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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

April    March, 30 2013 - Las Vegas, NV
Another signal grace while reading inspiring stories on this site...

Five days ago I started the 54 day novena to reconcile a relationship with my loved one. It has been about a month since we communicated, he would just avoid any type of communication whatsoever. Mind you he is a very difficult man, but I love him unconditionally. I read almost every testimonial on this site (got to about page 34), I was feeling so inspired and my faith in our Holy Mother was just getting stronger and I knew she would help me out in this desperate situation with him. In the middle of reading a story submitted on this site, my phone alerts me of a new message...from him! He even asked to see me last night and I agreed. We had some heartfelt conversations and came to a compromise in order to make our relationship work. I'm so in love with this man and I'm forever grateful God and our Holy Mother has come to our aid and given us a second chance to reconcile and build a strong foundation for our relationship. I encourage everyone to pray the rosary and to never lose hope or faith!

Maryanka    March, 29 2013 - Texas, USA
signal graces are, for me at least, signs of approval of a direction or effort I have taken, or something will happen and this will lead down a certain path. Here are two examples that happened the other day and today that seem related in some mysterious way. I am an artist. Over the years (I am 55), I have painted, drawn, done photography, basket weaving, pottery, poetry writing, you name it. Currently I focus mainly on rosary making and rosary restoration. The rosary is very important to my life and is actually my maine way (my link) to Jesus. About 16 years ago, something happened and I got discouraged and pretty much stopped painting and no longer even considered myself a legitimate artist, except during brief spurts of activity before I became blocked again. Recently, started painting again. I noticed that I felt closer to God (elated, lighter) when I would paint (the same way I feel when I am restoring a rosary or praying the rosary), even though there appears to be no "purpose" to my artwork other than it is therapeutic for me. The other day I had painted and was cleaning up and noticed a beautiful red heart shape (remnants of cadmium red paint I had been using) that was left behind on my pallette. It was more beautiful than anything I could ever paint, and I felt it was a little sign of love or affection from the other side. I scanned an image of it to post on Facebook, because I thought it was miraculous. It was only then (upon viewing the scanned image magnified on my computer screen) that I noticed the heart image had a spear wound, it was a Sacred Heart !! The Sacred Heart image is very special to me as I have received several signal graces that involved the Sacred Heart image, which for me is a Valentine heart shape with the spear wound (no flames or encircled thorns or cross, of the traditional Catholic image), so it is an image specific to my iconography, if that makes any sense. Almost no one on my Facebook list was interested. I even posted a detailed explanation of what a signal grace was later, and no one seemed to care about that either. Then I felt bad for having even posted the image. I felt I had cheapened the signal grace in some way. Shortly afterward I was doing an internet search and came across a beautiful quote from Jesus to Sister Josepha Menendez, from the book "The Way of Divine Love" I wanted to share this quote on Facebook but decided not to, since I felt no one read or respond to it. Finally today, on Good Friday, I decided that I really wanted to post something in honor of Jesus and decided to post that quote after all, which was about mercy, how His forgiveness and mercy are "infinite." I thought to re-post the painted heart (the earlier signal grace mentioned above) to accompany the quote, but was reluctant (felt it might appear as if I am trying to look special or holy to others and I do NOT want to do that) so instead I chose to post a photo of a vintage Sacred Sacred Heart of Jesus holy card along with the quote. The exact moment the quotation and the holy card image was uploaded and posted, I heard the sound my computer makes when I have received a message from someone on my list. But when I checked my notifications there were no new messages from anyone. I believe it was a "message" from Jesus, letting me know I am on the right path and He is pleased with what I am doing. I am on a certain path, I will stay on it, unless directed otherwise. Thank you, Jesus, for your Love and Sacrifice.

April    March, 29 2013 - Las Vegas, NV
About a month ago I was suffering from severe anxiety. My thoughts were becoming uncontrollable and had thoughts of suicide. I began seeing a therapist and I was also prescribed medication to help ease the anxiety. I didn't want to continue taking the medication for fear of becoming dependent. I was so desperate and distraught over my mental state that I wasn't able to eat or sleep and lost an unhealthy amount of weight. Prayer has helped me in the past, so I decided to go to the chapel one day and pray the rosary. The moment I completed the rosary I felt a strong sense of calm and had more control over my thoughts and emotions. I was starting on my second bottle of medication, but after a few days I did not have the need or urge to take it. My anxiety is gone, I'm back at a healthy weight, eating normally, getting a good amount of sleep, and able to function like a normal individual should. All thanks to God and our Holy Mother.

Elizabeth    March, 28 2013 - India
Last day i was crying and prayed to mother mary to hear from a person.was reciting rossary ..after the glorious mystery he replied to me by message.thanks to mother mary

Rocio    March, 21 2013 -
Last night, I was crying desperately and begging Mama Mary to please give me a signal grace regarding the person I wanted to hear from. That person had been ignoring me for quite some time. I was praying with all my heart and with as much faith as I could muster. Right in the middle of the Luminous Mysteries, out of the blue- that very person suddenly sent me a text message! I was so amazed and grateful, and yet somehow I knew that Mama Mary would send me an answer. I love her so much! Please keep praying my brothers and sisters! Even when all seems hopeless, keep praying and hoping! God is good and he loves us. Thank you Mama Mary and Saint Therese! Blessed be God forever!

Barbara    March, 14 2013 -
I want to tell you my story. I am profoundly deaf and my life is not that easy. I have so many doors are closed to me due to my disability. Holy Mary is very aware of my daily dark struggles. Rosary helps to balance my mental health and my well being. I feel peace when I finish my rosary. I have a long way to walk but Her holy rosary is my lifeboug...I am very grateful that God gave us a most wonderful gift, Our lady as our true mother. Praised be to God for ever.

Devin    March, 13 2013 -
I smoked for almost 20 years. Over 6 months ago I started praying the rosary everyday. A week after I started praying the rosary I quit and have had no problems quitting. Also. I have always felt a calling to the priesthood but was always afraid and ran. That has changed. I am applying for the seminary in the fall. The Rosary has saved my life. Ave Maria. Thank you Mary for leading me to your son. I love you.


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