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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Ken    October, 08 2013 - USA
My story is since I have been devoted to the rosary I honestly feel I have received many signal graces.
I have started the 54 day novena for a huge problem I am having.Recently I was taking a walk with my 10 year old daughter half way during the walk we decided to sit on a park bench. At that time I said a Hail Mary to myself in my head and was thinking I am going to ask her to say a prayer with me, as I was about to ask her she said "Hey dad I just found rosary beads in this flower next to the bench" I take this as a sign from my Blessed Mother that my prayer has been heard. I just wanted to share since so many stories here inspire me. It is my hope in my imperfect way that I may inspire someone else to be devoted to the rosary.

Maryanka    October, 05 2013 - Texas, USA
I have a small greenhouse that my husband built me in our back yard that had fallen into disuse. The entry door is two-part and has a top and bottom door, the top door being smaller. Earlier this year I noticed the top door was starting to pull away and about to fall off. I have a statue of the Blessed Virgin in front of the greenhouse and I was worried the door would fall off and damage that statue. My husband said he didn't think it would be a problem even if the door fell off, since he felt there was no way the door would hit the statue. But I insisted he fix it as soon as possible so he said he would fix it the next day. When I went out to check the greenhouse the following morning the door had indeed fallen most of the way off and had miraculously landed on top of a small wooden plant stand my deceased father-in-law built over 40 years ago (out of redwood I believe). The shelf held up and didn't collapse and that door is heavy (made of 4 x 4's!). I noticed that the direction the door was headed it was clear that if the shelf had not stopped the door's fall it would have surely smashed into the statue of Mary !! And, even more amazing, the edge of the corrugated greenhouse (plastic) glazing that covered the door had slid into a small space where two boards met on top of the plant stand, securing the door and keeping it from glancing off the top of the shelf. At the time I recognized it as a signal grace but wondered what it could mean. Fast forward, if you will, to about a month ago, something was coming into our yard at night and digging in the ground and disturbing things, knocking over flower pots, etc . . . we thought it was either a possum or feral cats . Did not figure out it was a marauding gang of raccoons (we trapped 4 in a humane trap) until, sadly, we lost two of our box turtles. The coons drowned them in the nice ponds I had provided for them in their outdoor enclosures, thinking I was doing them a favor :( Naturally, the day I found the second dead turtle (the first day we also had trapped a coon) I became very upset and panicked. I didn't know what to do to protect our 6 remaining turtles. Suddenly it came to me that I could put the 4 females in the greenhouse. I found those turtles so easily that alone was miraculous. As soon as I had them safe in the greenhouse I felt a sense of calm and peace, but still wondered what to do with the 2 males that need to be kept separate from the females or else they will breed. Well, to get into the greenhouse to put the females in, I had to move a green garden hose that my husband had put there when he mowed the grass. I picked it up and tossed it a few feet and it landed in front of the statue of Mary. Very soon after I had done that, I was stunned to see that the hose had taken the shape of a heart. I took that as a sign or signal grace that what I had done was the right thing to do. My husband got busy and worked hard to fix the greenhouse so that the males could also be housed there, males on one side, females on the other with a pathway and barriers dividing them. I was not happy with this development, all that work to build the outdoor enclosures and it was all just gone. But I had to keep them safe and I kept remembering that garden hose in the shape of a heart and that comforted me and guided me. Also I realized that this particular signal grace began months earlier with the repair of the door. Now the door can be closed at night and locked so that nothing gets in there. So this whole thing, from the beginning, was truly a sign to me of Mary's deep love for me, her lowly turtle loving daughter. And, Mary must love turtles too because they are all doing well and loving their new home. And I am able to interact more with them and it's easier to care for them now since they are all in one place, so I am loving it too. Thank you Blessed Mother, for your help in all things great and small :) Many blessings everyone.

Eradane Albert    October, 01 2013 - Dana Point, California
I'm on my 42nd day of my 54-day Rosary Novena. One of my petitions is a financial blessings for I have so many mouths to feed. 15 minutes ago, my boss came to see me and told me that he is giving me a raise of $2.11/hr more.

