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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

EED    September, 12 2013 -
Today is a special day to me as this day last year my husband left me. I have started to say the Rosary to Our Lady to bring peace into my life and to protect my children and me from the effects of my martial breakdown. I can genuinely say I have been so blessed by Our Lady interceding in this regard. My marriage had been abusive so needless to say it left some scars, and the biggest challenge to me personally is to literally surrender my every day to God, and not try to figure things out. I heard recently about the novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots which I have started and absolutely love. The idea of being able to hand everything over to Our Lady, our mother, and to know that she will undo all the knots of our life is to me something of beauty. I asked Our Lady for some signal graces today being the day that was in it. So from first thing this morning I have had several - it started off today with a lovely peaceful start with my children as I brought them to school. Then after that on the way to work there was a car that crossed lanes to just in front of me and it had a 'Jesus loves you' sticker on the trunk. Then I had 2 agencies contact me out of the blue re really good job opportunities (I have been asking our lady to let me be financially secure so I can look after my boys). My sister called over this evening and we all went out for a bite to eat and had great fun. So altogether Our Lady gave me one signal grace after another. I know we shouldn't need signs but sometime it's lovely to get a heavenly hug!!! What I can say is that life can throw us all curve balls but I know with absolute certainly that 'All things work together for the good for those that The Lord has called according to His purpose'. So while things you are going through may not in themselves be good, The Lord can cause good to come out of them. With promises like that and the love of a heavenly mother who really does stand and intercede for us in God's presence, really we have nothing to fear. God bless!!

Didier    September, 12 2013 -
Hello again dear friends,the joy that I have in my heart is unbelievable.Well at work,they have asked me to go and see a customer and do some work there for a few hours.Since im quite new in the company,a colleague of mine always accompanies me and trains me on the job,as Im still learning,it takes time to learn.That very friend of mine was about to go on leave for 2 weeks and the date that I have to go to the customer falls just in his absence.I worried a little as I wasn't sure how well I would do there and I really didn't want to go there on my own.I prayed to our gorgeous Mother Mary for many days that somehow she would find a solution to my little dilemma.Well today at work,my colleague told me that he would only take a week off now in September and another week in December and that all is well and that he would accompany me to that customer.I couldn't believe it,i was extremely happy and overjoyed.This very feeling of happiness is hard to describe unless you experience it for yourselves.I thank you kindly and with all my heart Mother Mary for having answered my prayer once again.Thank you for being such a loving and protective mother.I guess no amount of thanks could ever express our gratitude to our blessed Mother.She is so precious to me and always in my heart.Oh my dear friends,keep on praying,keep on saying the rosary with great attention and faith.It will only be a matter of time until our lovely Mother Mary pours out her blessings on you.Believe me.May you all be blessed and keep safe.

Dulani Jayakody    September, 08 2013 - Srilanka
I was going through a hard time due to the breakup.I requested everyone to pray for us.Last month,it means August 15th after Our Dearest God mothers' feast, I decided to start the 54day Novena to request for her blessings.
I asked Mother Mary
to show me a signal grace and tell me that I'm praying for the Gods' Plan.Because I believed that though my wish is to reunite with my Love May be God is having more wonderful plans for me.So I was praying with all my heart.By and by my sorrows had gone away and I felt happy in me.during my rosary I asked Mather Mary, Give me the strength to get over this and obey to Gods' Wish.Until yesterday i didn't get any sign.But Y'day evening my mother asked me to go to our aunts' house to help her.I was lazy to go.But when I went there suddenly i saw a beautiful live white rose, the signal I was praying for.Our lovely mother was listening to me,to one of her poor daughter.
I felt Joy and happy.I cried cz she is listening to me.And now i want to thank my lovely Mother for her kindness.i do not know whether My love will return to me or not.Cz he dumped me and left me with no warmth in his heart.but I know My loving God Mother will bring me only the best.So now im thanking her and waiting until she decides what is good for me.Have faith everyone .She is there for of us. Pray Rosary daily and praise God through our Dearest Mother...
I Love You God Mother...I love more than my life....

