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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

a    September, 07 2014 -
happy mother marys feast
two days before I was worried as tghings in my life was not going the way it was supposed to go
I just told mother mary that if the person in my life is my chosen one then give me a sign of white flower I just walked forward there were too many white flowers but still I told they are just common and forgot about it
by the end of the day I returned home from office
I saw a bouquet of flowers unexpectedly and in that one white flower standing tall...thank you mother mary
praise you
I will wait

Maryanka    September, 06 2014 - Texas, USA
I am on my 8th nearly consecutive 54 Day Rosary Novena. About 1 year ago I mentioned here my failing eyesight, how new eyeglasses were not working for me and I prayed for a healing of my left eye (since it was the worse eye) and had found an old pair of glasses in a drawer that worked better for me. Well, I kept praying for healing in that eye because I really could not see to drive, especially at night my vision was getting really poor. I felt stuck in my situation, didn't know what to do since a new (expensive) prescription for glasses had not helped and the doctor had said I had cataracts but they were not bad and since I am only 57 I felt I would have to wait years before cataract surgery was required. So I kept praying for healing in that one eye but would shut my right eye and look at Jesus with my really bad left eye and see nothing but a blur. I kept hoping and praying though. About 2 months ago, I won a lovely old rosary on Ebay that had several lovely old Catholic medals attached. The wording on the medals was not in English, I thought it might be Spanish and asked a Hispanic friend if she could translate. One medal was a relic medal from Garabandal with the image of Our Lady on front. My friend seemed surprised and said as best as she could tell the translation was, "Kissed by Our Lady." I never told anyone this, but I have a lovely picture of Our Lady of Fatima that I kiss all the time as I am praying the Hail Holy Queen prayer after my daily rosary. I felt like that was a message from Mary, her way of kissing me back. But, that very night I started to see flashes of light in my left eye and a new floater appeared. I Googled these symptoms the next day and found that an emergency trip to the eye doctor was advised since that could indicate a serious eye problem. Long story short, I went to a different doctor and he said my cataracts in BOTH eyes were very bad and he scheduled me for cataract surgery. The first surgery was done on my left (worst) eye on August 15, the Feast Day of the Assumption. I was worried that first day, not sure it had worked, but when I prayed rosary and looked at that picture of Jesus with the corrected eye, for the first time in years I could see his face clearly. I knew then that the surgery had been a success. I had the second eye done yesterday with similar results so far. I can now see very well out of both eyes and will most likely only need glasses for reading !! I was frightened of the surgery and not brave about it at all, but when I would get anxious, I would remember Mary's kiss and it would calm me. I would like to thank her for The Rosary prayer and for her kiss. And I thank Jesus for giving me back my eye sight. Keep praying, don't lose faith. Jesus loves you.

Kaverne    September, 05 2014 - HK
After reading the stories on this site, I started the 54 novena. Today's was my fifth day and I already have my plead answered - a job interview for full time job plus another part time job offer. And they are both the type of job I was looking for. Today I also learnt about an award that I won.

I can see The Lord is working in my favour as these openings are likely to open up more opportunities to fulfil my dreams. Praise Mary & The Lord.

P.s. Thank you all for posting. These stories are inspirational in leading me to re-embrace the practice of daily rosary.

Luvi    September, 03 2014 - USA
I pray the rosary devoutly. I am a great believer that the answer to all our problems lies only in prayer. It takes a while to receive an answer, sometimes it is instant! I have such a special affinity to the Blessed Virgin Mary, my personal relationship with her was quite indescribable. One of the promises of the rosary is receiving signal graces.

On August 29, 2014, I finally got the answer to my prayer. I asked for a sign before the picture of our Lady of Guadalupe. That morning, the image of our Lady seemed so different from any other days. She was smiling at me so vividly. I asked Her to show me a sign. After I got out of the Church, I asked for a butterfly as a sign. Seconds after I uttered it, a white butterfly crossed my path. I was stunned!
Then my cell phone rang. A young gentleman asked me if I can show him my rental house that afternoon which I obliged. That same day, he moved in. He gave me the money and so I was able to pay my mortgage.
As always, I continue my rosaries daily. I am very much in love with our Mother. Truly, Her son Jesus never refuses the prayer of His mother.

Ikechukwu Nwuzoh    September, 02 2014 - Nigeria
I came to know about the 54 Day novena through this website.I prayed for a good posting for my NYSC and She made it possible.She secured a place of assignment for me with accomodation close to it.I am ever grateful to her.She assists me using one person or the other.I believe that She will secure for me a good job and family after my NYSC.Hail Queen of the Rosary

justsomeone    September, 01 2014 - US
This is more like a funny story that I'd like to share! I'd always asked Blessed Virgin Mary to please let me have a good haircut, every time I went to a barber shop. Some time I had ok haircut, some time it turned out bad. Most barber "presumed" they knew what cut usually be done, and so they missed what I actually want my hair to be cut. Therefore I went from shop to shop but still disappointed somehow. Lately I bought some haircutting tool, watched lots of Youtube videos on haircutting, and I finally cut my own hair. The best thing is, it turned out exactly as I've always wanted, and looks pretty good! I guess Blessed Virgin Mary liked to grant my petition through my own hands in this matter instead!

PN    September, 01 2014 - WA
I'd been watching p-rn and gave in to sexual temptation several times a day for every single day as a very very bad habit. I've asked Blessed Virgin during Rosary prayer to help me stop this bad habit and to change me for the better. With self discipline and daily rosary prayer, it's been over a month now and my habit has DECREASED SIGNIFICANTLY. I also started focusing and spending more time on reading educational books, and exercising more often.


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