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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Eradane Albert    August, 27 2013 - Dana Point, California
I was born and raised Catholic and reciting the Holy Rosary is very important to us. I received so many miracles in my life and I am forever thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ through Mother Mary, the Mediatrix of all graces.

Well, I didn't know about this 54-day Rosary Novena in honor of our Lady of Pompie. With our present situation, I decided to do this for the first time on my 54th year on earth. I started last Aug. 21 and stating heartily all my intentions including the sign: bunch of roses in different colors.

Last Saturday, Aug. 24, we saw a Garage Sale sign. Just for fun, we checked. I saw some children's books in a box and bought it for $2. When we got home, I checked it one by one. Guess what? I found a 1998 souvenier program of the Rose Parade/Tournament of Roses. I feel so happy that Mother Mary is giving me this lovely sign on the 4th day of my 54 days.

Isn't it very inspiring brothers and sisters!!??

Sweet Heart of Mary, be my Salvation, Sweet Heart of Jesus, be my Love! Jesus, Mary & Joseph, I love you, Save souls!!

Maggie    August, 26 2013 - CA
I was looking for a job a few months ago, and I got a job offer on the last day of the 54-day novena, thank you Mama Mary

Didier    August, 26 2013 -
Hello my dear friends,I have been saying the rosary from my late teens to my mid 20's.Then for some reason I stopped altogether as some issues in my life have surfaced and that discouraged me completely.I know that in such times,I should have been praying even more fervently.So every now and then I would say my rosary,but I still wouldn't get the answers I was looking for.It wasn't until I got married to a wonderful woman,that my eyes truly opened to the wonders and power of the holy rosary.Mother Mary is truly an amazing lady,full of compassion and love.I sincerely believe that through my wife,Mother Mary has spoken to me through various signs and through the actions of good people.I have had such blessings and a wonderful job.But as time passed on,i found out that this particular job wasn't secure through the injustice of certain superiors.I could be in danger of losing that job.So since last week,I started saying the rosary seriously and devoutly.Meditating deeply on every word that I utter.I prayed to our Mother that my job would once again be safe with no fear of losing it.I asked our Mother for a sign that indeed my prayer was going in the right direction.I asked that I see a white rose.Well one night we had to go to our friends' place and there while chatting,my eyes quickly glanced at a vase containing plastic flowers which were roses of various colours.It didn't hit me until later that evening when I was saying the rosary,I felt Mother Mary opening my eyes and heart and made me realise that I had seen those roses at my friends' place.I was quite overwhelmed and prayed even more fervently with so much thanksgiving.I believe with all my heart and soul that my job will be safe and that our wonderful Mother Mary is here to help,to comfort,to protect us in our every step in life.I felt such peace and joy and comfort.My dear brothers and sisters,say this simple and wonderful but powerful prayer which is the Rosary.The promises and benefits are endless.The joy and peace that one will get is out of this world.May Mother Mary and Brother Jesus bless you all my friends.

julian jannise    August, 20 2013 - liberty tx
I was in a bad way and was praying to Our Lady for help. Something told me to ask Our Lady for a sign that she was hearing my prayers, I decided to ask her to let me find a Miraculous Medal somewhere as a sign. As the days of prayer went on I hoped to come across the Medal, but nothing happened. Then one day as was my custom I checked my mail, and at my back door I have a garbage can that I throw all my junk mail in before I go into the house. As I was going through the mail tossing the junk mail away, I noticed an envelope with no return address, I started to throw it away and for some reason I opened it and when I did a Miraculous Medal fell out! It was request for a donation to some group, ordinarily that would have gone into the trash, but for some reason I opened it and I received my sign.

Gabe    August, 20 2013 - United States
I don't normally write my experiences for the world to read, mainly because the blessings I receive are of a more personal nature. But, after the last blessing I received, I felt compelled to let the world know how Mary has interceded in my life.

My first intercession happened when I was only 4 years old. I was playing at a park and one of the other children didn't like the fact that I was climbing up the ladder for the slide. I was kicked in the face and fell about 4 feet to the ground. This occurred before they had the safer playground surfaces, so when I hit the ground, the sand had been pushed away and the back of my head slammed into the concrete that mounted the slide and ladder. I was taken to the hospital where, after a CAT scan, the doctor told my mother that I had internal bleeding in the brain and that I would not live through the night. She prayed the rosary over me the entire night. The next morning, after another CAT scan, the bleeding was gone and there would be no long term consequences.

The second blessing I received was only a couple of years ago. I had been going through a really bad time and, honestly, I had given up hope. My plan was to drive my little sister to school, go home, and commit suicide. I had everything planned out, including my note written. When I dropped my sister off at school, she did something that could have only come from my daily praying the rosary, she gave me a hug and told me she loved me. That is not usually how we said goodbye, but that day she did. I firmly believe that Mary's concern for me, personally, moved my sister to that small act that saved my life. That afternoon, I asked her why she gave me the hug. She didn't know why, only that she felt like I needed that hug.