Didier    September, 07 2013 -
My dear friends,as mentioned previously,the rosary is such a powerful and wonderful prayer,simple yet very effective.It can change people's lives around.Well each and everyday I am saying rosary and one day at work,I had a bad nagging headache and that really brought me down.That very night I said my rosary and thinking to myself that I didn't want to bother our Mother Mary with a trivial thing such as a headache.But somehow I said to myself that she is our mother and a loving and protective one as such.So while saying the rosary,I paused briefly and asked Mary to decrease this pain so I could concentrate more and also go about my business.In all honesty,virtually instantly I felt a strange feeling going from my neck up to my head,( I can best describe it as many ants running around)and the headache was gone and I felt peace and carried on even more fervently in my prayer.Then in my consecutive rosaries,I had been praying that a tyrannical and unjust manager at work,leave the workplace,so that company will benefit and flourish more and also that my colleagues will have a sense of peace and joy.Well I asked our mother Mary to give me a signal grace in the form of an angel,just so I know that I am heading in the right direction and that Mary has heard my plea.For about three days straight I had been asking for this grace.This morning I went to mum's place to clean up a bit and while going through a few of mum's things I saw a beautiful angel holding a small candle in porcelain.That didn't hit me until some time later I found another angel in a beautiful glass ornament.I felt shivers and such happiness that my eyes filled with tears.I thanked Mother Mary profoundly and continuously.I have tremendous faith in our Mother and I sincerely believe that she will answer my prayers.Oh my dear,I beg to pray the rosary constantly each and everyday of your lives,I guarantee you that the blessings and peace that will come out of it will be overwhelming.Mary wants the best for us,she loves us and protects us til the end of time and beyond.She is our most precious and beautiful mother,with a tender and forgiving heart.Thank you for reading my testimony dear friends.I just wanted to share these awesome experiences with you and will keep on doing so Im sure.May mother Mary and Jesus bless you and keep you safe always.Stay in peace.

melanie    September, 03 2013 -
I want to say thank you to Mother Mary for the signal graces she recently sent my way.I decided to say 8 rosaries for my husband to be able to keep his job as some employees were being sacked due to the company's financial problems. On the first day I asked Mother Mary to show me roses as a sign that my husband's job was safe. After two days I went to a friend's place to find her spring-cleaning. She told me about a bouquet of flower in a vase that she wanted to be put away and asked me to find a place in the house where to put it, I picked up the vase which was big and placed it on the floor in one of the bedrooms. I did not notice the type of flowers in the vase as I was focusing on not dropping the vase. After a few seconds something told me to move it to a safer spot as I did not want her cat to knock it over so I went back to the room and placed the vase on a little bedside table and because the flowers were just below eye level I realised that they were roses and offered a big thank you to Mother Mary. After a few days I asked her to show me an angel and she showed me several. On the day of my 8th rosary I decided to see what was new on Facebook and started clicking on recent holiday pictures taken by an acquaintance.that is when I came across a picture of the altar of a church which they visited where there were several statues of angels. Later that night my husband and I went to his mother's place to sort out some things as she's cleaning up in order to sell her house and I came across a picture of another altar with an angel on each side. I believe that was Our Mother's way of telling me that I should not worry anymore. I also want to mention that 2 days prior to that my husband's boss unfortunately dismissed two employees but announced that the rest of the employees should not worry about their job, that they were safe. Thank you so much Mother for listening to us and more importantly for answering our request.

Didier    August, 30 2013 -
My dear friends,in my previous story,I was recounting the blessings and power of the Holy Rosary.Mother Mary truly is a wonderful and loving mother.Well I had been saying the rosary earnestly for some time now and the peace that is in my heart is amazing.The Virgin has given me peace of mind and soul just as I asked her,sure it's only the beginning,but the blessings will keep flowing.As stated in my previous testimony things have been quite shaky at work,not knowing whether I would have a job or not.Well after much meditation on the rosary and trust and faith in the holy virgin Mary,yesterday at work,I have found out that my job has been made safe and with even more responsibilities.I thank our Mother from the depths of my heart and at times no amount of thanks is enough for all the wonderful things that Mary does for us.As the Holy virgin said....if everyone said the rosary,even world wars will be avoided and the devil himself trembles in the very depth of hell when the rosary is recited.I will say my rosary for as long as I live and put all my trust and faith in our Lady.Thank you so very much my dear Mother.

grace    August, 30 2013 - nagercoil
I did my postgraduate study in a university. The college announced practical exam on holy Thursday. The Christian students want to go to church. Only two students are Catholics and we prayed the rosary that the exam should be postponed. But till Wednesday there was no change in exam date. That afternoon at 1pm I prayed the rosary to show a miracle. At 6pm we got news that the exam got postponed due electricity problem. It's a miracle that semester exam date changed which has not done before. All students believe its due to the Rosary.


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