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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

katie    February, 09 2014 - Milton Ont
I started a 54 day Novena on Jan 27th 2014. I had many prayer requests. I often tried to pray the rosary, but found it to be difficult and tedious at times. I stumbled across this website and started to read the Rosary Miracles. I was amazed and for the first time really excited to pray. So far being able to pray the rosary every night for me has itself been a miracle! I prayed to Mama Mary for my daughter who is slightly speech delayed for her age, I asked Mama Mary to pray and ask God to let me daughter start to talk, everyday she is saying new words. I also asked Mama Mary for a sign of red roses if God wants me to go back to my studies. The very next day, my husband was on Facebook, a picture of Mama mary appeared with 3-4 Red Roses in the background.
I prayed for God to send me a sign if he wanted my husband to keep moving forward with his music, I asked mother to show me a picture of the divine mercy, as we used to pray it at 3:00pm with our children…I had not even finished the rosary, I looked up at my computer screen and on youtube as soon as opened my eyes there was a picture of the divine mercy at the end of my Rosary that I was following on youtube! I prayed for my son to be less hostile, and to try harder in his school work…this is slowly happening. I prayed for my husband and I to be more connected and loving, that is also happening. I wish I had started doing this years ago. I have felt more connected to Mama Mary and Jesus!

A    February, 08 2014 - Canada
I started the 54 day Novena last week, I've stated my petition and ask Mama Mary for a signal / sign. I thought about the roses in red and white but Valentines Day is coming soon so roses will be all over places. Anyway, as I browse my FB newsfeed, I just saw my friend change her profile picture. T'was a nice picture of her, but what caught my attention was the vase behind her full of red and white roses. That very moment, I claimed that Mama Mary loves me and is listening to my prayers and petition. Let's pray the rosary everyday. Let's pray for one another.

ann mary    February, 08 2014 - Sharjah
I don think I ever miss to log on this page for testimony. I am always excited to read the miracles that occur after a rosary or many. So now it's time for me to put up my exp after saying rosaries. Last November my son was diagnosed with a adenoid hypertrophy. He always snored during sleep. He could never sleep properly. My husband and I was worried. We did not want our son to have a surgery at four years of age. I prayed most of the day asking for cure.but situation got worse. My hometown is in Kerala, India and we were there for a 15 day visit. Consulting an ent surgeon he suggested we could wait for a year or so for the adenoid to shrink on its own. But seeing my son's disturbed sleeps and inability to concentrate and all we planned the surgery the day after itself. Many of my friends discouraged to a surgery but we prayed and his surgery was a success. He has no complications. We could pay the bills easily and he was perfectly alright. I was worried initially why mother Mary din hear my prayer for a natural cure. It was then I understood she took care of my son al through the surgery and post recovery period. My kid was active. I believe she helped him all the way. Thank you mama.

raniolla    February, 05 2014 - Beirut
I got many signal graces while reciting the holy rosary.i saw many times statue of virgin Mary in dreams and recently i got the sign i asked for to know if the one i loved is suitable for me and if God is agree for this relationship.i can't explain how much i am grateful and happy.many thanks for God ,Jesus,Mary and the holy spirit.Pray pray pray the rosary is real as our lovely mother Mary will intercede for us and Jesus will always listen to her.

GP    February, 04 2014 - Santa Clara, USA
Mother Mary gave me lots of signal graces these 6 months from the time I started reciting rosary. I started again going for Sunday mass without fail. I feel so much peace now. Some 5 months back just when I started reciting the rosary my son pulled the bead rosary and broke it. I fixed it by tying. After few days he pulled and broke it again. I tried tying it but couldn't.So 2 days I recited rosary with the broken beads rosary. Next day I visited a fair and there was a catholic stall and there they were giving free rosary. I got one for me. I knew that it was Mother Mary signal for me to not stop reciting. Keep praying rosary, Mary will always ask for miracles with Jesus for us. I love you Jesus, I love you Mary.

Tutah    February, 03 2014 - Nairobi
If i could tell you my experience through the Most blessed Virgin i would shed tears. Through her, i have obtained many graces. First, my love for Mary began when i was in secondary school. I felt much love whenever i thought of her. After topping in school and going to university, i lost track. I deviated from God. Things were not working for me. I started to stammer more than i used to. One day i stumbled on this site after church. I decided to reconcile with the blessed Mother and God. I decided to devote myself to the rosary, one day i prayed and asked Mary if she hears and intercedes for me, grant me a sign of Rose. The next day as i was walking in one of the street, a lady passed with a bunch of flowers. That week I saw Many roses. I again applied for internship and bear in mind i stammer, i was called for interview and i made it out of so many people. What i found it interesting, on that day they were to call the people who passed, i left my phone and went for a retreat. I put the rosary around in and when i came back i got a missed call and when i called back i was told i have been accepted. I had promised the Virgin that i would buy her stature for that honour. Before i even completed my internship on 31st Jan 2014,i got a call from an international research institute to go for an interview. Through the Blessed Mother, i think i was the only one who passed. I again bought another bigger stature. There is a lot i have obtained through her. She is the most beautiful and caring friend i have ever got. Whenever i devote my thoughts to her, she appears in my dreams inform of stature.

Maryanka    January, 29 2014 - Texas, U.S.A.
a lovely thing happened for me a few days before Christmas (2013), and I keep feeling I should tell you all about it. I have plantar fasciitis and a prominent heel spur in my left foot, a very painful condition (as some of you may well know) when it flares up. It flared up very badly 3 years ago and I can honestly say the pain has never fully gone away, my heel is still sore and I have to be careful what shoes I wear, etc . . . but one of the worst things I can do is stand on my feet for a long period of time. We went to meet family at a restaurant for a Christmas get-together. I prayed a rosary on the way over, as I am always worried when we drive into the city. The place was very crowded with no open tables, so we were directed to stand in an area near the bar and wait. I looked in vain for a chair to sit in and thought, "why would they have a waiting area with no chairs?" Well, a full hour went by, we waited and waited, and I got increasingly anxious. No one else in our group seemed bothered but I was starting to panic, afraid I would aggravate my condition and have another 2-year recovery to deal with. Several times I looked all around the area we were in for a chair to sit on, actually anything to sit on, but there was nothing and all the staff, including the bartender were extremely busy and paid us no mind as far as I could tell. Then just as I was really starting to panic, someone in our group moved over slightly and really as if out of nowhere there was an empty chair sitting where I KNOW without a doubt there had been no chair before. I asked but no on in our group knew where it had come from. I knew in my heart it had been put there by Mother Mary, because I had this feeling of being tenderly loved and cared for. I am not suggesting that it just magically appeared, but it does seem unusual that a chair would get past our group and be placed behind us and no one said "here is a chair" and then bring only one chair for a group of 6 adults and 2 children. No one else needed or wanted a chair. I sat down gratefully and my stepdaughter proclaimed "It's a Christmas miracle!" and to me that was, as they say, "the icing on the cake" Thank you Mother Mary, you are so very kind to your children. Also, we had such a lovely time that night. I was a special night for all of us.


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