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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Tutah    February, 03 2014 - Nairobi
If i could tell you my experience through the Most blessed Virgin i would shed tears. Through her, i have obtained many graces. First, my love for Mary began when i was in secondary school. I felt much love whenever i thought of her. After topping in school and going to university, i lost track. I deviated from God. Things were not working for me. I started to stammer more than i used to. One day i stumbled on this site after church. I decided to reconcile with the blessed Mother and God. I decided to devote myself to the rosary, one day i prayed and asked Mary if she hears and intercedes for me, grant me a sign of Rose. The next day as i was walking in one of the street, a lady passed with a bunch of flowers. That week I saw Many roses. I again applied for internship and bear in mind i stammer, i was called for interview and i made it out of so many people. What i found it interesting, on that day they were to call the people who passed, i left my phone and went for a retreat. I put the rosary around in and when i came back i got a missed call and when i called back i was told i have been accepted. I had promised the Virgin that i would buy her stature for that honour. Before i even completed my internship on 31st Jan 2014,i got a call from an international research institute to go for an interview. Through the Blessed Mother, i think i was the only one who passed. I again bought another bigger stature. There is a lot i have obtained through her. She is the most beautiful and caring friend i have ever got. Whenever i devote my thoughts to her, she appears in my dreams inform of stature.

Maryanka    January, 29 2014 - Texas, U.S.A.
a lovely thing happened for me a few days before Christmas (2013), and I keep feeling I should tell you all about it. I have plantar fasciitis and a prominent heel spur in my left foot, a very painful condition (as some of you may well know) when it flares up. It flared up very badly 3 years ago and I can honestly say the pain has never fully gone away, my heel is still sore and I have to be careful what shoes I wear, etc . . . but one of the worst things I can do is stand on my feet for a long period of time. We went to meet family at a restaurant for a Christmas get-together. I prayed a rosary on the way over, as I am always worried when we drive into the city. The place was very crowded with no open tables, so we were directed to stand in an area near the bar and wait. I looked in vain for a chair to sit in and thought, "why would they have a waiting area with no chairs?" Well, a full hour went by, we waited and waited, and I got increasingly anxious. No one else in our group seemed bothered but I was starting to panic, afraid I would aggravate my condition and have another 2-year recovery to deal with. Several times I looked all around the area we were in for a chair to sit on, actually anything to sit on, but there was nothing and all the staff, including the bartender were extremely busy and paid us no mind as far as I could tell. Then just as I was really starting to panic, someone in our group moved over slightly and really as if out of nowhere there was an empty chair sitting where I KNOW without a doubt there had been no chair before. I asked but no on in our group knew where it had come from. I knew in my heart it had been put there by Mother Mary, because I had this feeling of being tenderly loved and cared for. I am not suggesting that it just magically appeared, but it does seem unusual that a chair would get past our group and be placed behind us and no one said "here is a chair" and then bring only one chair for a group of 6 adults and 2 children. No one else needed or wanted a chair. I sat down gratefully and my stepdaughter proclaimed "It's a Christmas miracle!" and to me that was, as they say, "the icing on the cake" Thank you Mother Mary, you are so very kind to your children. Also, we had such a lovely time that night. I was a special night for all of us.

mlbv    January, 29 2014 -
Thank you Mama Mary, Papa Jesus, Saint Anthony, St. Jose Maria . I started my 54 day novena and this coming Feb 07, is the last day. But today is a big day for me. God gave me the job i have been praying for the longest time. God will give you what you ask at the right time. Not only that, he's always there for all of my needs. I am praying the rosary 3 times a day , sometimes even 6 times a day. God hears our prayers. There is a saying that " God gave us flowers without opening the buds, it reminds us that don't force anything to happen because things will happen in the right time". Be patient for god knows everything about us. Thank you God.

