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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Maryanka    June, 09 2014 - Texas, USA
I just received the sweetest signal grace from Mary. I will try to be brief. I had finished my rosary of the day and always say the Hail Holy Queen at the end, holding a beautiful image of Our Lady of Fatima (framed under glass) while I pray that prayer. I had not done well when I prayed the rosary, I was bothered and distracted, frustrated and feeling friendless. So I was telling Mary all about it,up front and personal, and started to cry. I put my face close to Mary's face. When I pulled away I saw that a little of my tears had gotten on the glass, forming a perfectly sized and shaped sparkling little teardrop on Mary's cheek, right where a tear would be. Thank you sweet Mary, for showing me that you love me. I feel better now.

Paul    June, 03 2014 - Oakland
3 years ago, (when I was 22) a was-so-called "friend" of mine asked me to sign an auto loan with 6 years term and be the registered owner for her brand new truck until it's paid off, because her husband and she have very bad credit. With no hesitance I helped her out of kindness with no incentive, with only essential requirements that they will pay the auto bills on time, provide me their legitimate auto insurance periodically to ensure that the truck is always under premium insurance. They made on time payments for the first few month, then things slowly keep going down and down the hill, they always make late payments from 1 week to 2 months, which forces me to make payments upfront for them then wait for their payment afterward, to keep my credit in good standing. It become so hard to get a hold of them to ask for their payment and their prove of insurance. 3 years passed by and I have to yield them to the max I could bare. Recent months, they told me that the truck is becoming too small to carry their family, and it's not running well any more, therefore they "urge" me to trade in the truck with a NEW bigger and more expensive SUV for their family, that means I would have to roll up the up-side-down value of this truck to the complete new auto loan. I have stated to them that I will not help them to trade in because of all the factors that have been going on regarding their behaviors in the past 3 years. They then refused to make any more payments to this truck unless I agreed to help them trade in. I tried to negotiate with them that either they will keep this truck un till it's paid off or to ask some body else to sign the new auto loan for them, or to let me take back the truck to sell and get it off my chest and I will agree to take care of the up-side-down value of the truck which should have been 4-5k since they said the truck was breaking down and still have more than half the original purchase financing. They refuse all option, only want me to trade in no matter what. I made decision not to let this going any further, I prayed many 9 days Novena to Mother Mary and to St.Jude to intercede to our Lord to take this burden (truck) away because I cannot bare paying thousand of dollar out of my little pocket for someone else who would not be responsible to their obligations. Last weekend, I approached them and ask them to give me the car keys and give me the truck back so I will sell it. In my mind, this should have been very difficult because these people and I have been having harsh arguments for the past few months, and they already refused to return the truck to me. When I came over their house with a couple of friend of mine, I carried with me the rosary that I have been reciting faithfully, I knocked on the door and asked, she quietly returned the key and the truck to me with no more argument. As I drove the truck away, I was so grateful to God, to Mother Mary, and to St. Jude. Now selling the truck is another difficult story, this truck has many dents and scratches around its body, too high mileage, and there is a body damage on the front end, plus the truck has not been paid even half the loan. In my mind I knew this truck will have 4-5k up-side-down value which I will be prepared to pay after the sale. God and Mother truly guided me to this dealership, I met this gentleman who is so honest and spoke kindly to me, he made the sale process goes easily. Upon him checking out and test drive the truck, I quietly talked and prayed to God and Mother so that the up-side-down won't be too great. When he returned, he gave told me that I can get paid for this truck for $--.--- dollar. YOU KNOW WHAT? The value that he is going to pay me for this truck IS EQUAL TO the remaining balance of the auto loan to the dollar, I swear!!!!!!!!

Leah    June, 03 2014 - Marin County, CA
My story is very long, complicated and personal, but the situation was one of the most heart wrenching I've ever experienced. It involved the potential loss of my children with the odds stacked against me. 110%. I was being told that I had no chance by every attorney I spoke with and I was terrified. But I refused to accept it and pleaded that there must be a way. Their response: "You'll need a miracle" From the start it wasn't going well and I was told again that I would lose. I excused myself to the ladies room, went into the stall and sobbed. I got onto my knees and poured my heart out to Our Heavenly Mother. I reminded Her of my Rosary dedication and my Great Love for Her, Our Father, Her Son and reminded Her that She is a Mother and must know how I was feeling, my heart was breaking and pleaded for justice." Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with comfort. There was a huge shift that took place, I assured my attorney that everything would be fine and he looked at me incredulously and shook his head as if he thought I had downshifted into a delusional denial. Yet within 20 minutes, I won. My attorney was shocked, saying he'd never witnessed such a total and complete turnaround and that what took place in that courtroom he'd never seen, or even heard of, in his 26 years of practicing law. I told him that I'd prayed for a miracle and it worked. Not being a religious fellow, he spent the next hour asking me all about my religion, the Rosary, Bible, etc. It was as if he couldn't wait to share the news. For me, it was an
incredible validation of the Truth of Faith. I feel so blessed and grateful to God and and Jesus and comforted knowing their great love for us. I still get teary eyed recalling this event. I Love Our Holy Mother so much and carry my Rosary with me everywhere. When in doubt, Pray. Amen! ; )

