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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Priya    August, 05 2013 - India
I want to thank mother mary wholeheartedly for interceding for me and answering a impossible 54 day novena prayers has been granted.i Thank holy souls, st.rita,st.padro pio,st anthony,st.anne,st.jude,St. Geevarghese Mar Gregorios,st.therese,st.alphonsamma and all saints for interceding for me all these years.thank you jesus for all favours received.

m.f    July, 30 2013 -
I cannot say thank you enough to my Mother Mary for helping me find my keys.They were infact keys that should not have left my work premises.I forgot to put them back and instead put them in my pocket.after work I went for some food shopping and I lost the key in the parking lot.for three consecutive days and I looked for them and I was worried sick,I couldn’t sleep well or eat well. I said a rosary for three consecutive days for the keys and I promised Mother Mary that if I receive my keys I will say 3 rosaries in thanksgiving.The signal graces I received was firstly when I was walking my dog the first night,and just after saying the above to the Virgin Mary,my neighbour Rosa who was driving by stopped her car to say hello.That night I went home and said the 1st rosary in petition.the next morning I said another one and afterwards my husband and I went to the hardware store in where they have a section where they sell plants also.On a board outside was written “ roses are here” and then in the evening of the same day I was watching a youtube video of 2 puppies and I saw that the toys they were playing with were keys.I was so desperate but was hoping that these were not coincidences.Then on the 4th day I went to the management centre of the shopping centre and they told me that someone gave them my key.i was so relieved.what were the odds of that.Anyone could have picked them up in the parking lot and taken them anywhere.Bless you Mother and bless the person who picked up those keys.I do not despair whenever I think that Mary is always there for me.

Benedict    July, 29 2013 -
I had been praying for the recovery on my swollen left foot for days. Unfortunately, there was no positive improvement eventhough I had consumed the doctor's medicines regularly. I was, indeed, rather depressed.

Prior to my sickness, I always prayed the rosary and koronka and then, on Saturday night, I stumbled upon the news concerning the apparition of baby Jesus after Christmas Mass in a church in Bethlehem (the evidence is displayed on you tube) and the apparition of Mother Mary in Zeiton - Cairo (it is largely reported on the internet). Finally, I faithfully prayed in front of their respective pictures while also touching the screen of my laptop that depicted their Divine Images - I solemnly prayed for my own recovery.

The following morning, I found my left foot was not swollen, at all .... but I thought it would swell later on. Luckily, it did not ! The phenomenon continued until late evening eventhough I DID NOT consume the medicines !!

I even went for a swim in the afternoon and no swelling occured !!

My left foot is not swollen today, either (and no consumption of medicines). The swell has gone !!

I have been miraculously healed !! Praise the Lord, indeed.

I genuinely thank Jesus and I also heartiestly thank Mother Mary for this particular miraculous account.

The powers of prayers (Koronka and Rosary) are utterly REAL.

Please start to pray these prayers now.

Jesus and Mama Mary truly assist us.

Delaney    July, 28 2013 -
I've been praying for the conversion of a good friend for nearly a year. I've prayed the 54 day rosary novena 3 times now, just started the fourth. In addition to the 54 day novena, I prayed a novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, ending on her feast day. I prayed for red roses during this novena (and for three weeks before it) to strengthen my faith and give me hope. For that whole month, I looked everywhere for red roses. There were red geraniums and red poppies, and roses of every color imaginable, but no red ones. On the morning of the feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, I spent an hour in despair over this prayer request. It was one of my lowest points, and my mental anguish was so great that I felt like I was going to die.
Later that day, I saw the biggest, most beautiful red rosebush in the front yard of the very person I had been praying for. :)

m.fortune    July, 27 2013 -
I thank mother Mary for a signal grace I received through the testimonial of Mary Beth Paisley from Michigan, USA, dated the 25th of nov 2005, on this very website –page 46.Just like her friend and her, my friend and I had a falling out. In fact it was not even a disagreement but for a while things were getting awkward between us because of a few words wrongly said, some reproaches made carelessly a few times from both sides which we both took to heart. I felt that we were starting to be estranged from one another and then one day I was sitting in front of my laptop reading some stories from this website when for a 100th time I was asking myself whether this friendship was worth saving when a couple of minutes later I came across Mary Beth’s testimonial, just like her, I have been helping this friend for the past 3 ˝ years and there were things that I thought I was entitled to. Not material things but like visits from her and phone calls etc. since I’m the one who was always inviting myself to her place and calling her every other day. For weeks I tried to reason with myself and I knew how petty my reasons were for wanting to put an end to our friendship but my ego kept speaking louder. When I started reading Mary Beth’s testimony I felt that mother Mary was telling me to keep that friendship going. From then on I worked hard to do just that. Today was my friend’s birthday. After debating for a long time, I bought her 2 presents yesterday. On giving her the present and seeing that gratitude on her face I felt sure that I did the right thing. I was at her place for 1 and ˝ hours and I knew we were on our way back to our old friendship. I feel so much comfort knowing that in times of uncertainties, Mother Mary will always guide us if we ask her. I also noticed one thing….MARY beth….that was definitely my Mother talking to me.Thank you for everything Mother. I love you.

Luvi    July, 25 2013 - california
How can I ever forget all the many graces that the Blessed Mother Mary have obtained for me from her son Jesus Christ. Words can't define it. When I started the 54 days rosary novena,I realized that there is nothing impossible anymore. The impossible is just a flick of a finger because of the Blessed Mother. Sometimes, it's a jaw dropping because of the amazing graces that we received. The cancer that was cured. The financial difficulties that was replaced with something better if not best. My teenage son's accomplishments and all the beautiful inspiring moments everyday just because of the rosary. Friends, no single day passes by without saying my rosary prayer.The Blessed Mother is the BEST. Try it and recite the prayer with faith and devotion. You'll be surprised of it's many many rewards. Guaranteed! Make sure you share the blessings...I love you Mother Mary and many thanks to God.

zia    July, 25 2013 - Nigeria
All my life i've prayed the rosary with my family, but then it had seemed like a chore. something to do to fulfill an obligation, a monotonous repetition that had the power to lure you to sleep. It wasn't until recently that i really started praying the rosary and drawing closer to mary and i can say that i have seen great changes in my life. I was searching for a way to be closer to God, to heaven in fact and i stumbled on this website. i read all the stories and i got to know more on signal graces and wished to have one or more myself. I am currently searching for a job and and have been praying to our darling mother Mary to heed my prayers , so one morning after praying my rosary, i went to the sitting room and put on the t.v., then went to the kitchen to briefly get something and when i came back, at that very moment the programme on air happened to have a girl( or character) who just happened to get a job and was screaming for joy. at first i didn't really get it and then it hit me, what are the odds? is this our blessed mother's way of telling me that i should not worry , that she is praying for me and it wont be long before my job comes to fruition. I am sincerely believing that and i know deep in my heart that it won't be long. My dear friends our Dear Mary is real, so real. So never despair because she is always there for us when we need her or don't. Please pray for me for i am starting the 54 days rosary novena. I need all the grace i can get.


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