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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Maria    July, 03 2013 - Amsterdam
Finally after 8 months of agony over debts and my husband loosing job , he has got a very good job offer and this was made possible by my Mother Mary through the rosary novena submitted to her.

My husband lost his job 8 months back,my husband had been to see his mother who was in ICU and was on leaves ,soon after she passed away, he got to know that he had lost his job as well .
We were undergoing real tough times and there were a lot of fights between oursleves due to the growing debts and frustration and along with me my 1 yr old baby was also suffering due to my husbands uncontrollable emotions and mannerisms.everytime my husband had an interview he succeded till the last round but always getting rejected being highly experienced in his field.i used to cry and pray daily but then did not say rosary.My husband coming from a jacobite bacground did not give much importance to rosary , and i come from catholic background and used to say the rosary everyday at home as a child.however after 6 months of terrible times i very unussually started reading about the rosary and then read about the 54 day novena and the testimonies (mainly on this site) , i too decided to say the 54 day novena i started the first time and stopped half the way ... but then i could feel the peace at my home .. my husband was being more calm and approachable..then i asked my mother who is in india to pray for me ... my mom started to pray the 54 day novena ... and miraculously we dont know from where , my husband happened to meet a guy who said there is an opening for a manager in his team and to forward him the resume , my husband forwarded the resume soon after which he was called for interview and he was selected and today he got the work order approved and in the 2nd stage.
I do not know how i should praise mother mary for taking away all the troubles and giving back my and my family is indebted throughout our lifetime to our mother of timely help .another surprise is my husband started saying rosary and has agreed to pray the rosary daily ...Thank you mother... and Thank You my dear Jesus.

Maryanka    June, 30 2013 - U.S,A.
recently I was praying a novena prayer followed by a rosary for a specific problem (as yet not resolved) related to my work situation, but at the end of the 9 days I experienced a signal (special) grace that might not be completely unrelated. Time will tell. A little background, since 1983 when I was diagnosed by a doctor as having "low blood sugar with a borderline curve toward diabetes" I have struggled to find the key to health and happiness. Many complications because I also discovered other food intolerances and food allergies. It has been a long process of trying to figure out what I can eat that will not cause illness, bad moods, etc . . . I don't think I ever prayed to be healed of the problem. I figured I was being corrected or it was some kind of punishment or spiritual cleansing I needed to undergo. About a year ago, though, I had a really BAD bout of acid reflux and was also diagnosed as having gastritis. I prayed for healing of the acid reflux. But, as I had been eating "healthy" I was bummed out about it and it caused me to go off my healthy diet. I decided that whole grains were too hard to digest, and after years of eating healthy I switch to white rice and other processed foods. I also stopped checking my blood sugar readings and told myself that there was no difference (blood sugar wise) between eating whole grains and processed grains. I threw portion control of carbs out the window, etc . . . Of course, this is nothing but denial. One positive thing that did come out of the gastritis though was I asked my doctor what to call my blood sugar condition and he said it was "insulin resistance". So, after 30 years, I finally had the right condition to research. I started to become aware that I really felt strange, as if my blood pressure was sky high (but it was actually quite low) One night (during the time of the novena prayer) I had a meal which included white rice (lots of it!!) and finally decided to check my blood sugar using an old monitor that I knew to be the most accurate of the two monitors I had. My blood sugar was sky high no matter which monitor I used. Not a good situation and the readings stayed high for HOURS after I had eaten that white rice. I feared I was becoming diabetic, which is rampant in my family history. I prayed that night for help with my blood sugar problem. Then, it was as if all the info I had been gathering for 30 years suddenly fell into place. I thought I needed to avoid low blood sugar and didn't worry if I ate something that made it go up, so long as it didn't go back down suddenly. But that assumption was based on my original diagnosis of "low blood sugar." But I realized that night the real danger is when the blood sugar is up high because that is hard on hte body. Now, . . . here is the grace that occurred. The next morning I resolved to take positive action. I would not worry about the money but go ahead and buy test strips for the more expensive monitor. And, as I am not taking any medication for my condition, I would try using cassia cinnamon to control the blood sugar response, something I had read about in my search. I had tried it in the past but stopped using it, since I was still thinking my problem was low blood sugar . . . it occurred to me that I may still have the old bottle of cinnamon capsules. I checked in my vitamin cabinet and was removing things from the cabinet to find it. I still had it and sat the bottle down on the countertop. Then I noticed I had also pulled out a box of test strips for the expensive monitor. I was 100% sure I had no more of those test strips, but when I opened the box there was a drum containing 17 unused test strips, enough to hold me over until the new ones I ordered arrived. That was a clear sign to me that I should start taking the cinnamon and use the more expensive monitor. So, I did that and I am feeling so much better. It is not as if I can suddenly eat sugar. I still must avoid sugar in all its forms and refined carbs. But now I take the cinnamon (one capsule only) before a meal that contains a normal portion of whole grains as my carb. My blood sugar does not go into diabetic range. For me this is truly a blessing. My mood is better and I am less reactive to little hurts and stresses. Thank you sweet, Jesus :) A word of warning though, please do not try cinnamon unless you are sure your blood sugar is shooting up high. If your blood sugar is low when you take cassia cinnamon it will go down even lower. If you are diabetic and already taking medicines that control blood sugar, please consult your doctor before trying cassia cinnamon . . . I don't want anyone to get sick just because they read this post !! Have a good day and pray the rosary :)

Akachi    June, 27 2013 - Nigeria
I grew up seeing my mother recite the rosary. She taught me how to say the prayers and she faithfully recited the rosary daily.

