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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Afrochic    June, 21 2013 - Nigeria
I worked in a bank for over a year. Fridays are always very busy day for us. On a certain Friday, the banking hall was crowded with customers and i had just began my job in the tellering department.
Due to the pressure and also nervousness, i must have miscalculated a customer's withdrawal or mixed up the cash i was handling when to my horror, i discovered a shortage of 40,000 naira in my till at the end of the day's work. I was devastated. I rechecked my transactions for the day but they were accurate. I was left with the choices to declare it to my supervisors or pay with my money. However, i told a senior colleague who advised me to remain calm and hold till monday to see if we'd find the money.
I went home very sad and miserable and anxious. On Saturday evening, i prayed the Rosary telling our mother all that happened and commending the problem to her.
I got to work on monday morning ready to replace my shortage from my account when a young lady entered the bank and handed a piece of paper to me. On it was written "Hello Ma, on friday, You overpaid me by 40,000 and i am here to return the money". I couldn't believe it! I was in shock as people hardly return such money. I ran to my colleague immediately and told her what had happened. She was ecstatic and told me i was very lucky.
I thanked the girl profusely and prayed down blessings on her and promised to reward her in some measure. I got down her name and phone number. Her name was 'Grace'.
It was indeed a gracious miracle for me. My heart was filled with gratitude to the BVM. I am a legionary but have fallen behind in my duties. I stumbled on this site while looking for inspiration to rejuvenate my prayer life and marian devotion and i have found that inspiration reading all the stories on this site. I literally stay up all night reading the testimonies and they fill me with so much hope.
It has reenkindled my interest in the Rosary as i do not pray it regularly. I have vowed to do so henceforth. I am at a crossroad in my life and needing God's guidance and direction in my career. I pray our Mother accepts me back as her child because she is truly amazing. I thank Jesus and the Holy spirit for giving us a wonderful mother in Mary. Praise to be God.

Tina    June, 21 2013 -
First of all I want to say is if you havenít started to say this Novena then start because God does hear you! I heard about this Rosary Novena in January and I bought myself one of the books with all the prayers. I am the type of person that doesnít like sharing my prayer life with anyone especially my own family. So, while I was away at college I started to say this prayer by myself. No matter how much I tried I was never able to complete the novena. When I started to say it I would receive a signal grace and think everything is okay and stop praying the novena but then everything would turn around for the worse. When I came home for the summer, one of my goals was to complete the 54-Day Novena. For a month I was unable to say this Novena at all. I finally decided to say it with my family. We said it for three days for a specific reason. Even though that request is still unanswered we received another blessing/ signal grace. Last year we were going to start a business and opened up a phone and Internet account at the potential location. However due to certain circumstances we didnít buy the business. We were going through another financial problem during this time and realized this guy took $20,000 from us. When we asked for it back he gave us bad checks that we couldnít cash in due to insufficient funds in his account. Slowly he started to ignore our calls and emails. We then remembered that we had a utility account in our name in his business that he was using. We tried to call the Utility Company but we couldnít even access it because we didnít have the account number. We couldnít do anything so we let it go. A few months later we got a call from the utility company stating that there was over $2000 due and that we had to pay. We called them and told them to cancel the account and we arenít responsible. We told the utility company not to allow any restart on the account. This guy then called under our name and initiated a restart and the company gave it to him. All he had to do was sign under our name and he was able to get the restart in our name. We got another call from the utility company and they told us they would be coming in for the appointment. We were confused. We then called and complained we said that we didnít initiate a restart and they said okay and that they will cancel it. I then called the day before the restart was originally set to happen just for fun and to make this guy didnít call as me but apparently they never canceled the account. We were fed up. We called are utility company and got mad. We told them that a restart may not be done on this account unless he pays off the full money and takes it in his name. We even emailed him the transfer form stating that this benefits him and that if he doesnít accept to a transfer then the utility company would go to court because there was evidence that he was cheating us. We gave him a dayís time and still nothing happened. We then got busy with other things and decided to let it go but today we got a phone call from the utility company stating to confirm the restart appointment. WE WERE MAD. We couldnít believe he did it to us again. We called the utility company but it turned out to be for the better. The company told us that he transferred the account to his name and that he is taking full responsibility for his account. They stated that an appointment was set for Friday and that it should change then. We are so happy! WE are waiting until next Friday to know for sure that he changed it but this was 3 days after starting this Rosary Novena. Before we started it he never worked with us or agreed to transfer it to his name. This is truly a miracle. Even though the specific request we are praying for wasnít answered. This is still an important miracle to us especially during this crisis we are going through. God is Great. He is truly great! Pray this Novena!

peter kamau    June, 19 2013 -
My heavenly mother The Blessed Virgin Mary has granted me many signal graces over the years.About 2yrs ago I was working the night shift as I had done over the last 8yrs. I had on my feet a pair of new cleanroom shoes that over a period of a month had made my feet and ankles throb with pain. Having started praying the rosary over a year prior to this, I silently cried to God and asked him for relief of the pain. Before I even completed my request, a warm tingling sensation that began above my knees gently swept downwards all the way to my feet taking with it all my pain!. Needless to say I stood there for minute trying to absorb what had just happened and then I remembered our Holy Mothers promises for those who pray the rosary. To this day the Rosary is my constant companion. Thank you mama Mary.

