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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Kobby    August, 03 2017 - GH
I am not a Catholic but mum my is and she gave me the rosary when i was in secondary. i just use to put around my neck. several times i will misplace the rosary and she'll give me another one. i went to the University and got into bad habits i really didnt like. i then started to learn how to recite the rosary by myself i taught myself how to still coulndt stop these habits. i miraculous got an admission to a very good place of posting after being sacked from when i went for reposting. still was engage in evil habits. i couldnt stop and was having terrible dreams. By grace a friend and i went for a scholarship interview and werent picked i stop but my friend applied to other school abroad and was given a scholarship. i always prayed he got it because he really wanted to further his education. he went outside and told his supervisor about me and my projects. the supervisor was really interested and told my friend to get my Cv to her. i really didnt want to but my friend kept pushing me that this is my opportunity so i did send my CV to the supervisor. She gave me an acceptance letter that she wants me and that was an assurance that i'll get a scholarship too. (Mind you I was still commiting evil acts against the Lord which i wanted to stop but couldn't). One day the school told me send a medical examination report. Being so afraid i'll fail and have some terrible sickness in me i picked up my rosary and started to pray. i prayed for months to stop this acts and for God to have mercy on me that i pass my med exams to study outside. I recited the Our lady of perpetual Help novena, our lady undoer of knots, prayed to St. Padre Pio,St.Jude,ST.Anthony,St.Michael,St.Gabriel,St. Rafael for help. the terrible dreams stop but i was still terrified of my med exams although signal graces were everywhere that my prayers has been answered.(My faith was really weak). THe Day came i went went for the med exams and everything was OKAY. iwas even charged a lower fee about 4 times less than what is been charged. i was really overjoyed and felt the heaviest burden in my life has been lifted. I really thanked the intercessions and prayers of the blessed virgin mary and saints for helping me through my pain all these years. Thank God. Thank Jesus. ..i'm looking forward to coverting to the Catholic faith after such miraculous healing and timely intervention. Pray the Rosary Everyday Guys . its a powerful weapon as St.PIO said. Thank you.

Mike    July, 29 2017 - Chicago
I've been pretty down on God lately. I've had little desire to pray anything, especially a rosary. However, there was a payroll error at work that cost me a decent amount of money that I could not afford to lose, not even for the three weeks it would take to fix the error. So I decided to say the rosary asking Mary to help me fix the error and return the lost money immediately. I prayed the rosary, and then I called the payroll department. The problem was resolved, and I received my money today. Thanks Mary.

Obasi Chiazoka    July, 27 2017 - Nigeria
Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary and Joseph. I come with a heart full of Thanksgiving for the successful completion of my Rosary Novena yesterday and commencement of another one today. To be honest, there were ups and downs, and there were times I just feel like not saying any prayers because it's seems this particular petition I've been praying for won't ever be answered and it's this petition that led me to this Novena and this site. Everytime, I come here, paste a testimony and do some encouragement. I guess I should be the one that needs those encouragements. Today's the 27th day of the month, my 4th consecutive Rosary Novena. I've heard about the signal grace of the number 27. I'm certain it's not just mere coincidence. I'll continue to keep the faith and hope on; and pray always. Thank you Dear Mother. Thank you Dear Father. I Love You

