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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Jacqueline    August, 27 2014 - Kampala
A friend of mine told me about the 54-day Rosary Novena.I have been out of a job for 2years now,and all my searches have led to rejection and a dead end. I am an Anglican who wholly believes in the power of Novenas. I decided to devote my self and my petition to Mother Mary through the 54-Day Rosary Novena. I am into the 6th day praying without missing between 5-6 Rosaries or more,because my petition has been a thorn in my life and has robbed me of all my joy in life. Today,as I was praying,I asked Mother Mary to show me a sign of a red rose flower to show to me that she was looking upon me an my plight with favour and mercy,and to show me that my miracle was on its way.Indeed I was browsing through pictures of a stranger on Facebook and came along a picture of a bouquet of roses having the two front ones red.I immediately went on my knees and thanked Mother Mary for this sign.I am faithfully going to pray until I receive that phone call of the job.All honor and Glory to God and our Blessed Mother Mary

Paul N    August, 26 2014 - Federal Way
My job at work was getting slower and slower during the months of May and June, I worried indeed because most of the time I was just sitting around with minimum of work to do. Though sometime I don't know how to do things and had to ask my coworker to help multiple of time. I started adding intention into my daily Rosary asking Blessed Mother and St. Jude to help my job getting busier and that I may do good on my job. On July, one of the people in my department moved on to his new job, and his job was handed to me (yah.. very surprising!), which means I'm gonna do my regular job plus everything that this person did for his job! It's now end of August, things are getting steady busy and much better!! Most importantly, I'm getting better at my job, need less help, and give more help!! Blessed Mother always have listened and heard each one of our prayer, She sometimes does not answer our prayer "immediately" (of course!), but She WILL, at the perfect timing according to Her Heavenly wisdom.

Another recent grace that I have just received last night: my expensive earphone's earplug's rubber plugs come loose off the speaker heads very easily, which I don't have replacement of those size (it will be hard to find replacement). I constantly try to keep an eye on them, but no solution (I could use superglue but it'll be nasty and I won't be able to replace them when eventually those rubber plugs will wear or tear off over the years. The other day I actually lost one of the plugs and couldn't find it anywhere including having to search for that tiny plug in the last bag that I put it in, in my room, and in my car! I asked Blessed Mother , St. Jude, and St. Philomena to help me find it, and I have found it in one of my pack bag’s pocket last night, the thing is: my pack bag wasn't the last place I put my earphones when I lost the plug, and I've never ever put my earphone into that very pocket in that pack bag, i'm sure.

I have written many of my other stories on this site over time. One thing I didn't mention, whenever I pray, I ALWAYS pray to Lord Jesus, Blessed Mother, and St. Joseph _ the Holy Family (then other additional Saints). I'd recommend everyone to include the Holy Family in your prayers, don't forget St. Joseph for He is the foster father of Jesus Christ, very close to Jesus just as Mother Mary, whom God the Father chose to be a very important part to carry out God's plan. St. Joseph is very powerful over all Saints.

ilovemylord    August, 24 2014 - Singapore
I am now on Day 52 of the Rosary Novena. I started off with a single rosary per day, nearly missing a rosary on the 3rd day. But now I am saying 3 rosaries/15 decades a day, and it comes much easier than before. When I travel for work, I sometimes can only manage 1 rosary in a day, but I will revert back to 3 rosaries per day when I have time. I have been praying for my relationship with a man I have loved for over 5 years. I hope to be married to him in love, joy and happiness and have a family with him. Mother Mary has helped open a way for us to come closer together, and I am grateful to Her for her help. I will continue praying the wondrous 54-Day Rosary Novena, not just for the gift of marriage with this man I love that I have been praying for, but also to thank her for the gift of the Holy Rosary. It was only through the 54-Day Rosary Novena, the discipline of prayer and meditation that it gives, when I realised how beautiful the Rosary prayer is and how much it leads me to a stronger relationship with her blessed son, Jesus Christ. I thank Mother Mary for the gift of the Holy Rosary to mankind, and I do hope that eventually, all Christians, even the Protestants, will come to love the Holy Rosary.

jeni    August, 22 2014 -
A misunderstanding arise between me and my husband.Though we both love a lot problems arise due to my parents in law.He avoid all communication with me and become rigid minded.I started a rosary novena and prayed 3-5 rosary a day.Within one weak he come back to me and we are having a healthy relationship.All these happen because of repeated rosaries.

Dulani    August, 20 2014 - Srilanka
Today, is the 48th day of my second rosary novena. Last year during my first rosary novena I met my true love and i truly believe that he came to me as per God's plan. Things were amazing but due to misunderstandings he decided to break the relationship and move on. I prayed to my Lovely mother for her blessing, with tears every night. Today I decided to let things go. But for the past 47 days she showed me every signal sign to confirm that me and my partner is meant to be. Somehow now every door seems closed and he avoids every possible soft corner. But amazingly I still believe that my heavenly mother will show me the path and reassure our relationship. Because I know she is there in my every pain and sorrow. I love you mother.

TNguyen    August, 14 2014 - Boston, MA
First time that I am grateful to honor Jesus Christ our truly Son of living God and our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary with my story.
All my life is blessed with the numerous miracles. Since childhood i have loved rosary and Mother Mary probably I get this influent from my parent who fast first Thursday/Friday every month and love to say rosary. Since I get marriage in 1996, I have worked for high tech companies and I got laid off 4 times from different companies while my relatives or friends never get laid off. Every time I got laid off, my wife would think I am stupid or lack of knowledge to work for high tech industrial. Each time laid off was nightmare and suffer for me, couldn’t sleep. I did not know where to go or turn except to Jesus and Mother Mary and only my hope. Pray and say rosary three times daily and attend Mass were what I have done during unemployment. I also donate money to charities as script say “Give and will be given”.
Fortunately Mercy God Jesus and Blessed Mother always help me. Each time laid off, I get better job high pay and closer distance to home. “Seek find, knock open, ask will be given” and Rosary promise #11 “You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary”.
Dear friends, when trouble times, please have Faith and Hope in Jesus our God and our Mother Mary.

grace    August, 11 2014 -
I got married before 2 years,and trying to have a baby.I was diagonised with pcos and doctor said pregnancy is possible only after a laproscopic surgery.Moreover my husbands sperm count is very low and there is no chance for normal pregnancy.Basically i have hospital fear and I feared a lot about the treatments explained by the doctor.After the checkup we hadnt go to hospital.But asked mother mary and Jesus to show a miracle.I started 54 day novena and it is the 25th day I found I was pregnent.It happens only through prayer and rosary because most of the days my husband was out of station.Apart from the 54 day novena I used to recite rosary whenever I got time.Usually I used to recite 3 to 5 rosarys a day.The doctor said the cyst in the ovary is very large and it can be removed only through during each hail mary i asked our mother to dissolve the cyst and cure me.Both me and my husband hadnt took even a single medicine.Even the doctor exclaimed how its possible,he said its definitely a miracle
Dear all who are trying to have baby or worried about disease you never need doctors or medicine.We catholics have the most powerful weapon rosary.Recite as many as you can.Whenever you are free,bored,tired on waiting for someone start a rosary and increase its number day by day.You can experience unbelievable miracles in life.Even I got married to a wonderful person at the righe age only through 54 day novena.


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