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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

tau    July, 08 2014 - Philippines
one time the other week i was so an anxious of what to spend for my mothers check up and medicines because i only have little amount of money with no job at all depending only on a little business. But thanks God because after few days my sister sent money for mamas medication and check up as well. Thank you so much Lord and Mama Mary for being the great provider.

Susan    July, 07 2014 -
Three days after I started my 54 day Novena my husband decided to switch to E- Cigarette. He was smoking for more than 25 years. Now he is trying to give up his e-cigarette too. Thank you Mother Mary.

raniolla    July, 04 2014 -
i started to pray the 54 days novena to Mother Mary, asking her for a special signal grace to show me if me and my boyfriend will get married this year, since we knew each other more than 5 years, so i was desperate, knowing that my boyfriend wasnt communicate with me since 4 months ago, he was abroad. for my big surprise, he came on the 4th day of my novena and promised me that he will be in touch with me until we setlle and get married.Cant explain how much im grateful and thankful to the Lord Jesus and the beloved Mother Mary. i truly believe in this is magical and woonderful.

Linda V    July, 02 2014 - Ottawa Canada
I was promoted to a new position on May 13 2013. After one month of training, I was terminated. What made it so utterly painful and humiliating was that I was in a group of 30 people who were all promoted to this new department that we were assigned to, yet I was the only one who was singled out and fired.

I was in agony and despair until it dawned on me that my start date was May 13--THE FEAST OF FATIMA. This was a sign from Mother Mary that she had everything in her loving care and everything would be fine. I prayed the 54 day novena. During the course of my praying, it was brought to my attention that My supervisor changed the training flow chart where it was indicated that I was entitled to one extra week of training. He did this secretly but was caught by the Human Resources department phoned to say they had the original copies and they were changed.

Also, I am on anxiety medication and told the supervisor this because even though I passed the training test, I didn't score high since I was a nervous wreck. I asked for a re-try on the test and he flatly said "no".

My case went to a lawyer and even though hit was a strong case, I still had my doubts but I continued to pray.

We'll, After one year of delays and waiting, my lawyer told me that I have my old job back with all the list wages to be paid in full! WE WON! Jesus was stronger than any barrier that my supervisor put against me!!!!!!!!!

I made a vow that I would post my testimonial, if I won to encourage others because this website was a huge boost to my morale when I despaired. People's' stories about Mary's intercession were a powerful motivation for me and here I am today posting my very own miracle bestowed to me by Mother Mary!Never, ever doubt the power of the rosary!

Paul    July, 01 2014 - WA
I work for a tech company, there is a program that someone who used to work here set up for me on only 1 of my laptop. A few weeks ago, I messed up that laptop and needed to reinstall the entire OS. I knew then that this particular software will not work properly because the guy who set it up had to do something (i don't know what) to get the program to work. When I reinstalled the OS, surely that program did not work as expected, there was error after error. I even tried on 3 different PC with 2 different version of the OS, but it just did not want to work. I started praying novenas to Blessed Virgin Mary and to St.Jude for a miracle, Miracle literally!! After I completed the novenas, I just got caught up with other stuffs at work, so this issue just strayed away of my mind. Today, I had sometime to take a look at that program one more time, I swear I do not know what happened, but the program JUST WORKS!!! I then tried it on all 3 PC's that I tried on before, it also JUST WORKS as well!!! I honestly do not know what on earth happened to it that it just now works!!! Isn't it a TRUE MIRACLE?

F    July, 01 2014 - Goa
My husband had started getting white spots on his body. Suddenly these white spots started to increase. I was very worried about this unknown illness and how will we manage medical expenses as both of us are jobless. I started the 54 day Rosary novena , prayed to our Lady to make the white spots to disappear and within few days miraculously the white spots started fading.
I am a person who is very scared of snakes and earlier thought I would die of fear if I see one close to me. Just yesterday a snake passed very close to my feet without harming me and I am thankful to God, Mother Mary, St Anthony, St Padre Pio, St Benedict as I always pray for divine protection. Thank you My Mother Mary for always being there for me whenever I called you and never ever letting me down. Thank you for all the blessings and for being so compassionate to us.

Junior    June, 29 2014 -
I have been praying Rosary, Novena and Koronka for a good job and the recovery of my ear(I had tinnitis) for around a month, starting from early June until today. During this particular course, I asked Virgin May and Lord Jesus to give me a signal grace in the form of rose as indication that I would get a great job within this month (June 2014).

Verily, Lord Jesus and Mother Mary always bestowed me numerous signal graces on a daily basis and to my amazement, in one day, the signs were even given to me repeatedly I was immensely ecstatic. I truly believed that I would certainly get a great job this month.

Indeed, it has happened !!! Several hours ago, one of my former colleague contacted me and told me that the management of my previous companies wanted me to come back to work there. I was flabbergasted and was saturated with joy .... I have a job in June as what the signal graces have signified !!

Thank you so much Lord Jesus. Thank you so much Mama Mary.

On top of that, my tinnitis has diminished today. Praise to Jesus. Praise to Mother Mary.

I just cannot cease expressing my sincere gratitude to Jesus and Virgin Mary for all of Their Divine Assistance.
I love YOU both.

I also thank to
St. Benedict, St. Nicholas, St. Jude of Taddeus,
St. Michael,St. Gabriel and my Guardian Angel whom I also asked to assist me during those dire period.
I love you all.

The power of the Rosary, Novena and Koronka are immensely powerful. I recommend you to pray these particular prayers. You will not be disappointed - trust me.


Rosary Promise #4: "It will cause virtue and good works to flourish; it will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God; it will withdraw the hearts of men from the love of the world and its vanities, and will lift them to the desire of eternal things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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