Udo    July, 22 2017 -
I spent the day in front of the Blessed Sacrament, crying, praying and seeking Jesus and the Virgin Mary to help me. I specially requested that a certain organisation contact me, and at exactly 6:57pm that evening, they actually did. I cannot describe the floodgates of emotions I am experiencing. My full petition is yet to be answered, but I will testify to the power of the rosary. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thank you Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Rachel    July, 19 2017 -
I prayed rosary every night to Mother Mary for intercession. I can feel Mother Mary always hear my prayers.
I visited my family a few weeks ago ( whom I haven’t seen for over a year). Before the trip, I was hoping to have some good time with my parents who are now in their 60s and 70s… When I arrived, my dad was having a swollen leg and need to use a walking stick to walk… my mom also complaint every morning she wakes up, she feel pain on one side of her body. Both my son and me were also got sick after travel from the plane and having fevers… I was really upset and was worried that my dad has to use walking stick from now on…I prayed very hard to mother Mary that night that my parents would get better again and my dad no need to use walking stick and also we can all recover soon. I am thankful that my dad’s swollen leg was getting much better in a day or so and is able to walk without the walking stick.. also my mom were telling me she is sleeping better too. We indeed have a great time during our family visit. There are many small things that happen every day that I am feeling thankful and I believe its mother Mary’s intercession. I also started to wear scapular again ( which I have stopped wearing for a few years)..

MJ-HK    July, 13 2017 - Hong Kong
I used to pray the rosary regularly and even made and gave rosaries for free as part of my devotion. But then life happened, I became busy and the devotion was no longer as active. For this I deeply apologize.

I started again May this year with the 54 day Novena... It was hard!!! There were so many distractions. I felt that the rosaries I offered were sometimes not heartfelt, nonethless I still completed the 54 days. I had one general petition and one additional that was sort of a last minute addition.

Halfway through my Novena, I received a cheque for US$ 1400. A bonus for a job I did last year and something that I had no clue about. This helps resolve my additional petition for financial help in a big way.

My primary petition, as always is good health for me, my wife and our family. I believe in my heart that the Lord has granted this, through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.

I have again started a new cycle of 54 days this month, and again, Im confident that my petition will be granted.

There was a time 2 years ago, when I together with my wife were both jobless. The company I wanted to join asked me to wait indefinitely to be hired... i know God's hands was holding me and my wife during these times. We barely even had money to do the groceries much more pay rent. When I was about to give up, the company director gave me a call and asked me to start immediately. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. Two months Bonus (each was about 110% of my basic pay) upfront and a trip to the US for

The devil is very creative in distracting us from this devotion. We must also pray for each other to have strength to continue on in this devotion.

Obasi Chiazoka    July, 13 2017 - Nigeria
Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary and Joseph!!! I submitted a miracle story here last week, Friday to be precise, but it's quite unfortunate it wasn't uploaded. I'm not happy about that. Anyways, I'll tell my story again and this time with defined details. I write this miracle with the motivation from like miracles in this site and the awe at which it happened.
This happened on Thursday, the 6th of this month. My dad was in search of his ATM-Card. He has been in search of it days back but didn't put much interest in it. But that particular day, he wanted to make use of it. We searched everywhere for it, leaving no stone unturned but all to no avail. I was concerned, not only because of the stress that my dad will undergo just to get it blocked and renew it, but because I made use of it last. Finally, dad made a conclusion that he will block it and get a new one the next day. But he'll need to travel to another state to do it because all the branches of that banking institution has been shut down due to disagreement between them and the government. Accident? Robbery? Let alone stress and all those stuffs gripped me with fear. I went to my room, took the statue of Mother Mary in my hands and told Her 'Mother, I don't know how She was going to do this thing, but I've confidence that She would do it. Then I prayed my Rosary using the luminous mystery and the express prayer of Mother Teresa (10 Memorares). I did the same thing before going to bed. The next day, I was awoken by my dad who said he had found it. He said 'something' was telling him to check a particular bag of his. Wow!!! Isn't Mother Mary Awesome? She's Awesome. Mother Thank You. Mother Thank You. Mother Thank You. I Love You. Sequel to this miracle, I told a friend about it and when she enquired about what to do next, I told her I prayed about it and she was like 'Prayed'?. I told her, Yes! Prayed. She never believed prayer could solve anything in that kind of situation and to be frank with you that's how we'll all be when faced with situations of that sort. Why don't we pray anyways even if we feel it won't help the situation? But believe me, prayer does help the situation. Mother Mary hears, listens and grants our prayers in ways we can't fathom. Let's all keep the faith.


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