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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

monica    March, 04 2013 - bangalore
another miracle in my life through rosary... i had suggested my hubby who was expecting to work for abroad with a good job to do a rosary prayer daily near the grotto near to our house...he started doing the same and in a week he is blessed with a job in muscat... praise to mamma mary...and same way my sister was influenced with a guy through facebook and i din like her chatting to that guy as he may take advantage of her and even he had started to brain wash her mind...but i couldn convince her...but my parents don know about also ...but wen my parents had come to my home i asked them to attend prayer in the same grotto and they attended regularly... one fine day my mother found a rosary near mother mary without a cross but even thn she din want to leave that rosary there ...she asked forgiveness with mother mary for taking that and gave to my sister and told this will help her to go ahead in future... the same moment my sister has decided to stop chatting with the guy... really a miracle i felt when i got to know she stopped and the same day mother gave her that rosary...thanks mamma

ann mary    February, 28 2013 - Saudi
I am so happy to say another miracle that happened to me thru the rosary. I had a very bad experience from my neighbors on January, and really wished to move onto another place, but as my husband was planning for a better job in another country it seems I had no chance of escaping from these rude neighbors, who even bullied my son. I said the rosary in tears, and the same day my husband came to me saying about moving to a bigger house with lots of Catholics neighbors. In fact, I have lots of friends and people who believe in rosary.i donno how to thank our lady. Muuahhhh.

Maryanka    February, 19 2013 - Texas, U.S.A.
I had another signal grace today related to my roary making business. I will try to be brief. I made a really bad mistake on a rosary that I made and sold last year. The buyer called my attention to it yesterday via e-mail. He had given it as a gift and the recipient told him of the flaw. He was embarrassed and I was mortified !! I had to issue a full refund of $33.47. The cost of the money order brought the amount lost to just over $34. It really brought my self-confidence down to zero that I had made such a bad mistake and the loss of the money was also upsetting to me. With all those feelings in mind today, I checked some Lotto tickets that we had bought to see if we had any wins. It turns out we won a grand total of $34. Is that not amazing?? I see this as a lovely sign from Mary that all is well and she loves me.

Tharian    February, 18 2013 - Cochin
There are a lot of wonderful testimonies in this site and I cant rest until I tell mine! Well mine is not an amazing testimony but has a slight emotional touch to it.

My Dad is an arrongant and often picks up qurrel with my mom. One night he started arguing with my mother and the small argument turned into a heated argument...unfortunately I also joined and my dad had to make a withdrawl. He was very angry and was not in any mood to diffuse...he retreated to his room. Myself and my mother as well as my sister went to the prayer room, took the rosary and asked Mother Mary to bring my dad back in a happy mood. We were not even finished..He came to prayer room and sat near to us....and started praying....
Thanks Mother Mary....
All Glory to the Holy Trinity...

monica    February, 17 2013 - bangalore
i am the believer of mother mary from my childhood as my parents gave more preference to the family prayers , one among the all is... i was selected from campus and was working in bangalore staying alone in a PG.. During my work i used to face some problems from collegues n i was the youngest and from rural area. i was given a rosary from a girl who was a baptist and don believe in rosary... i used to cry and pray to over come and mother mary was my everything and my problems used to get solved my itself. that rosary was my strength, one fine day i lost the rosarry and when i noticed that i searched evrywher madly whereever i went and so on... my closed ones convinced me saying , something bad was suppose to happen might be but its avoided in this way , but i was not convinced i kept on searching and felt very day . ones after a day when i was on my way to office i met with an accident were there is two way traffic both moving a bike person hitted me i fell a little distance and a bus in front of me , i lost concious , ones i regained i observed i have not even hurted a little but a small another oval shaped rosary cover in my bag which i was carring is broken instead of my bones. i thanked mother mary for this blessing. i than realised why the rossary was missed. it saved my life.... not only this incident but many miracles like i could finish my engineering, i could marry to the person of my like, i could get good job, my family overcame so many problems all because of the rosary prayers. thanks mamma mary, praise to jesus

clare    February, 14 2013 - uganda
i went through a heartbreak and i decided to pray to Mother Mary for healing, peace & reconciliation in my life and i took up the 54 day rosary novena and one day when before i could finish my rosary novena, i got the reconcilation i sought for.
i am grateful for this even though thgs seem to be gng back to that situation where we arent getting along anymore, atleast this time i ve peace of mind abd calm. i love Mother Mary & continue to ask her to intervene in the reconciliation & restoration of my relationship even if i feel hopeless sometimes.
Also during my time of healing in a mysterious way i ended up joining the legion of Mary at my parish called Comfort of the Afflicted bse i was attracted by the people in a group praying the rosary, little did i know it was the legion of Mary. Guess that was Mary, the comfort of the afflicted calling out to me to come closer to her. Am proud to be a legionary
since i became closer to Mother Mary, she has intervened for me in many circumstances when i call onto. Even me a poor unworthy servant of God was helped by our Loving Mother, donot despair just trust & ve confidence in her intercession
Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted thank you.
Oh Mary conceived without original sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.

Maryanka    February, 14 2013 - Texas, U.S.A.
recently I had an amazing signal grace. Here is what happened. I sold a beautiful handmade rosary on Ebay, but when the buyer left feedback for the sale, all it said was "will return" I was devastated, why was she returning the rosary? Having made it myself it hurt. Also I was very upset that she had written via the feedback page where everyone could see it. I need the money I make selling my rosaries, so I worried it would hurt my business and also having to return the money was no small thing for me. I sent a fairly upset e-mail to the buyer asking why she was returning the rosary and why had she not let me know privately that she was not pleased with her purchase, etc . . . I was so upset I couldn't find peace or rest. I do that, I tend to overreact to things and take them too personally. Finally I took my feelings to Mary in the rosary and prayed mainly for peace of mind and acceptance of the situation, and maybe help if possible selling another rosary to replace the missing funds. Those were my thoughts. Imagine my surprise when immediately upon finishing the rosary prayer a thought popped into my head that the buyer had not meant she was returning the rosary at all, rather she had meant that she "will return" to my page and buy from me again. I knew it was a message from Mary because, though I had wondered why the feedback was marked "positive" it never occurred to me that "will return" could mean anything other than what I thought it meant. But after I got the message, something clicked, it all made sense and I felt relief. I sent another e-mail to the woman, asking her if that was what she meant and apologizing for my earlier e-mail if I had been mistaken. It took a few days, because the woman was in a location affected by the recent blizzard, but it did turn out that she meant exactly what the message (thought) told me, was happy with her rosary and had no plans to return it. And during that time, when I was waiting for her confirmation, I received 2 other thoughts that popped into my head to help me understand the reason for her lack of response. Her power was out !! It just shows the tender love and care that Mary feels for her children, those who come to her in need through the rosary. Jesus said "my burden is light" He does not want us to suffer needlessly and he gave us Mary as our mother. So, if you are troubled, go to your mother, pray the rosary. She will help you through it. Many blessings.


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