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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Maryanka    November, 20 2014 - Texas USA
I stopped emphasizing the 54 Day Novena in my rosary meditation/prayer, because it seemed to me that I had slipped into using it as a means to get something. And getting mighty frustrated too that I was not getting it. God is not a vending machine. So now I just try and pray the rosary every day and not focus as much on petition. It makes for more relaxing meditative prayer. If I am struggling with something or praying for someone, I just place those concerns and people into Jesus' holy wounds and then pray the rosary prayers, meditating on his life in the mysteries. In that way I feel my life will be healed by his life in the Mysteries without me telling God how to go about it. I am not a particularly good Catholic. I must say that. I do love Jesus, Mary and Joseph though, very much. And the rosary is my way to reaching them. That said, I will now relate to you recent help received from Our Lady. I have been having problems with my computer, serious money worries for years, and the timing could not be worse since this is a busy time for my small home based business. I need my computer and do not have money to spare for a new one, and possibly have to also buy a new scanner and printer, as the old ones might not be compatible with a new computer. Yesterday things went from bad to worse, so I stood in front of a photo of Our Lady of Fatima and said "Mary, be a mother to me today and help me. I need my computer to last through the holidays at least so I can manage my business." I should add that my "job" is a rosary making business, this is work that was given to me by Mary (when no one else would give me a job) through a powerful signal grace (which I posted here a few years back). I had an immediate thought at the very moment I finished that prayer to do a "system restore" on my computer. I have done it before, but had forgotten about that tool. So, feeling instructed by Mary I restored the computer to an earlier date when I felt it had worked, about 2 months back. The computer then turned off and re-booted. When I tried to sign back in through the Google Chrome browser, however, I kept getting an error message that Chrome had encountered a problem and need to shut down. I could not get it to work for anything. There was much stress involved because the computer had stopped working right in the middle of my trying to print a shipping label for a sale. I was able to print that label using a different, though very slow (incompatible with my old system) browser. But, that told me that the problem might not be with my computer at all, but was a problem with Google Chrome. So I uninstalled Chrome and then re-installed it. That seems to have fixed the problem. Just in case, though, I have installed a 3rd browser on my computer (compatible with my 9 year old operating system)as a back-up in case this happens again. I am giving all these technical details, in case someone else out there is having similar problems . . . All through this I felt guided, because had I not done a system restore (which I thought to do right after praying to Our Lady) I would not have done a re-boot (normally I do not turn my computer off) and found that the problem was with Chrome. So maybe I don't have to get a new computer after all? Many thanks to Our Lady, the computer expert :)

Maria    November, 20 2014 - Netherlands
I am in the middle of an emotional turmoil , everything i touch ends up unsuccessful , out of
failures and depression i am unable to concentrate on prayer as well , its been going on over 2 years now .. with unsuccessful completion of 54 rosary novena on every start...
I should not miss to say that even during these testing times ,i have recieved help miraculously whenevr i cried and called mother mary.
i know only mother can save me... i have a list of requests.. i am going to start my consecutive 54 novena today for every single of my causes.Please pray for me that i am able to complete the rosary and come back and share with you all my blessings.

rita    November, 19 2014 -
I am on the 2nd day of the thanksgiving part of the 54 day novena. I can confidently say that I am at peace with myself and The Blessed Virgin has been with me. I am believing that my intentions will he granted and will not hesitate to share.

Daniel    November, 19 2014 - London
I feel strong spiritually after I pray the rosary. Reading other people's testimony is really encouraging. I have been seeing a lot of signal graces. I believe the Rosary promise 11 , that says , I shall have what I ask for.
Reading and Meditating the Rosary draws my heart closer to God. Thank you Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary.

