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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Deo Gratias    May, 24 2013 - Asia
Thanks be to God! Thanks be to Jesus! Thanks be to Mary, Our Lady Help of Christians!
I commenced my Rosary Novena, hoping that God would grant me a chance to study Medicine and be a doctor. It was 13th May, the date of release of Medical School interview list, and I wasn't on it. Feeling dismayed, I kept on praying Rosary in honor of Our Lady Help of Christians and St. Michael. It was 23rd May, the Feast of Mary Help of Christians in the Month of the Blessed Virgin, and I got an interview notification!!! What a miracle!
My Mother, I know that if I trust God, God will give me the best.
Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us! May your Holy Title be praised!
St. Michael, I trust you!
By the way, after praying the Rosary, I feel compelled to learn more about the Holy Bible. Now I won't feel bored when reading the Bible! What a miracle of conversion! And Mary has gradually transformed me to be less obstinate. Dear Mother, thanks for giving my soul the true freedom and joy in Jesus's light. Jesus is my Lord and I MUST have faith in you!

Claudia    May, 17 2013 - California
I have been praying the Rosary and also to St. Therese that my husband and I would be healed of infertility for the past 3 years. I am a cellist by profession and last week was called to play in harp, flute and cello trio for Oprah Winfrey's Mother's Day party on Sunday at her home. It was a lovely party and I was given a dozen pink, white and yellow roses by Oprah's assistant which were from her garden. It was a wonderful sign from heaven that the Blessed Mother and St. Therese hear my prayer. Oprah is a very gracious woman, and I went home and reviewed her special about the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist which she did 2 full hour episodes about in the last few years. "Everything is grace."

Paul    May, 14 2013 - California, USA
I知 just an ordinary guy, luckily got a fair good job right after graduated college on 2009. I had a good life, being able to take care of myself independently, bought all things I ever wished for while I were still in school: rented a nice room, new car, new speakers, new TV, etc. On 2011, I made a bad decision; I was lured into a big scam, I cashed out ALL of my credit cards, borrowed loans from private banks, and from family members, totally cost me nearly $50,000 of debt, including interest. I came from having everything, to having nothing, I sold everything I bought on Craigslist for dirt cheap for fast cash, left the rental house to live in my car for 2 years, and yes I literally slept in my car every night. Everything I got from my paychecks went all to my credit bills, and a little bit left just enough for gas and food. I had no more available credit to use. My life was incredibly horrible and miserable. I patiently kept paying for my bills so I got all the debts down to about $20,000. I cried to Jesus, Holy Mary, St Joseph; and prayed to Holy Rosary every night. Then my company where I worked had gone to an acquisition, people are announced to be laid off every month. The office was announced going to closure in 6 months. I was hopelessly prayed on Holy Rosary, I prayed for a Miracle that I could NOT believe it could ever happen (I even thought all my prayers are just plank impossible): I prayed for a miracle that gets me out of all debts soon, I prayed for being accepted for a new job soon.
I kept praying, short after, 3 months before the closure date of my office; I was offered a Relocation Package from the mother company, which offers me a total of $20,000 bonus; plus reimbursements for all moving costs, and a raise! I was SHOCKED because 98% of people are laid off in that passed 12 months. That was a HUGE MIRACLE for me, I could stay in the job, move to Washington State, I took that money to pay off for all of credit cards and loans, now I知 debt-free! Now I知 living a good life in WA, I could never imagine this was possible when I was living in my car. (I知 crying as I知 typing this story to you)
Hail Jesus, Holy Mary, St Joseph!!!

Liz    May, 09 2013 - USA
I have been praying for a very important intention for quite some time. I was doing the 54 day rosary novena and a novena to St. Therese.

Inspired by Mariam's story, I decided to pray a rosary with the promise of submitting my story if given an answer in the form of red roses. I left for church and when I returned, saw on 3 different occasions red roses. One was a picture of a red rose with my name printed below! Praise God!

Mariam    May, 04 2013 - Canada
Whenever I feel a distance from Mother Mary and feel lazy to pray the Rosary, I always come to this site to read all these miracle stories.. and it has always brought me closer to Mother Mary and increased my faith in praying the Rosary...Today im here to share a small miracle Mother Mary did for me... I live in a basement and my kitchen sink has a pump below it which helps to pump the water out from the sink.. This pump stopped working yesterday evening and so all the water in the sink leaked from the pipes onto my kitchen floor.... it was such a mess and the whole place was stinking so bad... and i couldn't use the kitchen sink or wash any of my dishes... This pump has had the same issue earlier around 3 months back...and at that time my house owner had to bring in the plumber to remove the pump and clean the filter and do all that stuff... in short i wasnt able to use the kitchen for around 2 days until the pump was fixed.. i couldn't cook too and that's very bad when u have an 18 month old baby to take care of, not to mention all the mess from the dirty sink water and the stink.... so i felt very upset that it stopped working again but this time instead of calling the house owner, because it was already night time around 8pm, i decided to pray the Rosary and told Mother Mary that if the pump starts working as soon as i finish my Rosary i would testify it on this website.. When i finished the Rosary i filled the sink with water to see if it was getting pumped out... to my disappointment nothing happened..... all that additional water also leaked out onto my floor....i went to bed more upset than before... but today morning i woke up and tried again.... to my great surprise and relief... the pump worked!!! i tried again and again.... its working perfectly :) :) :) I am sooo happy and thankful to Mother Mary that she did not abandon me... and this is me keeping my promise to Her of testifying this miracle. Ave Maria!! Praise be to Jesus!!
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Thank you for sharing your wonderful signal grace story! Your testimony exemplifies how prayers get answered, but not answered based on our timing, wants, or demands. All prayers, including rosary prayers to Mary for intercession, are answered only in accordance with God's Perfect Will and Timing.

Edward F.    April, 29 2013 -
Dear Editor, like Peter John from Philipines, I too had a dream about ten years or more ago. I hadn't been sleeping well for two days. I eventually fell asleep and had a bad dream which in involved demons as far as I can remember. All of a sudden the phrase "Our lady of mount Carmel" appeared heard and the demons fled, thank you Mother Mary, St Joseph.

nke    April, 24 2013 - Lisboa
i have just been reading some great testimonies. i am going to tell a story which i was told by a great friend years ago. she went to a reverend sisters school called st.marys girls school in lesotho.
the school car owned by the church got stolen. she says the whole school recited the novena every morning before classes. she says days later, one morning to their surprise they woke up only to find the car parked infront of the school. she used to joke not and say, i wonder what those thieves experienced that made them bring the car back to the very spot they stole it.
Mother Mary and his son Jesus Christ are amazing.


Rosary Promise #1: "Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the rosary, shall receive signal graces."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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