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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

eric    April, 19 2013 - philippines
more than a year ago... i went to different dentists because i had a compacted tooth to have it extracted. the dentists that i went to said that it is a complicated situation. many of them refused to extract the tooth some even charged higher amt to have it extracted. some said that they do not have the equipment to extract it. finally, there was someone who was willing to extract my tooth... he said that it will need a surgery and that it will take 3 to 5 hours to do the operation. we then had an agreement to meet on the following day to do the extraction. i ask my parents to pray for me and ask the intercession of Mother Mary. I also prayed the rosary and I ask for the intercession of Mother Mary. On the day of the extraction, my girlfriend went with me to the dentist and she was also praying for me. The name of my girlfriend is Fatima, the name where Mary had an apparition. She stayed at my side during the extraction. i kept on praying while the dentist did the operation. and to my surprise, there was no surgery and the extraction did not even take one hour. and the dentist even charged me less. it was even the lowest charge that i got from the other dentists. i was so thankful to God who guided the hand of the dentist and to Mother Mary who accompanied me and made her presence felt through my girlfriend.

jomar blanquisco    April, 18 2013 - MANILA
Thank you Lord Father God Yahweh El Shaddai with the Holy Spirit,through the intercession of Mother Mary, i make a 54 days rosary novena for the petition to pass in in the board exam for teachers, i ask intercession of different saints, St Therese of the Child Jesus, St Bernadette, St Philomena, St Claire, St Jude Thaddeus, St Joseph of Cupertino, St Francis of Assisi, St Benedict, Blessed Pedro Calungson etc. NOw i passed the Board Exam. Thank you thank you thank you Lord, I love You, Mama Mary and all the saints thank you.

Maryanka    April, 15 2013 - Texas, U.S.A.
I am not sure this is a signal grace, but since it occurred immediately after I prayed the rosary I am posting it here. Just after Easter, I was upset over something deeply hurtful a friend had said to me and I had taken it to Mary in prayer. I did some crying, I will tell you that, and was not having a good day at all. As soon as I finished the rosary, the final amen just leaving my mouth, I heard a knock on our front door. I was alone and I do not like to open the door to strangers. I peeked through the peep hole and saw it was a young woman and a girl approx. 10 years old. I figured they were selling something for the girl's school so my plan was to not open the door. But these two were persistent, next thing you know they are coming down the driveway to knock on our back patio door. I relented and opened the door to them. My first impression was that the woman seemed unhealthy, her skin had a bluish tint, she looked like a heavy smoker or perhaps a drug user. The exact type of person I would normally steer clear of. She said she and the girl had been taking a walk down our street and noticed my roses and wanted to know if they could pick one. I had no idea what she was talking about. I do not have roses in my front flower bed. It turns out she meant a camellia that still had a few blooms on it. I got out my clippers and clipped each of them a bloom. That is when I saw there was a tatooed young man with them. He stood at the end of the driveway with his hands behind his back and never entered our property. I would never have opened the door to them had I known there was a man with them. But there was something about the man, despite his outward appearance, that set me at ease. The woman chatted with me and misidentified several flowers in my garden. She would say "is that a lily?" and I would say, "no that is an iris" and so on. She asked if the camellia could be rooted, I told her she could try and gave her a cutting. Then, she turned to the girl and said "I will plant this next to the dogwood. You know, the tree Jesus was crucified on" The girl seemed a little confused and she re-worded it to "the type of tree Jesus was crucified on" Now, I must admit, I wanted to correct her but held my tongue. I knew that was not a biblical fact but was just a legend. But, I decided it would be wrong to contradict the woman, especially in front of her child. I believe I was being tested, because this woman got everything wrong, and the man seemed to know she was getting everything wrong, standing there at a respectful distance with his hands behind his back. Then, the capper to this story, just as they were about to leave the setting sun hit the girls bright yellow sweat pants and for a few seconds those pants literally glowed. I have never seen a yellow that bright. The three of them left and I have not seen them since. If this was a signal grace, or some sort of angelic visitation, I really do not know what it might signify. It made me feel better though, less lonely, more loved than I felt before I answered the knock on my door. And, just think, I almost didn't answer . . .

Peter John    April, 12 2013 - philippines
I am reading stories here just now and i found a story that has a date of March 30 2013.... that is my birthday.. I will share to you how the rosary saved my life on my 15th birthday.. It was march 30, friday.. I was alone at my house because my parents are on their work, about 1pm I slept on my bed.. Just before I knew it, my dream is very scary.. It's a nightmare!! On my dream I couldn't move because an old lady was in front of me and i know that she is bad and evil. I did my best to move but i could not, then my wallet with my rosary inside of it just appeared on my side.. I picked the rosary and when I held it, I moved and ran away.. Then I woke up from that frightful nightmare. sweat over my body.. When I woke up the rosary isn't on my side.. I knew it.. Mama Mary interceded in my dreams by the way of Her rosary to save me.. I love you Mama Mary and Lord Jesus.

Jonah Aiza    April, 09 2013 -
The rosary saved my life. My car spin 360 degrees after hitting the guard rail in a super highway accident, I came out unhurt. That day I felt all the promises of Mama Mary fulfilled. Please pray, she loves us so much. Glory God and his son Jesus Christ!

Lince Mathew    April, 06 2013 - Kerala
God has done a great miracle in my life through the prayers of Mother Mary which is as below:

I am a software engineer working in a reputable software company which is also a miracle manifested by the intervention of Mother Mary....
Due to lack of projects in my office I was without any work since November 2012 (5-6 months). I was literally worried regarding my performance rating and my revised pay sacle which depends upon the amount and quilty of the work done in the previous months. 6 months without work is really a matter of worry and such a person in such a state of 'no work' will usually get a grade of 'D' or 'E' which would decrease my pay, stop my promotion and I will be marked.
I used to say rosary stating this problem of my life and also used to claim the promises as provided in Bible. Today I got the mail stating that I have got a 'C' which is quite a safe rating and there will be no decrement, only increase and I am qualified to get promoted. Guys believe in the power of rosary and also claim the promises as stated in the bible and you will always be safe whatever be the situation you are facing.
Hail Mary..
Praise Jesus

Lena    April, 03 2013 - Elk Grove, CA
About a week ago I prayed the rosary & Novena for my girl friend. She was having a difficult & tough time with her husband disrespectin her, calling out of her name, being Insecure & , being very negative towards her. A couple of days later she called me upset of her husband behavior. I had told her I have been praying the rosary/Novena for your husband a couple of days ago The Lord/Holy spirit has placed it on my heart to pray for your husband. I asked Mama Mary specifically to pray for your husband so he can treat you better & respect you better. The next day she called me to say Thankyou so much for praying for my Hubby she said someone is actually hearing your prayers whatever you prayed about it worked. My Hubby got down on bended knee in front of my job in the middle of street with a dozen of flowers & apologized to me for how he has been treating me lately & begged me to not to leave him he also mentioned to her he kept hearing a voice in his head to apologize to hid wife & to give her red rose he listen to voice & did it. She told me my Hubby has never acted this way we have been together for 10 years & this is really odd of him to surprise me like this because he is so selfish. I asked her what type of flowers did your hubby give you she said red roses. I was in shock because I feel Mother Mary showed me a sign & answered my prayer for my friends hubby. Thanks Mama Mary for your help in interceeding.


Rosary Promise #6: "Whoever shall recite the rosary devoutly, applying himself to the consideration of its sacred Mysteries shall never be conquered by misfortune. God will not chastise him in His justice, he shall not perish by an unprovided death; if he be just, he shall remain in the grace of God, and become worthy of eternal life."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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