Ronae    November, 19 2014 - US
I am currently in a point of life where I feel discouraged, dispair and desperate. I have been praying and felt my prayers were not being answered. Reading through the site,I feel a renewing of my faith and a fire to pray the rosary more. I have started to pray the rosary novena which I have never been able to finish previously I believe I will come back to tell everyone of the grace and answered prayers received. I feel guilty for not sharing the favors received from the rosary previously. I had a high risk pregnancy with twins,everything that could go wrong was going wrong...advanced age, high blood pressure, fibroids,threatened abortion with severe bleeding and coexisting twins.I prayed my rosary and went for Eucharistic adoration daily(somedays I missed praying or going because nothing seemed to be happening. But I would like to give glory to God that I carried the babies to term, flew on an eighteen hours flight at term with a blood pressure of 190/100 with no incidence and was able to have my babies safely. We are all healthy. Thank you Jesus, Thank you my special friend and helper the holy spirit, thank you dear mother Mary.

D.K    November, 16 2014 - Maryland
I come to this site every week to read personal stories, and also try to pray the rosary as often as I can. I am a security officer, and here is my testimony. We are currently short of people at work, so when someone calls out sick, it is very difficult to cover the shift. To celebrate my friendís 50th birthday (with whom I work), his sister decided to surprise him with a party at his place. I knew about the party in advance but because I had already requested some vacation time at the last minute (we usually have to put in a two week notice), I called out sick to attend the party. My friend gets off from work at 6 PM and I substitute him. In general when someone calls out sick, if there is no replacement, the employee on duty has to remain on duty. So here we are, the party is for Saturday night at 7 PM, at 3 AM Saturday morning I called out thinking that would give my supervisor enough time to find somebody to cover my shift. Around 4 PM while I was getting ready to leave my apartment to go help for the set up, I decided to do my daily rosary before leaving. After finishing the first decade, my phone started ringing, and after a quick glance at my phone, I saw a voicemail notice. I usually finish my rosary before dealing with worldly matter, but for that particular instance, my inner voice told me to stop and call back. I didnít know that it was my supervisor who was calling, I donít have her number. So when I called back, she picked up and said,Ē you have called out sick too early, there is nobody to work for you, we canít find someone to work for you, you have to go to work, it is only 4PM now, you have couple hours, I can also give you more hours if you need, last week the same scenario happened and the employee on duty, who happened to be the 50th birthday guy had to remain on duty because we couldnít find nobody to work, he had to do a double shift. This is not happening again, I can give you some hours if you need but you have to go to work, and she was like: how many hours do you needÖ..Ē.Ē I was like, I donít know I am sick right now I donít think I can make today sorryĒ, and all of a sudden, she started becoming aggressive and threatening. She said our director will call you, I am calling in advance to let you know. I told her, just give me some time, I really donít feel good but let me call you back. She was like; are you sure youíre going to call back, I said yes just give some time. When I hang up the phone, I looked at my rosary and turned around the Virgin Mary statue to face her. This is what I told our mother,Ē Mother Mary I need your help now, I offer you this rosary, please show up and come to my rescue now. I know Iíve lied about being sick, but I did it to attend my best friendís birthday party. If my supervisor doesnít find someone to replace him, he will probably stay at work and that will ruin everything. We are doing this party for him and there is no way he should stay at work cause of me, please come to my rescue now and show up, you are our mother and nothing is impossible to you, again Iím offering this rosary for this issue, our lady please do not fail me. So after that prayer, I went back to my rosary. When I got to the fifth decade, where our lord Jesus was found in the temple, after saying the mystery, my phone started ringing and I picked up, it was my supervisor again. She said DÖ donít worry about it we have found somebody to work for you, an employee called me and said that she had decided to change her shift with someone else, she is coming in tonight, everything is good now. After hanging up the phone, I was so shocked that I turned again in front of our mother and said many thank you with many kisses and cried of joy because our lady came to my rescue when I needed her the most.
Please pray the Rosary, my mom told me when you need her the most our blessed mother wonít fail you. Our lady does not fail, she is real

Paul    November, 05 2014 - WA, USA
I filed my tax for 2013 in March 2014, there had been problems throughout, therefore i did not receive my refund in April as i usually would in previous years. I'd been contacting the IRS and my tax agent in several episodes, and waiting and waiting like forever. I started and finished 9-day Novenas to Blessed Virgin, St. Jude, and St. Philomena. Today (November 2014) i have just received my refund. Thanks be to God, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Jude, and St. Philomena!


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