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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Dulani    September, 23 2014 - Sri Lanka
May the Blessings of Lord Jesus and the Love of our dearest Mother Mary be with you...
Currently I'm on my 02nd continues 54 days rosary novena. I started the Rosary novena to ask for the reconciliation of Me & My Lover. But day by day the depression was becoming higher and at the moment also he is not ready to give a second chance. Once I asked mother Mary to show me a sign if he is my soul mate. The sign i prayed for was a butterfly. Next day I went on shopping with my sister and while we were at the cashier , one big butterfly was flying and making circles on the glass wall from outside. In a concrete based town that much bigger butterflies are unusual. I got shocked and cried on my way home. " She is listening to me". Every time when I feel to give up she sends me flowers of hopes through the signal graces. Still I didn't get my petition and I am now to give up.
But I must tell you about the miracles she did in my family. My father who works abroad got a unexpected salary increment. My sister got a great job in a bank with a good salary which usually a school leaver don't get. And everything else is wonderful in my life now. May be my lover is not meant to be my life partner or May be Lord is waiting for the best time to make us together again. Because lord always have best timing than us . My request for you is don't ever give up on praying. You might not receive what you want, but have faith. BECAUSE LORD GAVE US THIS LIFE AND HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR US. JUST LET HIM DECIDE AND WAIT. That is what I learned from my endless close relationship with our lovely Mother of Jesus.
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Butterflies are very symbolic of "change". This is because a caterpillar starts out crawling on the ground before they undergo their necessary change to reach their full potential as a beautiful butterfly. This may or may not add meaning to your story.

Someone who was in d    September, 12 2014 - USA
Reading previous story, touches me, I'd like to share mine which is very similar in some way. Years ago, I was in an emotional and financial distress for quite a while, then I met someone during his travel to my town which is his hometown. We started dating for a limited of time while he was there. Meeting him, all my distress seemed to be much lighter simply becasuse I felt loved. He told me he was in a serious relationship for years with someone, got engaged, and is still living with that person in the same house, but they recently broke up due to a lot of conflicts, though he can't affort to move out until he graduate his B.A degree in a year from then. Little did I know about him, I trusted him right away, we rushed into a long distant relationship (LDR). Since he was working with minimum pay while being full time student, I flew to him once a few months, always had great time together. Though, during those 2 years of LDR, there were countless of emotional rollercoasters, mental depress, I constantly had doutful thoughts and anxietlies over the feeling that he might have been cheating on his feance' with me.The LDR was so unheathly for me due to those constant fears and doubts. My live was all about him, I took less care of myself and got sick very often caused by those negative thoughts. I started and finished 2 of the 54-day Rosary Novenas and 1 Novena to St Joseph for our LDR to lead to marriage someday. To be clear, at the end of EACH novena, we suddenly had conflict and he broke up with me, but then he got back to me after weeks. I was so lonely plus extra weight from my financial distress, I clinged onto him, I tried to trust him, and always agreed to comeback after each break up. I still keep my daily Rosary. Then there was a day, I thought it through, and I decided to break up with him. The feeling I had was a relief of a burden on my shoulder. It's been months since then, I'm living a healthy life, taking much better care of myself, working harder and focusing on paying my credit card debt, having great progress by now!
I now see that Blessed Mother saw all my sorrows while being with this person in our LDR, so She wanted to end our relationship not once, but thrice, it was just me who clinged onto him! But She still cares for me and gives me peaceful and possitive thoughts when our relationship finally ended for good! Everyone, please trust Jesus, Mother Mary, and St Joseph, if They hint to you that something should end, that means it is bad for us, please trust Them and let it go, because I full heartedly believe that IF THEY WANT SOMETHING GOOD TO BE IN OUR LIVE, THEY WILL BRING IT TO US IN ALL WAYS.

teena    September, 12 2014 - Bangalore
I was going through a severe heart break as the person i loved most cheated me and kept on lying. I could not come out of it as i couldn't even think of losing him. I started the 54 days novena when i got to know abt the other woman in his life and prayed that he comes back to me and begged God to put love for me in his heart. He did come back on Day 10. On the 14th day i was sleepless and thought of praying a rosary, i kept on feeling to check his phone. I found out that he still loves the other woman and lot other disturbing things. I cried the whole night and talked to Mother Mary to help me walk out as i couldnt pray rosary in that condition. Morning i peacefully told him that i am going away, we had lunch together and he dropped me to office, a peaceful ending to all the happiness i shared with him. It happened yesterday and so far i hadn't called him, which is normally very difficult for me. I still love him, I still wish he come back, but then i dnt want to go through the trauma again.
I am thinking of replacing my intention for stopping his Drug addiction than asking for God's intervention for him to love me. Today is day 16, and I fervently hope that everything is going to be fine.

