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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

analou    April, 03 2014 - Bohol,Philippines
Hi everyoneÖI used to read the miracle stories in this site and I was so inspired..This site also is the reason why I knew the 54 day rosary novena..I decided to start my novena last August 2013 and guess what,my petition was granted on September 13,2013 which is the 1st day of my Thanksgiving..Iíve notice that during my 54 day rosary novena, I have a lot of trials encountered but it did not stop me to continue my novena even if physically Iím not feeling well..It was so strange that ever since, that was the only time that Iíve experienced those illness..Through my devotion to Mama Mary,without even going to the doctor, I was healed and right after the 54 days Iíve completed.Thank you so much Mama Mary..and now,Iím on my 5th time that I prayed this novena.My 2nd,3rd and 4th petitions were granted.And I am hoping that 5th petition will be granted.This petition is the only thing that Iíve been praying for almost 5 years through my on-off recitation of rosary since 2009.I want to be with my whole family with a stable job here in our hometown.I believe that this novena is very powerful and nothing is impossible with God..If it is His will,it will happen..Thank you Mama Mary and Jesus.. J

Paul    April, 02 2014 - Seattle Washington
My mom who last in my family immigrated to the U.S five years ago, yesterday (April 1st 2014) was a big day for her because she went to the interview/test for a U.S Citizenship. More than a month ago, I told my mom to start praying the 54-Day-Novera* (please look up Google if you had not known what this is about) to our Mother Mary, for whatever significant need we present to Her, She will intercede to our Lord Jesus to grant us Grace. My mom finished the Novena a little while before her interview. The most concern here is that my mom used to get heart attacks a few times and got to an ambulance once, we do worry most though that she may get stressed out and extremely nervous when it comes to testing, specially she is over 64 now. My whole family prayed the Rosary yesterday prior to my momís interview, and I spent a quiet time that early morning to pray 1 Luminous Rosary specifically for my momís interview so that she would be guided, lighten, and made easy throughout her test. I then prayed the Joyful and the Glorious Rosaries throughout the morning while I was doing stuffs, driving, working, ectÖ At 2:30PM yesterday my dad called to deliver the good news that my mom has passed the test!!! I later called her to share the good news, she told me what has gone on during her test, she said the lady who interviewed her was very nice, easy, and kind. That lady made my momís interview went through very well and easy! My mom said all of the questions were what she most focused in her study, so she answered with ease. I told my mom to pray the Rosary tonight to give thanks to Mother Mary, and at the end of the day myself prayed the Joyful Rosary to give thanks to Mother Mary as well!

Pamela    March, 31 2014 - Nigeria
Glory to Jesus! Honor to Mary! I have been a lovely daughter of our Blessed Mother, Mary and would continue to be. I promised her that I will write some of my testimonies to encourage others and will also give my testimony on this site if God answers my prayers through her intercession. I am a great devotee of Our Blessed Mother and lover of the Holy Rosary. I enjoy saying my Rosary in the midnight because during the day I will be in the office, if I come back from work in the evening there will little or no time to do that. So I devote about 1hr 30 mins every night to do like 80 decades of the Rosary, some weekends I will do like 100 decades and if I have pressing needs I will do 200 decades or more. If I am on leave or take some days off from the office, I will do my rosary like 300-400 decades for the day. Our Blessed Mother has appeared to me severally in the dream after my midnight Rosary and once she has appeared physically to me after my midnight Rosary but that very day I was afraid to look at her face. There is nothing that I have ask Her Son through Her intercession in the Rosary that the lord does not grant me, unless the time for that has not come. If you want to encounter the Blessed Virgin Mary do plenty decades of the Rosary on daily basis, meditate on the mysteries of the rosary while reciting the rosary. I have gotten healed of tumor, my family has been delivered from hardship and long time suffering through Our Lady's intercession in the Rosary. I have also promised Our Blessed Mother if the Lord grants manifestation of my answered prayers through the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary in the Rosary I will also come here to give my testimony. I always have that inner joy and peace after doing my midnight rosary but if I don't do it I feel very empty. I encourage every reader of this site to offer many Crown of Roses to our Blessed Mother through saying plenty decades of the Rosary every day and she will surprise you!

Dave    March, 28 2014 - california
I started my 54 day rosary novena just out of curiosity to see if it actually worked. I had two specific requests I was praying for. Right away, every time I would pray the rosary I was at peace, and just got the feeling that everyone thing would be okay. I really felt like the Blessed Mother was listening, and through many signal graces she let me know she was. My 2 requests weren't answered in my 54 days but since I loved what grace and peace praying the rosary brought to my life I decided to start another 54 day novena. 6 days into my 2nd novena one of my requests was answered in an incredible way. The rosary is so powerful and will bring so much peace and love into your life. Be patient, God is great.

mini    March, 28 2014 -
I have been praying rosary for a better relationship with my husband since misunderstandings arouse very often because of my parents in laws.I have increased the number of rosaries more than three times a day.Now things has changed and he understood me well,and started loving me more and apologize for his previous behavior.God has also blessed with a good financial situation.All these things happen only because of the power of rosary.Dear readers never let a single day without praying rosary.Mother Mary can do unbelievable and impossible changes and miracles in our life through rosary.

Maryanka    March, 27 2014 - Texas, U.S.A.
today on the 27th day of my fifth consecutive rosary novena (54 day) I have once again been praying for help in with our finances, but today I specifically asked for "work" and and at one point I asked Jesus to please, please, please help me sell a rosary (Mother Mary gave me this work through signal grace, which I have already mentioned in a previous post), not so much for the money but for the work and to be able to contribute financially to help my husband and our marriage. I need a job but no one will hire me. After I finished my rosary I checked my e-mail and found that I had sold a rosary on Ebay at 3:30. Not only do I estimate that to be about the time I made my prayer request directly to Jesus, 33 is a number that I strongly associate with Jesus. I was going to post this story right away, but decided to wash my hair first (it needed it). Came back to the computer and found that I had sold a second rosary! I am feeling so blessed and thankful, I just have to tell you all about it and thank Jesus for his love and again thank his sweet mother Mary for giving me work when no one else would hire me. Oh, and I also asked St. Joseph to help us both in our work situations, so I am sure his prayers helped also. Thank you St. Joseph, Mary and Jesus and thank you God, for your Mercy and Love :)

melaie    March, 24 2014 - sydney
I thank Mama Mary for having saved me from an impossible situation.i have been praying for almost a year requesting for a few things but when my prayers were answered I was in awe and felt so blessed to realise that through the intercession of Mother
Mary God gave me twice as many things that I have requested.some of the things I have received were never even formulated as such in my mind let alone in my prayers but She blessed me with those many things nevertheless.the only way that I can say thank you to Her is to keep saying the rosary like she wants us to do.Thank you Mama.there are so appropriate words to say how grateful I am.


Rosary Promise #4: "It will cause virtue and good works to flourish; it will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God; it will withdraw the hearts of men from the love of the world and its vanities, and will lift them to the desire of eternal things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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