Genevieve    January, 21 2014 - Philippines
I'm a Catholic who believes in Jesus and Mother Mary but I have cousins who are actually older than me (but we're very close) and do not share the same faith. They were once Catholics but were converted to other religion. They still believe in Jesus Christ (thank God) but give no importance to Mother Mary which really made me sad. So one of my solutions is that to always talk to them about Mama Mary and Jesus, like testimonies of good people, properly acknowledged by the Church, who have fortunately seen Jesus and Mama Mary (like Bro. Stanley Villavicencio, Catalina Rivas (I have yet to share to them her testimonies but to other people I have already done so) and visionary Emma de Guzman. Then when I have renewed my love for praying the Holy Rosary (thanks to Mother Mary & Jesus) I have included them in my prayers especially when I pray the Holy Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy or when I pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament / Tabernacle. And miraculously one of my closest cousin who is actually sick began to see dreams like being lead by angels, Divine Mercy image and seeing a candle in the center of a rosary and this image in his dream was in the sky!!! When he shared this to me we do not know the meaning but still I firmly believe this is the work of our merciful God and the ever-loving Mother Mary. God is truly great, Mother Mary truly intercedes for us, and prayer definitely works!!! Blessed be God and may Jesus be forever glorified and LOVED. I will share other miraculous stories next time. And some of which I consider as my greatest treasure in (my) life.

Jennifer Tomicp    January, 19 2014 - USA
I prayed the 54 day novena for a seemingly hopeless cause: a troubled marriage with an unemployed man who was severely depressed. Things have worked out beautifully: their marriage is saved.
Google 54 day Rosary novena; you will not be disappointed.

EED    January, 10 2014 -
Having read the last testimony from Godwin I realised it was testimony that was being referred to. Well I can tell you I got a new job with absolutely no hassle from one of those calls, the increase in package has been significant and there has been a lot of extras thrown in. I started in the company this week having left the previous company i loved purely due my personal situation. However I'm glad to say I love it. The people are great and the company ethos amazing. There is no money spared - no issue with training, the best IT gadgets available as standard........perfect! Our Lady has outdone herself. Then regarding my separation the court case went ahead Christmas week re access to my children despite my attempts to keep it out if court. Thank God however that the judge ruled that the children reside here with me during the school week. My ex wanted them moving in and out every few days which I thought would be too disruptive. Again I genuinely believe Our Lady's mantle was around us as my prayer was to protect me and my boys and our home. The new job means that I can secure to pay everything if necessary ( thankfully as my ex has reduced maintenance to almost nothing). So Our Lady is a mother who protects us. I have to be honest I find praying the rosary a real struggle - it's not the way in which I personally find praying easy. So to me it is a 'sacrifice of praise'! What I do know however is Our Lady promises us peace through this and even through the court case etc i felt such peace and know that even though the situation isn't over and I will probably end up in court again re our house, maintenance etc, I know whatever happens Our Lady will have my family covered. So keep believing, keep praying, keep asking!! Then leave the rest to our Heavenly Father and the greatest of intercessors, our Heavenly Mother!!

GODWIN    January, 09 2014 - Abuja, Nigeria
I thank God for another opportunity to give another testimony of the reality of Mother Mary's intervention.
In 2003, a relative abroad after much persuasion agreed to my proposal to send me money to erect a house for her. This she did with much scepticism. So I started the building project and without much stress got it off the ground. Then all of a sudden a big quarry company about half a kilometer away began to harass me that I had trespassed on their land and got the government to put a halt to my construction.
I was deeply disturbed and had many sleepless nights because my relative abroad had warned me severely about land scams common in my country but I had persisted.
Later the government agency in charge of lands invited me for a meeting to state my case. Twice they invited me and twice they failed to show up.
So one night I had this dream. I saw a silhouette of Mother Mary on a hill overlooking my construction site, with both arms outstretched towards the site. I woke up and was quite scared because everywhere in the dream was very dark.
After that dream, while waiting for yet another invitation, I got the news that thesame government had closed down that quarry!
Praise Jesus, that was the end of that problem on my site.


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