Michelle    May, 29 2014 - Singapore
I have PCOS and I am currently undergoing treatment to get pregnant. My husband and I have been spending a lot of money on the medication Gonal-F, so that my follicles would grow and produce fertile eggs. Yesterday (28 May 2014) I prayed the rosary fervently at 4pm and went to see my gynae at 6.30pm. I was thanking Mother Mary and Jesus for blessing us and for us to hear good news that the follicles have grown and viable eggs are emerging. Thanks to the powerful prayer of the rosary, the news was positive and the gynae said that the follicles have grown and that there is one egg (19cm) and two are growing (13cm & 15cm). He said to come back on 31 May 2014. He said that we can prepare for conception if the eggs have fully grown and are ready for fertilisation. Continue to have faith in the power of the Rosary and Mother Mary, she is truly a mother to us all and will always intercede for us to her son Jesus Christ...praise the Lord...will continue to keep everyone in prayer always...God Bless.

I also attended the 9-week Novena session, at the beginning of 2014 at Novena Church, Singapore to prayer for a safe and smooth pregnancy. I remember that on the 2nd week of the Novena session, I received healing that Mother Mary would bless me with future children and I held on to that believe eversince...

Jane    May, 27 2014 - Massachusetts
I prayed the 54-day rosary novena, with the greatest faith that my prayer would be answered. My husband, 67, was laid off 4 1/2 years ago and has been searching for employment ever since. We have a 17-yr.-old daughter, facing college, and thus retirement was not an option. Over this period of time, we have exhausted all of our funds, and were into the last funds we had--creditors had started calling. The only reason we remained in our home was due to the incredible generosity of two people. We were truly at the edge of disaster. Of course, my husband was convinced at this point, as were others, that, with his age and length of time without employment, a job would not be forthcoming. Swallowing every bit of pride he had , he had just gone to a pizza shop and asked if they needed help. I had finished this rosary novena weeks ago, but have had such undying faith that this prayer would be answered--I know that NOTHING is impossible with God; that Mary is such a powerful intercessor; that sincere and faithful prayer never goes unanswered. Even in my darkest times, in times where I was questioning and in disbelief as to our situation, I still believed that our Lord would not let us down. I try to say a daily rosary and attend daily Mass. Well, over a three-day period of time, someone contacted my husband about a job--one almost exactly like he had and 10 minutes from home--and he was hired. THIS IS A MIRACLE. There is no other explanation. I want everyone who is reading this to know that you must NEVER lose faith---I can truly attest to a miracle and will shout it from the rooftops. The rosary is so very powerful and Our Lady is a loving, faithful, and very powerful intercessor. May you all be blessed as we have been. Thank you to Our Lady, angels, and saints, and Almighty God for this incredible blessing.

Joseph    May, 23 2014 - Chicago
I've never wanted to kill myself but I've suffered from crippling anxiety and depression for 10 years. But now my heart is overjoyed and so full of love. Sometimes I'm so happy I could cry. I've found The Lord and become close to His mother. Mary, my wonderful beautiful mother in heaven, she caresses my head when I lay down and tells me not to worry when the thought of anxiety creeps in. Oh Mary, how I love thee.

Pray the rosary! And where the brown scapular!

jeni    May, 21 2014 - india
I got married before 2 years.My parents in law doesn't allow us to be independent.Even for small things we should get their permission,even for cooking,eating,etc.whatever i prefer to eat my mother in law will say "you should not eat this since you have no baby".Lot of quarrel arises between
me and my husband due to their over interference.then i started praying rosary for peace in our life.Now there is lot of changes in our life.I increased the number of rosaries 3 to 5 times a day.what a miracle my parents in law shifted to other house without any quarrel among we meet them once or twice in a week and everything is going well.since we both are alone my husband is loving me more and more and apologizing for his parents mistakes.all these things happen only by praying rosary.whatever you want to achieve in your life pray lot of rosaries and see the result


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