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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Magdalene Tan    August, 10 2014 - Singapore
I started the 54-Day Rosary Novena for my personal life, and I am now on Day 38, halfway through the 27 days of thanksgiving. I am happy to report that Our Lady has answered my prayers in the best way possible...opening up a way to deepen my relationship with someone I love in a natural, beautiful and comfortable way for us. I have vowed to continue with the 54-Day Rosary Novena even after this 54 days are over, now until the day of my earthly death. The 54-Day Rosary Novena is truly a gift from Mother Mary. I strive to pray at least 15 decades each day - it is truly food for the soul, for the personality, for your mind, and I do believe, for health.

John    August, 10 2014 -
Dear Readers,

I have a grave need for all of you to help me with your prayers as I am sure our Lord Jesus will never say NO to our blessed Mother Marry. The following are my grave and urgent needs:

1- Pray for us in the middle east especially Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. We are persecuted daily and the whole world is silent and against us.

2- Pray for me so I can fall in love with the rosary and never leave it again as I struggle and I find it hard to commit myself to it.

3- Pray for me so I can get rid and control my overwhelming sexual desires. This is the biggest source of sin in my life, I need to shut it down in order to find peace.

4- I am jobless since 1 year and a half, I am in a desperate state of finding a decent job so please help me out with this.

Thank you all of you.


a    August, 04 2014 -
praise god
my brother left home on saturday and he was not ready to return home,,we pleaded alot asking him to return home
so we started the mother mary "undoer of Knots" and many prayers whole sunday we prayed and praise god he returned home and he is fine now
thank you mama mary we love you

femy    August, 02 2014 - mauritius
This testimony comes very late and this is the first testimony i am writing regardless of the numerous miracles i have attained all throughout my life by saying the rosary....i love mother mary a lot ,from my childhood i have had a special attachment towards her,i love talking to her and seeing her beautiful face, .but that being said i was and still not very regular with the rosary. i say it occsionaly but today as i said my prayers i had a very strong urge to write a testimony ,so here i am.
like i said i have received many miracles through the rosary but the most recent one that stands out is what happened in the month of june2013. me and my friend had got a job here and had just joined . we needed a simple verification from our gvernment stating our employment. the present compnay we with sent many letters to the authority but with no avail......we couldnt start our job without it anyway needless to say even after 3 months we still were waiting for that simple verification.
one day i got a call from our senior boss saying u girls better do something about it or we going to send you back....
now that being not such a good scenario i came back home called mummy and told her the matter.she too is a devotee of mother mary....i told her " mummy i need a miracle , and i need it fast coz these guys going to sent us back home " she said " ok do one thing u go right now ,kneel down and say the rosary , so will i ,u will get ur miracle ...!! and so i did ...i told mother mary i really dont know how you going to do this but here goes....
u wont beileve it , i said the rosary and just finished when i get a call from my fatherasking to send my details and my friends.
what happened is my mum called her sister ,she called a priest for prayer help and when he asked what the matter was he said he knows the main guy who deals with the verification ( who knew that ...!!!!!!!! ) the very next day the priest went and met the guy ans a 3 month ordeal got over in an hour and i got my MIRACLE ..!!!!!!
i remember when it happend we all were soooo dumbfound and i couldnt stop saying OMG OMG iGOT MY MIRACLE....!!!!!!!!!!!
i am truly sorry it took me a year to send you this testimony ,it is ungratfeul of me .....but my dearest dearest mother mary .......THANK U A MILLION FOR NOT ONLY this but all the miracles u have done in my life time...I LOVEYOU ALWAYS..!!!!

Dulani Jayakody    July, 28 2014 -
Praise the lord... Today I'm writing this with a thrilled heart. Today is the 25th Day of my 54Days Rosary Novena. I asked Mother Mary to show me a miracle sign that she is listening to me.I'm praying for the love of my life , to make it a strong bond,. I wanted to know whether it is the God's plan. And today during the lunch hour my friend in the office received a bunch of Red Roses and in an accident I saw it on my way to some other works. I remembered my prayer. The Lady of Roses has shown me " I am listening my dear child ". Mother Mary, Thank you for blessing your poor daughter with this happiness. Now i will pray more and more so my prayers will become rose petals to her. I love you mother.. My eyes are filled with tears of Joy..

blessed    July, 24 2014 - philippines
I am so thankful to Mother Mary because our last visit to my mother's doctor, her medicine dose were reduce from 10mg twice a day to 5mg twice a day, which means a cut of to our expenses of P120 in a month. It's already a big thing for me because I am jobless and just depending on my sister's support and from my little business... THANK YOU LORD!

caroline    July, 22 2014 - India
I am forever indebted to the Queen of Heaven for the abundant graces she has showered over me. I was praying for sucess in my exam which has 2 papers, & paper 2 was difficult for me. So i started praying 54 day rosary to our Mother to help me.

To my surprise the Department is thinking of cancelling the paper, or giving it less weightage. I know this is because of our mother who is all so loving. Today is the 26th day of my Novena & many more prayers are going to be answered by her I am sure. Moreover i felt sad today cause I told a protestant friend to start the rosary as she was depressed, she jus lashed back at me & said I have been raised with some cathechism , so you dont teach me the catholic prayer. But i am and will pray fr her so she should know how loving our Mother is.

Praise you Jesus, Thank you Jesus
Praise you Holy Spirit


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