Thank you so much Mother Mary! Any amount is a huge help especially for the kids.

Sweetheart of Mary, be my salvation

Sweetheart of Jesus, be my love

Jesus, Mary & Joseph, I love you, save souls!

Divya Maria    October, 01 2013 - Netherlands
I have been praying for sometime now for three requests which are very important and urgent in my life...i had asked mother to show me signal graces of roses...and all the while have been looking around to find roses and to my surprise no where i did notice roses , not even on obvious places... i left hope but however decided to say the 54 novena rosary after completing the joyful mysteries ... i just looked beside and found my own flower pot having white roses which i had ignored all the while looking for roses around... this is an inspiration for me .. and i feel that ,mother is encouraging me to pray more earnestly ... now i do really feel mother is listening to me , my pains and my prayers ... and that she will definitely answer my requests...

ann mary    September, 23 2013 - Sharjah
I prayed the 20 mysteries for the recovery of my child's infection, which was quite serious. Mama Mary heard my prayer, she interceded and my son was healed.

Matt W.    September, 20 2013 - Denver
I have two signal graces to share. Several years ago I was in a very uncertain place with the person I was dating. I felt inside that this was the person I was supposed to be with, but there were issues in each of our lives that were interfering with us being able to be together. I had been constantly praying the rosary in regards to the issues, but I still felt so uncertain. One day I was walking in a park near my house thinking about the situation and fervently requested Mary to give me a sign that I should continue to stick it out. I literally said I need you to smack me upside the head, be obvious! Right then I happened to look over at the back of house that I was walking past and saw a bright yellow plaque of Our Lady of Guadalupe affixed to the wall of the house. It was one of the craziest, scariest, and amazing moments of my life. It was several months before things got better, but after seeing that sign I knew that it would all work out. Like I said, things were still tough for several months after seeing the plaque. Another day that I was feeling really depressed about the situation, and feeling like giving up, I was walking down the street drowning in my negative thoughts when I walked past row of planters with junipers in front of a skyscraper downtown. Set on top of one of the sprinkler heads inside the planters was one single white rose bud. I was downtown, so there were no rose bushes near by. Eventually I came to the conclusion that was a sign from Mary to let me know that she was with me even though things were tough.
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Very nice story, thank you for sharing! To add even more significance to your story, we thought it would be worth mentioning that the original story of Our Lady of Guadelupe features roses growing in places where they aren't normally found.

Mary    September, 18 2013 -
I think alot of times in life one of the most painful things in not understanding why. Why things happen to us? Why people change? Why does our heart feel so heavy and broken? If before any of the bad things happened to us, that it was for our betterment and happiness, and completely worth it, no doubt that any one would take that trouble. Because we would know and look forward to what was to come. In fact, it would make our suffering somewhat enjoyable knowing how worth it it was. And this is what God does for us, except he keeps that surprise, that gift a secret. This is one reason, why we should always trust Our Father. I have finished 3 rosary novenas and I can truthfully say it was a blessing sent from Heaven. The first time I prayed it I prayed to know if a relationship I was in was what God wanted. It didn't work out with the person, so I feel at ease knowing this was Gods will. If I hadn't of I maybe would of thought there was something to prevent it, and would have been unsure of everything. But I know, it was not what God wanted and my heart can only feel at peace because of it. The second novena I prayed for a job. I got one, and I know it was only because of God. The third one I prayed for my acne to go away, and now I am going to the dermatologist regularly and its going great. GOD will answer your prayer in his own way, the way that is BEST! He is the most amazing and wonderful lover and no one, no one can compare!I thought for my acne some miraculous change would happen in my skin, but instead im going to a doctor. Not what I expected, but since its what God wants, I couldn't be happier! The confusion of life is what has broken my heart in the past, but because of Mary, ive realized that I dont need to know every reason for everything. I just need to know that God made every heart ache happen for a reason, to make me happier. Mary, your Rosary is so beautiful. Because of it, anyone can learn to love God and to make any hard miserable heart happy again. Just as long as they have confidence in you and God! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love Thee save souls!


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