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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Maryanka    November, 14 2013 - Texas, USA
I am on day 5 of my 3rd consecutive 54 Day Novena. Here is one grace I would like to share. I have been having trouble with my eyesight for the past year, since I got a new pair of glass a year ago. The optometrist explained that one eye was much worse than the other and he would not being able to correct to 20/20 vision with eyeglasses alone. I didn't want to get contact lenses, so I went with glasses and tried to accept that my eyesight was going bad due to older age. But, I started to notice with alarm that I could not see well to drive, especially at night. It was like I was driving blind !! My distance vision was just gone. It made me anxious and depressed, I couldn't see anymore!! I considered having the Lasik surgery done, but didn't know how we would ever manage to pay for it. I decided to take it to Jesus and asked him for enough improvement in that one eye so that my vision could be corrected with eyeglasses alone. I would pray the rosary and test my eye looking at a beautiful picture of Jesus, but He kept being blurry. About a week ago, I was going through drawers and closets, trying to get rid of some old junk and came across an old pair of eyeglasses that are so old they don't even have bifocals on them. To give you an idea, I am 56 and I have had bifocals since the year I turned 40. I kept those old glasses for sentimental reasons, a souvenir of my youth. On a whim, I tried those glasses on and was amazed how well I could see at a distance with them. Far better than I could see with the glasses prescribed to me in 2012. I wore them while driving and watching television and I can see so much better at a distance with them. My eyes are still the same as they were before, but I consider this a "cure." I asked Jesus to help me see and he helped me. This happened near the end of my second consecutive 54 Day Rosary Novena. Thank you Blessed Mother. Jesus, I trust in You.

Dulani Jayakody    November, 13 2013 - Colombo
I'm thanking to my beloved God Mother for blessing me with all the happiness..Last month I completed my 54days Rosary Novena requesting to heal my heart and overcome my broken relationship..Our lovely mother showed me her kindness and grant me her blessings. My ex relationship only gave me tears.. Now I'm the owner of a beautiful love than my expectation..Thank you mother Mary for being with me.before I complete my rosary novena I met the true love of my life..HAVE FAITH EVERYONE...SHE KNOWS WHAT IS THE BEST FOR US...TRUST HER AND LET HER HOLD YOU IN HER ARMS...MAKE HER YOUR DIRECTION IN EVERY PAIN...SHE WILL PROTECT YOU...LOVE YOU A LOT MOTHER..THANK YOU...

Nicholas    October, 26 2013 - Brisbane, Australia
I found this site today as today was the first time I have ever prayed The Rosary and I am already blown away by the power it posses.

Just recently I have been experiencing difficulties in life. People close to me are in ill health and severe financial distress. Furthermore work has been stressful at times

I usually pray The Lord's Prayer most mornings and have prayed the Hail Mary many times but never the Full Rosary although I had the Rosary.

This morning for some reason I felt I should pray The Rosary and being a Sunday the Glorious Mysteries. I am amazed at the amount of peace in already brought me although in a way I also feel sad for neglecting Our Lady for so long. For that I am sorry.

However Our Lady is with me and loves me and I know will be my advocate in Heaven as she is for all of us. I am excited to renew my faith in a deeper way that I ever knew was possible. I am sure the love of Mary and Christ and the Father are with me now and forever. Amen. Gold bless all and thank-you Mother.

Nicho    October, 22 2013 -
I would like to share my happy news.

I have been praying Koronka since early this year. I have also been praying the Holy Rosary intensively since July 2013.

In my prayers, I kept asking Jesus and Mother Mary to give me a great job with a great monthly salary. And guess what .... This morning, the company who had interviewed me a couple of days ago, gave me a job. I have a fantastic job now and on top of that, to my amazement, the salary is more than what I expected it.

I did not even have to negotiate it during the interview session. She just simply gave it to me ...

It's marvelous.

Indeed, it proves the efficacy of the power of Koronka and the Holy Rosary. Their powers are great and are beyond human comprehension.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.

Praise be to Jesus. Praise be to Mother Mary. Thank you so much to both of You.

And also, thank you very much to St. Benedict, St. Nicholas, St. Francis, St. Michael the Archangel and my guardian angel.

Eradane Albert    October, 15 2013 -
Just finished my first 54-day Rosary Novena last Sunday, Oct. 13th. My daughter Ruby gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Shalom Amber, on Oct. 15th, three hours after the 7.2 earthquake that hit in Cebu, Philippines. He had a dramatic entrance though.They are all safe and sound. I thanked the Holy Mother of God for protecting my family by covering them with her blue mantle of love, in Jesus' name!
Sweetheart of Mary, be our Salvation!
Sweetheart of Jesus, be our Love!

ann mary    October, 11 2013 - Sharjah
A page will not be enough to list down the miracles and graces I have received through the rosary. My son had a stuffy nose and he does not like taking medications. He is four years old. He could not sleep and started crying. I placed one hand on his forehead and started praying the sorrowful mysteries. After that he slept soundly. Awe Maria

ANONYMOUS    October, 10 2013 - LAS VEGAS,NV
Our Virgin Mother is with us everywhere we go! Even on mini getaways...
I wanted to meet my loved one in Georgia for his best friend's wedding. Last minute tickets were expensive, so I asked Our Lady to help me find something affordable. Then it dawned on me my friend's husband was a pilot and we get discounted tickets, but there's a catch. All flights are standby. I took the risk and was able to see the beautiful couple and be my loved one's date for the wedding. It was a joyous weekend. I head to the airport to fly back home and when I arrived at my gate the attendant told me the flight is over booked and I am not guaranteed a seat.Out of the 10 people on standby, I was next to last before my name was called. Mind you there were only 4-5 seats available and before I arrived at the airport there were 27 seats available (I DON'T fly standby unless I know for sure I'm guaranteed a seat...some glitch I guess). In a state of panic, I sat in a small corner and prayed the rosary to help me get a seat on the plane. I had work the following day and I had to meet my loved one at the airport. (He was on a different airline, but we were scheduled to arrive at the same time.)I prayed the whole rosary to Our Mother and told her I'm too far away from home, I'm exhausted, and please don't leave me stranded here in Georgia. They called all standby names for the available seats that were left. Just in case there was a mistake, I went up to the attendant to double check if they filled all seats. There was one available seat left and you guessed right, IT WAS SAVED JUST FOR ME! Thanks Mother Mary for being with me ALWAYS...AND "FLYING" WITH ME EVEN ON LAST MINUTE GETAWAYS!


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