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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Pinky Mac    July, 10 2017 - CA
The moment I decided to do a 54 Day Novena so many negative thoughts immediately overcame me. The temptation not to pray or whatever else may be strong but you have to remember that you are not in this alone, you just have to fight it. I have been praying for a specific petition every day.

This morning (like 6am), I prayed the rosary with all my heart. When I reached the 4th mystery, I heard a choir singing. When I finished the rosary, the choir just kept singing its lovely tune. This NEVER happens and my unit is facing the parking lot and I never get to hear such music. While entering the office, I saw two interns one was wearing a skirt with roses printed on it and the other was wearing a dress with orange roses on it! I'm trying to shake off the fact that it might just be coincidence. At around lunch time, I decided to pray another rosary. In the chapel, I was all alone except for the cleaning lady who seemed busy with her chores. I prayed and cried out to Our Lady.. towards the end of the rosary, the cleaning lady went inside one of the rooms and turned on a switch! It happened to light up the stained glass of Our Lady. Then there was a meeting after lunch. Our guest speaker was discussing the symptoms of a certain disease. I was surprised that he mentioned a specific rash called "Rose Spots". The signal graces have been coming in left and right! I hope that my petition will be answered and while I still have so much doubt in my heart, I will do my best to continue praying.

Caramel    July, 07 2017 -
Sometime last year, I was in a relationship. It was the kind of stuff you would see in movies.. but he had to move to another state for his job. We ended things because he decided his career was more important than the relationship. For a year, I was miserable. Wondering whether or not I did something wrong or if it was an excuse. I prayed and prayed but things didn't seem to get any better. There were days when I'd feel like God was telling me to wait but sometimes I felt as if I waited in vain. I almost gave up praying completely. I have whispered in every church, in every prayer, every day that we be reconciled. I stumbled on the 54 Day Novena three months ago and decided to give it a try.

And I found out yesterday that he's on his way home. :)

Obasi Chiazoka    July, 07 2017 - Nigeria
Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary and Joseph. Praise the Lord. Alleluia. I'm back again. I got my motivation from some of the many miracles here. My dad was in search of his ATM-Card and I was the last person who helped him withdraw with it. It's been 2 weeks or so. Now that he plans making use of it, it's no where to be found. We've searched for it everywhere, even where it is kept all the time. I was sad not just because I used it last, but because of the stress my dad will pass through blocking and getting another. Accident? Robbery? And the fact that he'll need to go to another state because of the issue the ones in the state have with the state government which led to their closure in the state made me sad and concerned. I went to my room and prayed using the Luminous Mystery and the Express Prayer of Mother Teresa(10 Memorare Prayers). I told Mother Mary that I don't know how She will do it, but I'm confident She will. I did the same thing before I went to sleep. The next day, I was awoken by my dad, when he told me he had found it. He said something was telling him to search a particular bag. Wow!!!. Isn't She Marvellous? Isn't She Awesome? I went down on my knees in thanksgiving on hearing it. Another thing that motivated me posting it here is the fact that I told this particular issue to a friend and when she enquired about what I'd do next. I told her I prayed about it. She laughed and said 'Prayed', I replied her saying 'Yes, Prayed'. She did not believe prayer was of any help in this kind of situation and that's it for all of us. Sometimes, we're presented we situations and then doubt if prayer would be of any help. Why don't we just do it anyways?. She hears, listens and grants our prayers in ways and time we don't expect. Thank you Dear Mother. Thank you Dear Mother. Thank you Dear Mother. I Love You.

Edelweiss    June, 29 2017 -
Yesterday, I decided to offer some sort of sacrifice while doing my Novena. Today, I gave in to temptation and did the one thing I told Our Lady I wouldn't do :( I prayed the rosary asking for forgiveness. I felt like I was unworthy and I have disappointed God and Our Lady. The devil has a way of making you feel worse, btw. And for a while there, I almost didn't pray the rosary because there was "no point in praying" because there is no sign of improvement and how could I ever get my petition if I broke my promise? I rallied on and prayed the rosary anyway, telling God and Our Lady that I was deeply sorry.

Then I asked for white roses as a sign that my prayers will be answered. Admittedly, I was scared because the answer might be a no. It hasn't even been fifteen minutes when I saw TWO photos of white roses :) goosebumps all over and tears fell while I said my thanks.

They (God and Our Lady) truly love you despite your shortcomings :')

Pajammies    June, 29 2017 -
I think the 54 Day Novena is such a beautiful novena. The grace and peace that it gives is really something else. Today, while I was walking home from work, I noticed how dark the clouds were. It was going to rain for sure. I walked by the chapel and decided to pray two consecutive rosaries (which isn't what I normally do) and I was really trying my best to concentrate and asking Our Mother for two petitions.

And all of a sudden, a ray of sunlight brightens up the altar and hits squarely on the tabernacle. I knew this was a signal grace of some sort because there wasn't any way this could have happened (Most certainly not in this weather). And on my second rosary, I could have sworn I smelled roses (the chapel was empty). My walk home from the chapel? It didn't rain. It was sunny but the sky was filled with storm clouds. It was as if Our Mother wanted me to get home before the rained poured in. :)

TN    June, 23 2017 -
I have prayed this novena twice in the past and all my intentions were fully answered. First time I prayed to graduate because I failed two papers, repeatedly failing one for 4 straight years and n my final year was involved in exam misconduct. I tried all in vain to waive them and have already missed the first batch of graduating students. I started this novena for this intention and on the 54th day I told my brother I was expecting a miracle today. I started off to the office but stopped midway and decided to just call. Guess what?? I was told I will be cleared. Next my name appeared as one of the graduating students.

The second time I prayed it was when I finished my service year and looking for job. About 3 weeks (not sure) after completing it a got a job offer and after 3 weeks again i got another job offer with a very much higher pay.

I just concluded another novena early this month and one of my numerous requests was even granted before I concluded it. A viral sickness was cured from somebody I prayed for! I am currently awaiting the others to manifest. I will keep you guys posted. Mother Mary rocks!

P    June, 23 2017 -
I am on the last leg of my 54 Day Novena prayer. On most days, I have felt the peace and guidance of Our Lady. These past few days have been difficult because I am starting to doubt the authenticity of my signal graces and the lack of improvement in my situation. I'm thinking that this might be a test of my faith.

Today, I decided to pray the rosary in the chapel. I was tired from night shift but continued my rosary even if I was almost falling asleep. When I opened my eyes, I saw a ray of sunshine that shone on two places at the altar! One on the floral decoration which happened to have four roses and the other on the statue of Our Lady. I knew it was a signal grace because (1) roses! (2) It shone on Our Lady as well and (3) it was a gloomy day and sunshine is difficult to come by.

Later that day, I had lunch with my Mom who told
me, "have you been doing what I asked you to do? Don't forget to pray the rosary every day."

I still haven't felt the peace I was looking for and I see no improvement in my situation. I have a cloud of doubt surrounding me but despite it all, a little part of me still clings on to the ray of hope that Our Lady has given me through the signal graces she has sent :)


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