the rosary and Mary's love is sinking in. Two months ago, I developed strange neurological symptoms that doctors have yet to figure out. The uncertainty has taken its toll, but this trial has already drew my husband and I even closer together and helped us really overcome any lingering doubt about each other. It has also pulled me to Mary in the most indescribable way. My husband and I are converts to Catholicism, and so while I intellectually appreciated Mary for her role in salvation, I nevertheless struggled to develop a personal relationship with her. Then, somehow, I came across the Our Lady Undoer of Knots Novena, which I began to pray four days ago. Since that time, Mary has totally captivated me. Her compassion, warmth, and power have all but overwhelmed me. I have been so taken with her that I have even felt somewhat alarmed at points--I went to Adoration the other day and could only think of her. Ultimately, I know the Holy Trinity is the source of Mary's glory, and this moves me to worship God all the more for the wonder of Her. But for now, I think the Lord is pleased that I am getting to know and experience His Mother. All of this to say, my current trial and experience of the Rosary has informed the power of the rosaries I prayed last year when my husband and I were apart. That Christ, Mary, and the saints got me through that trial and used it to grow me gives me confidence that this trial is also a temporary season meant to effect growth--which it already has. For now, I am praying the Undoer of Knots novena, and the 54-day Rosary novena, and am eagerly curious to see what comes of it. God has worked rather dramatic wonders in my life more than once, and with the rosary, I am confident there are more wonders to come.

mel    December, 10 2014 - sydney
I would like to publish my testimonial to say innumerable thank yous to my mother Mary, to my lord Jesus and to my heavenly Father. Ten days ago, a friend of mine asked me to say a rosary for her to make a miracle happen in what to us was an impossible situation she was going through. Instead, I decided I would say a rosary novena in petition for her problem followed by another novena in yesterday was the 9th day of my petition and while saying that, I received a txt message from her asking me how I was. I thought I might as well ask her if the issue had been resolved. She texted back that later during the day she was to go and see some people concerned taking care of the business she desperately needed help with. She told me that she would txt me later during the evening to let me know what had 11 15 at night, as I was saying a chaplet for the holy souls for some personal requests, I received a txt saying that part of the issue had been fixed on that same day and that the following day, that is today, she was supposed to be getting an important signature as approval for the issue to be resolved in its entirety. Bless mother Mary. I started the novena feeling in my heart that she had already answered that prayer and she came through as she always does without fail. What a mother we have in Mary. And what best friends we have in Mary, Jesus and the holy rosary. Amen. I would always be grateful for all the things that god has granted me.God bless you all.


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