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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Ignatious    July, 25 2013 - Goa
I had left my very good job in Kuwait and came back to India, but in due course of time I was getting bored and I started praying the Rosary Novena that I may be called back and after my second Rosary Novena my previous Boss from Kuwait called me to join him back and that he would be sending me the visa in few days. Thank you Mother Mary for always hearing my prays.

raniolla    July, 17 2013 -
Thank you my lord jesus christ, thank you holy mother, everytime i pray especially the rosary i got many signal graces like lovely dreams, a message from the virgin mary and many others signal. one time i pray the rosary to find a good job and they granted me a very suitable job i didnt expect that much.i was very depressed person agressive one,pessimist, after praying the rosary , i find myself reading the bible with lots of joy, like if the holy spirit explain everything for me, i prayed in a different way with all of my heart , my life has change dramatically am a very happy person now, i quite the cigarettes i sleep well, no drugs no anxious no depression,i love myself my family the world.i have soo many hope and i can face all the trials with the strengh of jesus and the prayer. THANK YOU MY SAVIOUR JESUS AND HOLY MOTHER, you are being so generous with me, you change my entire life, jesus forgave all my sins and give me a new life. I love jesus and Mary

nke    July, 14 2013 - lisboa
I submitted a friends testimony a few month back. I then started my 54 days novena for the first time.
WhileI was starting my rosary, I asked the Blessed Mother for a signal grace of roses as a sign of hearing my prayers and promised to submit a testimony if that should happen. The following day it was my teachers birthday so we all bought her presents. Surprisingly enough my close friend called me and told me that she wanted to buy roses but they would take long to prepare so she got something else. When we got to sschool in the evening, one guy had bought the roses as a gift to our teacher from the whole class. My teachers name happens to be Maria too :)
All i can say in short is that I am amazed and still continuing to be amazed of how our Blessed Mother has been interceding for me. I had so many requests that I was feeling that they are too much but I proceeded. Its like I have a testimony everyday.
Thank you Mother.

Benedict Nicholas    July, 14 2013 - Indonesia
I suffered from B6 toxicities recently. There were undesirable sensations on my palms and fingers. People says that it will take around weeks, months or even years before they are completely gone. Exacerbating the plague, I also had a fever.

Nevertheless, because of the power of the Rosary, all of those sensations have significantly reduced within 4 (four) days and so has my fever !!

The Rosary power is real - it's so real.

Thank you very much Mama Mary.

Thank you very much Jesus Christ.

melanie fortune    July, 14 2013 - australia,sydney
On the 9th day of saying 4 rosaries daily Mother Mary answered my prayers.I had some disagreement with a very good friend and due to that we did not talk to one another for weeks,then on the 9th day we spoke to each other just like before and were honest towards each other about the reasons why we did not talk for so many days.Only those who pray the rosary can vouch for its power so pray my brothers and sisters.Blessed Mother Mary is waiting for you to come to her.God bless you all.Miracles do happen.

Tessy Life    July, 10 2013 - Nigeria
Our Blessed Mother and dear Lord have been very wonderful to me, even though I know I am an undeserving wretch. I came across this site late last month and the stories I read really fired me and even increased my devotion to the recitation of the daily rosary and I wish I could spread this great devotion all over the world. Our Blessed Mother obtained a favour for me and I want to share it with the whole world.
I got married July last year and we’ve been trying to conceive since then, I was quite complacent initially and wasn’t praying really hard about it. But after many months of trying, it started getting to me, but I was still not using all the avenues of graces I had at my disposal (novenas, mass booking etc), I was even skipping rosaries on several days in a row and sometimes when I do pray it, it was done mindlessly.
My husband was getting so worried after months of trying that I was always afraid to tell him whenever I start my period, because he will become so downcast and unhappy for a while before cheering up again. My husband wanted us to go to the hospital after about 8 months of trying but I told him that I read that if you are not yet 35 you should wait for at least 1 year of actively trying before going to a fertility specialist.
What brought me crying to the Blessed Mother was when a colleague at work told me in May about one popular Pentecostal church in Nigeria he attended and the pastor was naturally gifted and God was working many miracles through him. I wondered why he was telling me that as I don’t attend non-catholic fellowships and gatherings. He said he was telling me so that I would honour his or anybody’s invitation to that church, I told him I don’t do attend other churches and he scornfully told me that even another catholic colleague at work honours such invitation when invited. I called me out to tell me all this and I knew it was because I wasn’t pregnant yet that he was telling me all the nonsense he was sprouting. We had about 10 days left in the May devotion, that very day I started my own private rosary novena to the Blessed Mother, and told her that I know she is greater than any created being on earth and in heaven and that she should confound all who were ridiculing her children – I told our Blessed Lady to “show herself a mother” and help me with the fruit of the womb. I don’t know how it happened but I was very confident of our Lady’s help. And you wont believe it, I became pregnant last month and I’ve been so grateful to our Lord and Lady and all the heavenly hosts that interceded for me.
Please Catholics should not go running to other places in their time of need – we have too many channels of grace at our disposal – Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, all kinds of Novena, we can keep booking masses, the list is endless. And please be encouraged to keep praying our rosary daily in prayerful confidence, it is a wonderful gift from our Blessed Mother in heaven. Ave Maria!!!
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Wonderful story. The power of the rosary is available to all those that believe, Catholic and non-Catholic.

ann mary    July, 05 2013 - Sharjah
The day I came to sharjah, I really wished for a rosary. I simply prayed for a new rosary. And one of my husband's cousin gave us a stunning pink rosary. I am sure Mother Mary gifted us that rosary. Another grace I received was that during my stay in India I had to undergo certain family issues. I really never wanted to hate anybody. But was so sad when my family was indifferent with us. I prayed the rosary. A miracle occurred the next day when all of them came to visit us. Awe Maria


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