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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Kieran Genovese    December, 10 2014 - Ireland, (living in Austria)
Thank You mother for saving a sinner like me.

Pray for the conversion of sinners and non believers it can be done.
On December the 8th the feast of the immaculate conception I smelled roses in my room when there was none around. After praying the Rosary strongly for a week.
All can be led to her divine son through her, I know it is hard sometimes, but it is true.

Hail Queen of Heaven, the ocean star, guide of the wanderer. Thank you for saving me. Pray the Rosary for the conversion of peoples hearts, it can be done. I am proof. Thank you and God bless.

Mark    December, 03 2014 -
Thank you my mother

Mary Cynthia    December, 02 2014 - Nigeria
Good day everyone, my Rosary story may be a bit long but I really need to share with everyone the miraculous intercession of our Lady through the prayer of the Rosary. Growing up, my Dad always encouraged us to pray the Rosary; however, with time I became lazy and stopped praying the Rosary. Despite my laziness, Our Lady drew me to herself through my spiritual Director who is a Dominican Priest. He encouraged me to start praying the Rosary and little by little I started. I also got consecrated to Mary on August 2, 2014 (one of the best decisions of my life).
Fast forward to September 2014, I became totally dissatisfied with my job and I was really in need of a new job, I always included the job request in my daily Rosary prayer, I asked God to bless me with a job in line with my life purpose, I also wanted to work with a good boss (my former boss was a nightmare) and good working environment. I persisted in prayer, and then comes November, the month of my birth, I asked our Lady for a birthday gift.
I had applied for a job in a multinational company but didnít get the position I applied for, however a day after my birthday, I get a call from this same company, I was offered another better job better ( that was after some series of assessments) , wonderful benefits, awesome working environment. Life couldnít have been better.
I am indeed a proof that the Rosary is efficacious, It leads us closer to God and gives us immense peace in our souls.
Thanks for reading my story.

Tina    December, 01 2014 - Texas
I feel it is time to share about what the Rosary has done for me. I am not a practicing Catholic but Presbyterian. I left the Catholic faith in 2001, due to my lack of understanding of the Communion of the Saints. May the Lord forgive me for judging his children of the RCC due to my ignorance.
My husband and I had a difficult time getting pregnant with our first child; it took about 4 years and a number of tests by specialists to discover what was wrong. The tests determined nothing was wrong, so this meant we had to wait and keep praying. This is not great news to a control freak like myself; at least if there was a problem, I could get it fixed, right? Only another controlling person could possibly understand this perspective. So bizarre!
This past April, I was feeling such a strange attraction and pull of Holy Mary, and thus the Rosary. I could not explain, but as a Protestant felt revolted by my interest, and had fears that perhaps the devil was tempting me away from the Lord. But as I read about those who prayed, and the fruits of the Spirit that seemed to manifest as a result of praying the Rosary, I became convinced that if it is not entirely real, then it was not wrong. Otherwise, I was not going to do it.
Long story short, I started praying the Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the ONLY RCC church that had it available for adoration at a time that I could and at a location that was convenient to do so! This is truly amazing! As I felt more connected with the Lord and started to pray the Rosary daily in the chapel, the thought occured to me that perhaps I should start praying for a second child; this I began in the summer. It was just an intention that I had added to a host of other intentions, such as the persecuted church and the children of the world.
Well, we are now in our first trimester - this means it took about 3-4 months of praying the Rosary.
I can not count the number of times, when I stop and pray and then include asking my Mother to pray for me about anything, that I begin to feel total confidence and peace. Is she more powerful than the Lord? NEVER. BUT she is active and loves the body of Christ.
I am humbled and honored to share such a story on here, as I can barely share it with any of my Protestant church family. They would think I was going to hell.
Thank you for reading. Never give up because you do not see something right away. Faith is not dependent on sight - we must never forget this.
Pray the Rosary. It is a gift of the RCC Church.

Yolanda G. Vinuya    November, 27 2014 -
I would like to thank our Mother Mary for my recent answered prayer. I've been asking her to pray for me to Our Lord Jesus Christ, about our condominum, that I'm praying for a tenant. And most specifically a good tenant. Thank you Mama Mary for the answered prayer and for your intercession . Thank you very much. To God be the glorr.

