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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

CHUKWUDI DENNIS    July, 18 2014 - Port Harcourt Nigeria
I saw the web site last year, after reading the testimonies about the 54 days rosary novena,I decided with my wife to start ours. we ended the novena on the 13th Oct.2013. we prayed for safe delivery for my wife who was pregnant as at then but was having series of problem and also for promotion in my work where i have work for 5yrs without promotion. to God be the glory,we are blessed with a baby boy on 31st Jan.2014 and I was promoted to asst mgr in Feb.2014. Glory to Jesus and hour nor to Mary.

Mayengo    July, 17 2014 - kAMPALA
I went to the beach but i didnt know how to i met a stranger to help me to teach me how we went in water at the deep side where i couldnt handle so he started to undress me so that he would rape me in water but i begged him not to do it and i showed him the rosary cause i was wearing it,then he left me and didnt rape me.

meera    July, 16 2014 - india ,Tamilnadu
For more than several years my parents are searching for a groom. Most of my age girls got married and my parents starts worrying about my MARRIAGE as my age become 25, because according to our custom the age for marriage is 20 and it is difficult to find a groom, because boys also got married before their 25th age.

I hopefully started praying the rosary, asking mother Mary to show the boy who was born for me with in one month. What a miracle my marriage got fixed within ten days. Another happy thing is the boy is also praying to show the girl made for him since his age become 28. I hadn't even dreamed such a lovable family in my life.

I suggest all singles to pray rosary for their life partner. Do not worry if your age goes on. Mother Mary will provide a good life than your expectation if you pray the rosary faithfully. There is no prayer more powerful than rosary

Felicia    July, 14 2014 - Malaysia
I have been praying the rosary for 2 weeks before my mid term exam. I am year 11 this year and this exam is going to determine whether I am taking core or extended paper for my IGCSE. I always dislike biology and whenever it comes to bio exam, I will just pray the rosary and leave the rest to Mary to intercede my intention for me. I have scored 100% for biology in the previous term and scored the highest in the class this time! It's truly a miracle and all my friends were very curious about how can someone who really dislike bio scores such a high marks for it? Well, the answer lies in the rosary. Not only that, I am the only one in the class who scored 100% in maths as well! I really want to use my results to glorify your name o God our father! Thank you so much! My results were so much better when I actually pray the rosary before my exam!not only that my intentions were granted through praying the rosary, but I really feel that I get closer to God and I am not as worried about the things that is happening around me as I was before. This is because I know that God will definitely take care of everything for me and Mary will pray for me! Jesus, I love you! Mother Mary, you are really my beloved mother in heaven, I am so proud to have you as my mother in heaven, I love you!

jeni    July, 10 2014 -
I am a research scholar doing PhD in science.I am not more talented.But I reach up to this height only through the power of rosary.Yesterday I have an open viva voce in the presence of all the faculties.Since I have stage fear,I feared a lot how I am going to present in front of all professors,and worried how I am going to answer their questions.Although I recite rosary regularly I prayed many rosary that I should not get ashamed in the public viva exam.What a miracle out of 11 professors only 3 are present in the viva and this minimized my fear and there was only few questions since the members are less.This happened only because of rosary.Recite as many rosary you can. can feel life going smooth without trouble.

I sat for my primary entrance examination into Junior Secondary 1 in primary 5 instead of 6 because of my intelligence. So, during the exam, I found most of the questions strange because they were all taught in primary 6 lesson and class which I was not among. After the exam, I wept bitterly because of what I wrote in the sense that I gave my money to my cousin sister (who also sat for the same exam and in the centre with mine) my money to buy snacks while I stayed hungry weeping. All the primary six pupils and others were all rejoicing saying that the exam was so sweet. Few weeks after the exam was taken, I heard that the result is out. It was like hell. I prayed I never participated in the exam. On the day we were asked to come and collect our results, I went inside the house and said 5 decades of rosary. My aunt then sent me on errand which I went. On my way to the place, I met a classmate in primary 6 (who also sat for the exam). She asked me if I have checked my result, I told her NO. She then told me thus "do you know you are the best among all of us, you scored the highest mark". I was like; Smiling, Laughing, Jumping, Clapping, you know..... TRUELY THE LORD IS GREAT!!! DESPITE THE INTELLIGENT ONES IN PRIMARY SIX AND ALL THE NONSENSE I FELT I WROTE, STILL GOD PROVED HIMSELF TO ME THROUGH THE ROSARY. I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS.... TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

tl    July, 08 2014 - Australia
I am a casual teacher and I prayed the rosary novena (3 every day for nine days) in order to get my accreditation for teaching. This is quite impossible for a casual teachers and many casual teachers have given up teaching because it is so difficult to obtain. However, a school agreed to do the paperwork for me and I submitted my accreditation. Later, I said another novena (similar kind for 9 days) in order that my accreditation may go through without any problem and last week I received an email stating that my accreditation is through without any problem. This again is another miracle as many teachers have to resubmit the paperwork before they receive their accreditation. Thank you Mother Mary for your help.


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