raniolla    September, 09 2014 -
This is not the first time that I share my testimonial here. I would like to encourage everyone to pray the rosary faithfully because it is true and no one came to mother Mary asking her for help and left without aid. After meeting the right person and after getting a sign that God is agreed and blessed this relationship, I asked the Lady to show me another sign that we will get married max next year because we had been together me and my boyfriend more than 5 years and I became angry and sad of this long period even though he always trying to comfort me by telling me that we will be together soon knowing that he is abroad so we only have a communication through social media. So I asked Mother Mary while praying the 54 days novena to let my FB had a dream about his father that he was died since more than 30 years and to my big surprise, yesterday was the feast of Mother Maryís birthday and he called me to tell me that he had this strange dream about his father.
Praise to be God, canít describe my happiness and thankfulness to Mother Mary and her beloved son Jesus Christ.

selvamanee    September, 08 2014 -
I would like to share another testimonial with you all on this website. For the past 5 months I've been experiencing many crippling symptoms that have made me miserable and made my family situation miserable too.I was diagnosed with iron and vitamin d deficiency which have been rectified.however the majority of symptoms remained and new one started to appear. Very often I would cry to our Mother and begged her to show me what was wrong with me.I was in deep despair and panic and was so discouraged because I believed that she didn't want to listen to my complains anymore. Long story short, she gave me my answer 3 weeks ago-a beginning of depression and anxiety and gave me the insight to realise that my working environment and a few other people in my life were what was affecting my health. I started a 54 day rosary novena on the 18th,the day I realised what was wrong with me.since then I've asked her a few times to indicate to me that I will be cured before the 54th day by sending someone who would put a rose in my hand, be it carved, made of plastic, a natural rose, a drawing of it or even a photo or a pin. Yesterday was 22nd day and I was in total despair and very depressed the whole day.while saying my rosary I was thinking that Mother did not send any rose for me yet. Well let me tell you that which you already know. Our Mother Mary is so full of love for her devoted children and cannot ignore their pleas. Yesterday we had a new bedhead delivered in the evening. After dinner my husband worked on fixing the new headboard and took the old wooded one downstairs afterwards to cut it into pieces in order to get rid of it. initially I wanted to go and have my shower but something made me sit on the staircase and watch my some point be turned the bedhead onto its front and I noticed an oval piece of plywood screwed to the headboard and I realised it was there to secure the mosaic glass picture that can be seen in the I asked my husband to keep it.he took the screws out and I lifted the piece of plywood and underneath was an oval shaped mirror with the reflection part facing I had these two in my hands, my husband picked up the mosaic picture and gave it to me so I could keep it somewhere. Only then did I realise that the picture was that of a rose. But it was ony an hour later that I remembered what I had asked of Mother Mary and that she had spoken to me.we have had that bed for 5 years and not once did I stop to look at the picture. And Mother Mary used that very picture to give me my signal grace. I was so filled with hope and gratitude and awe.the rose is standing against the window above my sink in the kitchen so that each time I feel low and hopeless, I can look at it and be comforted in the knowledge that I am being looked after. There are no words in the dictionary yet that can convey the gratitude that I have for Mother Mary, many among you will agree with me.a week ago I quit my job and stopped all communications with the people who did not benefit me in any still struggling with the symptoms but part of the fear is gone because now I know what the problem is.part of the relief is that I don't have to go back to stressful situations and also that I have a very good husband who supports me in every single way. I received a truly wonderful rose yesterday as wonderful as our mother herself.God bless you all and keep praying. Prayers never fail.

AMBER    September, 08 2014 - Los Angeles
Hi! I don't pray the rosary often, but I'm trying to. I prayed the rosary a few times for a new job and a mini miracle happened with that. But the other day is what's so awesome. I walked to church since my car was in the shop. I got a new job but yet, I wasn't feeling as grateful as I should have. I asked Mother Mary to help me be more grateful and thankful. I left the church, but my charm Lady of Fatima disappeared from my necklace. I was sure I had lost it on the walk back and forth so I traced my steps, and could not find the Fatima charm. I was bummed out. I walked the path 3 times, but couldn't see the charm anywhere. So after a few hours, I went to bed, with the necklace on my neck. I woke up the next day, removed the necklace and placed it on my altar, and hopped in the shower, when I got out and got dressed I went back to the necklace and the FATIMA CHARM WAS BACK ON THE NECKLACE!!! OMG it was the coolest ever! I know it wasn't there. I think Mother Mary was showing me how to feel grateful and be appreciative in this perfect example. So when I start to feel myself slipping I will always remember that moment! Hope you enjoyed my little story. Love to you all!
Los Angeles

a    September, 07 2014 -
happy mother marys feast
two days before I was worried as tghings in my life was not going the way it was supposed to go
I just told mother mary that if the person in my life is my chosen one then give me a sign of white flower I just walked forward there were too many white flowers but still I told they are just common and forgot about it
by the end of the day I returned home from office
I saw a bouquet of flowers unexpectedly and in that one white flower standing tall...thank you mother mary
praise you
I will wait


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