Dulani Jayakody    November, 24 2014 - Sri Lanka
I'm writing this story with happy filled heart and with more gratefulness to my lovely Mother Mary, the queen of Roses. If you have read all the stories in this site you might notice that I went through two heartbreaks for the past one and half years. People might feel that I rushed into relationships, but I learned that Almighty God gave me two lessons that will lead my life to a totally different path. My second boyfriend also did not return. He chose another girl to love in the same office. We work at the same place and it was really hard to see him loving another. I was totally broken into pieces. Without hating them I chose to forgive them and find happiness in Jesus Christ with the help of My lovely mother. 07 Months has gone from the heartbreak and I never stooped believing in Lord Jesus. I prayed and prayed and asked for the eternal happiness that only comes from God. And here is what Jesus did in my life. Last week I was Promoted as Executive-HR in my current company with a good increment. It is not a surprise because I knew Lord will bring the broken ones to closer to his heart and fill their lives with happiness. And the best part is A Guy came to my home with his parents and asked for my hand.( To marry me ). In my last relationships though I wanted they never wanted to take me to their home and accept me as wife. But Now I am living a dreamy life. My family and his Family both take care of me . Specially my fiance understands my true feelings and uplifts me in everything. Jesus gave me lessons which was hard and filled with tears. But he did it to make me understand my worth.
My request to you is never ever stop believing in Jesus and our lovely mother Mary. The whole world will spit on your face but He will raise you up. Not at the time you want. When the right time comes. We are blessed from birth because we are Catholics. My Lovely mother, the holy Queen , lady of Roses, the Lily in heaven... I Love You... Thank you and thank you ... Rosary is my weapon and my strength till death. May Lord will bless you through our lovely mother.. Amen.

Maryanka    November, 20 2014 - Texas USA
I stopped emphasizing the 54 Day Novena in my rosary meditation/prayer, because it seemed to me that I had slipped into using it as a means to get something. And getting mighty frustrated too that I was not getting it. God is not a vending machine. So now I just try and pray the rosary every day and not focus as much on petition. It makes for more relaxing meditative prayer. If I am struggling with something or praying for someone, I just place those concerns and people into Jesus' holy wounds and then pray the rosary prayers, meditating on his life in the mysteries. In that way I feel my life will be healed by his life in the Mysteries without me telling God how to go about it. I am not a particularly good Catholic. I must say that. I do love Jesus, Mary and Joseph though, very much. And the rosary is my way to reaching them. That said, I will now relate to you recent help received from Our Lady. I have been having problems with my computer, serious money worries for years, and the timing could not be worse since this is a busy time for my small home based business. I need my computer and do not have money to spare for a new one, and possibly have to also buy a new scanner and printer, as the old ones might not be compatible with a new computer. Yesterday things went from bad to worse, so I stood in front of a photo of Our Lady of Fatima and said "Mary, be a mother to me today and help me. I need my computer to last through the holidays at least so I can manage my business." I should add that my "job" is a rosary making business, this is work that was given to me by Mary (when no one else would give me a job) through a powerful signal grace (which I posted here a few years back). I had an immediate thought at the very moment I finished that prayer to do a "system restore" on my computer. I have done it before, but had forgotten about that tool. So, feeling instructed by Mary I restored the computer to an earlier date when I felt it had worked, about 2 months back. The computer then turned off and re-booted. When I tried to sign back in through the Google Chrome browser, however, I kept getting an error message that Chrome had encountered a problem and need to shut down. I could not get it to work for anything. There was much stress involved because the computer had stopped working right in the middle of my trying to print a shipping label for a sale. I was able to print that label using a different, though very slow (incompatible with my old system) browser. But, that told me that the problem might not be with my computer at all, but was a problem with Google Chrome. So I uninstalled Chrome and then re-installed it. That seems to have fixed the problem. Just in case, though, I have installed a 3rd browser on my computer (compatible with my 9 year old operating system)as a back-up in case this happens again. I am giving all these technical details, in case someone else out there is having similar problems . . . All through this I felt guided, because had I not done a system restore (which I thought to do right after praying to Our Lady) I would not have done a re-boot (normally I do not turn my computer off) and found that the problem was with Chrome. So maybe I don't have to get a new computer after all? Many thanks to Our Lady, the computer expert :)


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