She passed away a week ago. My father was with her when she died. He told me that he had to go out and bring a Priest to give her the last rites and sacrament before she died. She died a peaceful and happy death.

My friends, the promises of the Holy Rosary are true. The 7th promise states that "Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die without the Sacraments of the Church". So true. I am a living witness. Please keep saying this most powerful prayer.

Tina    June, 24 2013 -
More Signal Graces! We were on our 5th day of this Novena and we received two signal graces. The first one was a rosary. We had Father’s day celebrations at our church and the priest usually gives people a gift of a pen but this time he changed it to a rosary. How surprising especially because my father got a white rosary which is a symbol of purity. The second signal grace was later in the evening. We were scared a company wouldn’t provide supplies for us because some problems came up last year. For the last few months we were debating on whether or not we should hand in the form. We were unsure if it would do us more good than bad. Finally we decided to hand it in. The guy told us he would let us know in a week however that never happened. We called the guy and he never picked up either. We received a call last week stating that we got it and that they will be coming in next week. All of this happened because we started to say the 54-Day Rosary Novena! Say it and see for yourself the protection and guidance Mother Mary gives you!

kelly    June, 24 2013 -
I started praying the Rosary a few months ago and life has become better! My Mum really wanted to move house to a location in the town as our car was always breaking down and she even broke her hand while trying to walk to town once. I asked My Dear Mother Mary for us to move to a better place, and we are here now in our new place! And we are so happy here Thank you God and Mother Mary for this blessing!

Bindu    June, 23 2013 - Qatar
Mother Mary has always been there for me. She helped restore peace in my marriage without us asking. Me and my husband started praying the rosary and reading bible after attending a retreat last November. We usually used to have at least 2 or 3 fights every week over petty things..but we realised after starting to pray the rosary that we were not fighting so much anymore...thank u mama Mary...mother Mary also helped my husband get a very good job in a government co. Becos of which we don't have to worry about searching for another had been years we had been searching for a job like this but we had never prayed to mother Mary ...when we started saying the rosary so many of our problems seem to be getting sorted ....everything seems like a miracle...thank u mother Mary for guiding and protecting us....anyone out there who is searching for a miracle please pray the rosary daily and read the bible especially the will see miracles in your life...

Afrochic    June, 21 2013 - Nigeria
I worked in a bank for over a year. Fridays are always very busy day for us. On a certain Friday, the banking hall was crowded with customers and i had just began my job in the tellering department.
Due to the pressure and also nervousness, i must have miscalculated a customer's withdrawal or mixed up the cash i was handling when to my horror, i discovered a shortage of 40,000 naira in my till at the end of the day's work. I was devastated. I rechecked my transactions for the day but they were accurate. I was left with the choices to declare it to my supervisors or pay with my money. However, i told a senior colleague who advised me to remain calm and hold till monday to see if we'd find the money.
I went home very sad and miserable and anxious. On Saturday evening, i prayed the Rosary telling our mother all that happened and commending the problem to her.
I got to work on monday morning ready to replace my shortage from my account when a young lady entered the bank and handed a piece of paper to me. On it was written "Hello Ma, on friday, You overpaid me by 40,000 and i am here to return the money". I couldn't believe it! I was in shock as people hardly return such money. I ran to my colleague immediately and told her what had happened. She was ecstatic and told me i was very lucky.
I thanked the girl profusely and prayed down blessings on her and promised to reward her in some measure. I got down her name and phone number. Her name was 'Grace'.
It was indeed a gracious miracle for me. My heart was filled with gratitude to the BVM. I am a legionary but have fallen behind in my duties. I stumbled on this site while looking for inspiration to rejuvenate my prayer life and marian devotion and i have found that inspiration reading all the stories on this site. I literally stay up all night reading the testimonies and they fill me with so much hope.
It has reenkindled my interest in the Rosary as i do not pray it regularly. I have vowed to do so henceforth. I am at a crossroad in my life and needing God's guidance and direction in my career. I pray our Mother accepts me back as her child because she is truly amazing. I thank Jesus and the Holy spirit for giving us a wonderful mother in Mary. Praise to be God.


Rosary Promise #5: "Those who recommend themselves to me by the recitation of the rosary shall not perish."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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