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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Kate Elfrida Odeh    September, 08 2017 - Benue. Nigeria
I want to thank God for the gift of life,the day I finished my our Lady of perpetual novena was I wanted to end my novena with a mass and since it was assumption. I was happy it was the same day. I left the house with just 300hundred nairacos it was close to the house.entered bus to the near by church. On reaching the church. I was told that it was not holding. So I was directed to another church far from the house. I arrived the church in time.then I realized that my money was no longer sufficient and I needed to do offering and transport back. So I decided I was not going to do offering and I decided money won't be a distraction to when it was time for offering. My spirit was disturb to offer to I kept my home on God on how to go back home. So after church I was penniless. I started to trek.I was wondering how I will trek to reach my house. On my way people passed me and I didn't help. Suddenly a commercial motor cycle stopped for me and said he would Carry me for free.he took me reached my destination and dropped me.he didn't even look back to see my face nor asked for anything. As he dropped me, he left immediately. What a miracle. I was so excited the way God did it.rosary is powerful

Ms. Blessed    September, 08 2017 - Australia
I would like to testify on the analogy of how generous our God is. The story happened last week, where i was almost late for the mass. My apartment is about 8 minutes by foot from the nearest bus stop. So I walked & run to chase the bus. The bus has passed the station and was on the way to the next stop (which is about 5 minutes away). I waved my hand while running to the next stop for the sake of giving a notice to the driver. The bus surpassed me and eventually arrived on the next stop. I was assuming "Okay, i will be late for the church this week". Surprisingly, the bus stopped longer than usual, despite the fact that it was supposed to depart by that time. I noticed this and believe that this would be a great testimony. As soon as i reached the bus stop, the driver let the door opened and smiled at me. I remember he said "you don't have to run like that" and he let me in. To cut the story short, i took a transit and i was on time for the mass. Every week, I do my best to find a day where i can recite rosary for three times. I believe the story above is one of the miracles. So imagine if we put the same effort to chase God as how I chased the bus. Didn't He as a God would accept us?

Manu    September, 06 2017 -
I was struggling with a subject and I prayed the Rosary and I prayed to Saint Joseph of Cupertino for help with my exams. I passed!!!!!

I would love to give thanks to both the Blessed Virgin Mary and to St Joseph of Cupertino for looking after me.

Juliet    August, 29 2017 - CA, USA
I started the 52 day Novena for an upcoming exam. I had my doubts and would often find myself thinking I was never going to make it. The signal graces, however, were everywhere. Ome particular day, when I was feeling extra doubtful.. I noticed the printed roses on my friends' shirt. Another one stood up and she had roses on her denim vest. Then another one walked in front of me and she had an aqua blouse with pink roses on it. Even the song on the radio had roses in the chorus!

I decided it might have been a coincidence but prayed to Our Lady. Asking her to send me a rainbow, showing me if i'll make it or not. I didn't look for the sign but a few hours later, I saw a little girl with a rainbow printed on her shirt. The next evening, my boyfriend started to sing (and he doesn't do that). He sang, "someday, we'll find it... the rainbow connection."

There is no such thing as coincidence. And if you listen hard enough, I realized that God speaks to you even when you think he isn't.

Benny    August, 23 2017 - India, Mumbai
Want to thank Mother Mary and Jesus Christ for performing many miracles in my life.
say the rosary every day, it has powers which you cannot imagine.

Cecilia Jeyaram    August, 05 2017 - Singapore
I really love this site! I just started praying the Rosary intensely about a month ago and I have seen wonderful changes in my life. Over the last 2 years, the places I worked in were not really healthy or right for me, I actually just left the one I was with after only 6 months!
It took the intense Rosary prayers and reflection to finally show me what the problem really was. Lies, deceit and petty jealously seems to follow me at the last two work places. Unfortunately, out of my weak faith and disobedience, I followed through with what everyone else was doing and am now feeling very remorseful and guilty. I was still having doubts, but you know what? Upon an urging, I came across this site, and it is so amazing to read all the graces and signal graces everyone has received from devotion to the Rosary! I have experienced this a number of times every other day of the week! I can relate to the devil's temptation on trying to distract us and constantly casting fears and doubts in our prayer. I was experiencing this very intensely when I started my devotion. Thanks so much for letting me know that I am not the only one experiencing this! I will continue praying and have faith, that only the highest good will come from our devotion to our Blessed Holy Mother! Thanks everyone! And keep the faith going! This is now my 'starred' site to come to!!

Kobby    August, 03 2017 - GH
I am not a Catholic but mum my is and she gave me the rosary when i was in secondary. i just use to put around my neck. several times i will misplace the rosary and she'll give me another one. i went to the University and got into bad habits i really didnt like. i then started to learn how to recite the rosary by myself i taught myself how to still coulndt stop these habits. i miraculous got an admission to a very good place of posting after being sacked from when i went for reposting. still was engage in evil habits. i couldnt stop and was having terrible dreams. By grace a friend and i went for a scholarship interview and werent picked i stop but my friend applied to other school abroad and was given a scholarship. i always prayed he got it because he really wanted to further his education. he went outside and told his supervisor about me and my projects. the supervisor was really interested and told my friend to get my Cv to her. i really didnt want to but my friend kept pushing me that this is my opportunity so i did send my CV to the supervisor. She gave me an acceptance letter that she wants me and that was an assurance that i'll get a scholarship too. (Mind you I was still commiting evil acts against the Lord which i wanted to stop but couldn't). One day the school told me send a medical examination report. Being so afraid i'll fail and have some terrible sickness in me i picked up my rosary and started to pray. i prayed for months to stop this acts and for God to have mercy on me that i pass my med exams to study outside. I recited the Our lady of perpetual Help novena, our lady undoer of knots, prayed to St. Padre Pio,St.Jude,ST.Anthony,St.Michael,St.Gabriel,St. Rafael for help. the terrible dreams stop but i was still terrified of my med exams although signal graces were everywhere that my prayers has been answered.(My faith was really weak). THe Day came i went went for the med exams and everything was OKAY. iwas even charged a lower fee about 4 times less than what is been charged. i was really overjoyed and felt the heaviest burden in my life has been lifted. I really thanked the intercessions and prayers of the blessed virgin mary and saints for helping me through my pain all these years. Thank God. Thank Jesus. ..i'm looking forward to coverting to the Catholic faith after such miraculous healing and timely intervention. Pray the Rosary Everyday Guys . its a powerful weapon as St.PIO said. Thank you.


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