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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Christ    June, 23 2014 - Manila, Philippines
I as I've posted earlier, I'm looking for a new job for the past six months even I'm still employed. there is this company (my dream company) that I randomly checked its website or job vacancy last Dec. 23, 2013. I saw an opening suited for me so I applied. Dec. 27, the Recruitment Manager contacted me via e - mail for my credentials. Come Jan. 6, 2014 I decided to drop to her office personally for my credentials. I fear that she's not replying to my e -mail because she didn't received it yet. Unfortunately, I wasn't hired for the post I applied for because I was way too young. She'll call me when they offer me a post. Then, after five long months, Jun. 3, after saying to God that I don't know your plans for me but I trust you, after that very moment, the recruitment team texted me to report to them next day. I was so amazed by that. I know God was exactly, slowly answering my prayers. A day after, the COO interviewed me and until now, we are just waiting for the go signal of the owner to have me in their team. Thank you God for bringing me this near to my dream job and company. From then on, I started praying the rosary again after 15 long years. Glory to you Jesus, our savior.

Chris    June, 23 2014 - UK
Glory be to Our Mother Mary; I started the 54 days novena for success in my exams and course work but i didn't perfectly finish it well. My marks are out now and i did very well even more than i expected. I still pray for the intercession of Our Great Merciful Mother to help me in my remaining course work that are not yet out and also my future exams. I want to encourage you all, please keep praying the holy rosary as many as you can because Our Merciful Mother will always listen to our prayers. Amen!!!

M    June, 15 2014 -
during the time my husband had a mistress, i was away working in another country, I prayed the 54 day novena. The end day was thebday that started their end. Also I thank Mama Mary because she woke me up one morning and I had the urge to pray for my pray a novena for him suddenly. That was the day I found out about the woman. I had a fleeting thought of hurting myself and walked in my office dress, in heels along the highway in a country known for high incidense of road accidents because of rushing negligent drivers. I found myself in the empty parking lot of the church and cried there. I was in a Muslim country and the church was locked. I know Mama Mary was there and kept me safe and listened to me cry.

The rosary is a powerful prayer. Yes, even when I was praying it without focus, the love of God still gave power tobthe effort and madenit worthy for our Mama Mary.

Paul    June, 13 2014 - WA
I usually visit Blessed Virgin Mary's statue in the churches to pray the Rosary. One evening just a few days ago, I was kneeling in front of Her statue, as I took out my Rosary in my pocket I saw that it was knotted. I thought it was an easy fix so I started praying the rosary anyway and trying to fit it as I was praying. When I finished the first part (the 3 Hail Mary sector), I realized I could not unknot the Rosary, so I paused for a second and asked Mother Mary to please unknot it for me so I could continue praying. Just when I had said that, I slightly pulled the Rosary's string out and it IMMEDIATELY UNKNOTTED.

Mother Mary WILL so unknot people's difficulties in life if we ASK for Her Heavenly help.

Mailyn    June, 12 2014 - Philippines
I just want to thank God and Mama Mary for the healing of the pain last May 26. It was so painful when I urinate but because I dont have money for medical check up and laboratory I just pray hard and It's granted... THANK YOU LORD AND MAMA MARY

Christ    June, 12 2014 - Manila, Philippines
I've read this message about MARY, UNDOER OF THE KNOTS. I have the same story about my rosary always being knotted. It was given to me by a dear friend, two years ago. It was a present intended for him from his Aunt in Italy. but he intended to give it to me as a gift instead. For the past two years that the rosary is with me, I didn't prayed it. I just sits there in my left pocket as an amulet, dormant and useless. Very often times, I find the beads of my rosary always being knotted to one another. It even came to a point where two beads went missing without my knowledge. I just noticed it missing when I wore the shorts where I accidentally found two rosary beads. After few weeks, I started praying the rosary for a job. Then, I came across this site today. I've realized that since I started praying my rosary, it didn't even got knotted anymore. I take it as a sign that Mama Mary is telling that I just need to pray to her more and more everyday.

Tresa    June, 11 2014 - scandinavian
The day I finish my 54 day rosary novena my petition is granted. Thank you mother mary for all your blessings


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