Finally, I received a huge grace yesterday. I am currently in law school and one of the big things we need to do is secure law clerk positions so we can learn even more about the law and its practice. I have been praying the rosary daily to find a job. I had been on a couple of interviews but had not heard anything back. I was starting to despair that I would never secure anything. I had even prayed for a job while going to Mass on the Assumption. Yesterday evening, while most people would be having dinner, I received an offer to a fairly prestigious firm to start working with them next week. I know that it was the intercession of Mary that helped me get that job.

Like I said at the beginning of this story, I don't usually like to talk about how I have been blessed, especially when there are some many others who need those blessings, more than I do. But I share in the hopes that maybe someone out there, who faces hard times, where it seems like there is no one there, someone is always listening. Mary's intercessions in life are real. I am a walking, talking testament to that. Some days, when I feel all alone, I know all I need to do is pray the rosary and I know that Mary is listening. And if she is listening, I know that God is also listening. May God bless each and everyone who reads this. I know I am a poor spokesperson, but, when moved by the Spirit, you just go with it. May God bless you!

Wanyoike Pete    August, 17 2013 - Nakuru, Kenya
Before I pen what I experienced yesterday (Saturday the 17th of August, 2013) at 1733hrs I want to remind everyone reading this that, IT IS AN INFALLIBLE TRUTH that Jesus and Mother Mary reward in a marvelous way those who glorify them fervently by reciting The Holy Rosary. Like many who recite The Rosary faithfully, I am a living witness to this fact. And no healthy amount of words could explain the absolute joy, happiness and divine peace I have within me since I started reciting it.

By virtue of reciting The Rosary daily I have received numerous signal graces from Our Lady. Today’s was the most wonderful that I have ever experienced hence my posting it. It all happened at the Christ the King Cathedral (Nakuru, Kenya). I have taken to attending the afternoon mass and then reciting The Rosary thereafter prior to leaving for home. Being a Saturday, there was no afternoon mass. Usually on Saturday’s mass is held only in the morning and I’m not a morning person… so I missed attending mass.

I went to church irrespective and prayed my Rosary – like I always do every day. I always find it best (and much more peaceful) to recite The Rosary in church than at home. I hate distractions when praying. Anyhow, in the quiet of the church I recited The Rosary (Glorious Mystery) and after I was done I felt the need to continue to pray. And so I quietly recited the Joyful Mystery. After I was done I felt so much at peace more than ever. I felt a wonderful feeling engulfing me.

It is during this time that I asked Mother Mary to kindly grant me a sign for one of my petitions that is so dear to my family. In this particular petition, I have been requesting Our Lord, through the Most Gracious and Powerful Intercession of Our Lady, to kindly show me whether the lucrative deal that my sister is chasing after, and which we are all praying for, will someday go through or rather come to fruition. The said deal has been experiencing major delays and no hope has been in sight – at least for the longest time now. We are all anxious and expectant.

Well, I asked for a red rose as my sign. I needed to know whether this is God’s will for us and the only way to know, I thought, was to request for a sign. Being joyous from the divine peace surrounding me, I happily told Our Lady to gladly be a Mother to me now and make it known to me, make me see the wonderful sign. I actually just mentioned it mid-prayer and I forgot about it. Yes, I never even thought about it anymore. I left for home. But Before I could leave the church compound I thought to myself “I need to finish reading this book, The Secret of The Rosary.”

I found myself a secluded spot, just within the church compound and started reading from where I had left. I read up to the SEVENTEETH ROSE (The Hail Mary – Fruits) until I felt the need to leave for home (had grown tired). It is while packing that this little girl came to me from nowhere… (I truly don’t remember seeing her coming to me). And in her left hand she bore a bunch of FIVE wonderful roses. Two of them were deep RED, two were deep YELLOW and one was pure WHITE.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I felt warm inside and I was lost for words. I just said hi to the girl who seemed playful and happy to even notice me… and just as she had come, she left. I was left standing trying to fathom what I had just seen. I went home happy and feeling soooo ecstatic that Mother Mary actually did listen to my poor cry. I felt relieved and full of hope. I now know the deal will certainly go through.

I WILL FOREVER RECITE THE ROSARY. If only we all really knew of the Powerful Intercession of The Blessed Virgin Mary, all Christians would be Catholic. Whenever you feel darkness, a lack of peace, anger, etc. recite The Rosary from your heart and watch how the darkness will diminish. I am on my 49th day of The 54 Day Rosary Novena.

Fravius Kalisa    August, 16 2013 - Kampala, Uganda
My business partner Isack had travelled to far away from the city for business purposes. He had gone to check the cargo we intended to buy whether it was wealth the asked price, unfortunately someone had come with money ready to buy it. My friend was shocked and nothing to do, so painful to travel all that distance and fail to get what had took you there. Immediately Isack raised and told me the story by phone, I was shocked and nothing to do because the other buyer had cash already. I decided to pray one decade of rosary immediately as I put down my phone, followed by more Hail Mary prayers. Like after 20 minutes Isack called me back, told me the seller had just refused to do business with the man, just changed his mind. He just said: He was to do business with us, but remember Isack had no cash, he had gone to just check the cargo. Thanks Mother Mary for her help. The Rosary I prayed changed the situation immediately while the business at the edge.


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