Paul    June, 14 2013 - Washington
I had always been an anxious person, i never checked, but i do believe that I have a serious anxious mental problem that most diagnosed people have to take medication for it. My mental problem trucks me greatly in times of emotional problem related to my bad-experienced love relationships. When im happy in the relationship, im fine, but when things go wrong, oh dear my heart rate goes crazy, my back head hurts so much, my mind goes wild with very negative thoughts, which results me to not being able to focus on work, not wanting to eat, not being able to do anything at all, just full of great anxiety to suisidal thoughts. I had gone through many broken heart breakups, and each time was like physical torture to my mind and body too.

I have known of the Holy Rosary since I was a kid by my mom, but naver recited it in a correct way (I only recited 10 Hail Mary, and didn't recite any Mistery!). Lately, I had been in a breakup, and my mental problem trucked me like usual, one day I randomly found this website, and started learning more about the Holy Rosary, I then recite the Rosary in a correct way (recite all 4 Misteries, 5 Decade each), every day. Since then, I have been noticing the fading of my mental problem, I have been less affected by it gradually, and not so overwhelmed by it. I now feeling renewed, and being much more possitive than ever, by the power of reciting the Holy Rosary! And I have been experiencing many Grace, prayers answered though Mother Mary! (I wrote many of my own stories on this site).

PS: When I look back, I realize that the day that I started learning about the Rosary was May 13th (truthfully!) , which was also the first Apperation of Mother Mary at Fatima!

Paul    June, 14 2013 - Washington
This story took place in CA. On January this year, my mom was rushed to the hospital in 911 ambulant (for the first time) because of her heart attach. She is over 60, no income, couldn't afford private insurance, only has 1 health insurance from the governemnt that only cover medicine and the hospital fee ONLY at their desinated hospital in the area. That day, the 911 ambulant took my mom to the closest local private hospital!!! I knew in my mind that this will not be cheap at all!!! My mom had to stay in there for 1 night for all kind of treatments, shots, Xray... She then was discharged and went home. Week later, she got 5 different bills mailed to her: $70ish, $200ish, $600ish, $1,000ish; and a freaking $20,000ish (seriously for real!). I prayed on the Holy Rosary to Mother Mary daily, for me to be able to call them and arrange an advocate to talk to them about my mom's living situation, and about her health insurance from the government. Many phone calls were made, for weeks. Finally, the hospital could convince the health insurant that my mom has to cover EVERYTHING for her!!! We didn't have to pay for anything cost at all. We could not thank Mother Mary enough for her help and Grace! Hail Mary!

(Note: we are still wondering what the $20,000ish bill was about, I think it must have been a mis calculation. But thanks to Mother Mary!)

Paul    June, 14 2013 - Washington
Tax refund this year (2013) was delayed, everything draw back about 2-3 months late. Plus, I was moving from CA to WA right at the time of tax return. Beginning of April, it was more than 1 month later for me to get my tax refund compare to the prior years, so I called in. Found out that for some reason, instead of direct deposit as usually, this year they mailed me a check to the address that I lived at, where I moved out 2 years a go(very strange)! So I curtainly lost that check. I told the IRS Rep, they told me they couldn't do anything about it until 2 months since they sent the check, by then they will be able to trace the check and send me another check, they could not just send me another check, nor direct deposit to me (for some reason that I don't know!). I prayed on the Holy Rosary to Mother Mary daily for me to receive the refund ASAP. So finally the check arrived at my new address where i'm living (in WA) on beginning of May (instead of predicted June). I thank Mother Mary so much! Hail Mary!

Paul    June, 14 2013 - Washington
For some unknown reason, one of my coworker has been showing neglecting to me directly, when he crossed path me, he acted like i'm invisible, I said "good morning", or "Hi", he didn't bother to respond, very strange and weird. I don't know what is wrong, but he started acting like that exclusively to me directly. Last night I prayed the Holy Rosary to Mother Mary and asked Her that whatever is wrong between me and him, please solve our problem. Today, he suddenly came to my work station, smiled and asked what is the good place that we (our department) is going to meet up today at lunch, so I answered with normal voice, and acted like nothing has happened between us two. I thank dear Mother Mary for all the little thing She helps me in my daily life. Hail Mary!


Rosary Promise #8: "Those who are faithful to recite the rosary shall have during their life and at their death, the light of God and the plentitude of His graces; at the moment of death they shall participate in the merits of the saints in paradise."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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