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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

ann mary    December, 30 2012 - Saudi
My son fell off from the couch on Christmas Eve and injured his gum. He has not recovered yet. I prayed the rosary for so many intentions along with the one to take care of my son. Today afternoon I was so tired and fell asleep. To my surprise I woke up after one hour? I fell someone calling. I rushed to watch my son, who was about to fall from the couch while asleep. God saved my child, thru the rosary

Eva B.    December, 28 2012 -
This happened last thanksgiving day,I dreamt of a beautiful lady who asked me If I still know how to pray the rosary,I told her yes,but I haven't done it for some years now, she asked me If I can do it again..then end of dream,when I woke up,I remembered my dream & I felt something urged me to look up in internet for a guide on how to pray the rosary and printed some copies,then I prayed the rosary again after not having done it for so many years,When I was praying I felt something strange but it is a very nice feeling that makes me want to cry with joy, from then on I am praying the rosary almost everyday.Then,few weeks after while at work,I mentioned to my coworker about the rosary and she told me in a nice manner(she was a previous catholic according to her)about how they pray in her church directly to God...when I went home that night, I had a dream,this time it is a man, although I cannot see his face, I can feel that He is who I think He is, and He told me "Continue to pray the rosary"...which I have been doing since that thanksgiving day dream. I hope my story inspires everyone to pray the holy rosary...God Bless!

lhex    December, 22 2012 - Naga City Philippines
I had been a devotee of the Holy Rosary for about 18 years now.

I started my devotion to the Rosary when I study in a Catholic school.During my youngest years I also pray the Rosary but occasionally only.But after I graduated high school my devotion to the Holy Rosary is getting stronger..Almost all of my petitions through the Rosary are being answered.I am just very thankful to the Blessed Virgin Mary for all the answered prayers and continuosly providing me a lot of blesssings and graces.

I am working now here in abroad.I know through Mama Mary and Jesus Christ,They are always guiding me in everyday of my life.I cannot live without the Rosary.There are times that I was not able to say the Rosary but it seems my life is empty.

Believe in the power of the Rosary.Physically and Spiritually it will truly nurture you.Start now in praying the Rosary and have faith on it..

Lila Mendoza    December, 22 2012 - Texas
An update on my situation to encourage others to continue to pray the rosary. I started the 54 day Rosary Novena and Im now in the thankgiving part of the rosary. My prayers have been heard and answered. I prayed with all my heart and soul and also asked for the intercession of the Holy Souls in purgatory. And when my prayer was answered after what seemed an impossible hopeless case, i cried so hard and could barely speak my words of thanks to God and our Mother. Keep praying the rosary, give your sorrows to Our Mother and to God, live His way and the Blessings will pour in. God Bless you, and Thank you all for reading this.

Rani Appunni    December, 22 2012 - Mumbai, INDIA
I am working as stenographer. Recently I changed my job. For some reason or the other, my boss was not happy with my work. I am born to Hindu father and Christian mother. One day I got a dream of Mary of Rosary. Then recently I got dream of Mary of Perpetual Succor. Donít know, but from 2nd November 2012 onwards I have started praying Rosary every day. One Rosary every day. I reach office at 9.30 am and my office starts at 10.30 am. I freshen up myself then I keep my office things ready for the dayís work, then I start praying Rosary and yes I pray the Mysteries too. I start say around 9.45 am and at around 10:20 am I complete my Rosary. I have also started singing Mother Dearest Mother Fairest Hymn. I have never missed my prayer. On holidays too, I pray at home. My job is going cool without any difficulties etc. it has also given good results towards my health and yes I have gained peace of mind too. I would recommend everyone to pray Rosary, at least once in a day. Thank you!

Anonymous    December, 20 2012 - Hong Kong
The Rosary is the Heavenly medication to the suffering.
I was once troubled by the problem of my shortness, which was sometimes used as a laugh stock. This made me feel unhappy. I also felt low about my academic performance. Yet, after the commencement of the Rosary Novena, despite there being intermittent pauses, the practice has brought me great peace and joy.
And... on the 8th December, the Feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, I received an offer from Imperial College London - a really easy one! Hope that my application to Oxford can be successful.
And... I am now more confident. Mary is teaching me how to be humble and always concentrate on God in my secular life - my Christmas gift: conversion!
Deo gratias!

ann mary    December, 19 2012 - Saudi
For a month I was lazy to say the rosary. To be frank, something was stopping me from praying it. For two days I have been saying the rosary and I saw a dream yesterday where I am in a place So familiar and so beautiful. I have seen this place in earlier dreams full of snakes and horror. But now I can clearly see the rosary swept away all the terrifying elements. I feel really good.


Rosary Promise #6: "Whoever shall recite the rosary devoutly, applying himself to the consideration of its sacred Mysteries shall never be conquered by misfortune. God will not chastise him in His justice, he shall not perish by an unprovided death; if he be just, he shall remain in the grace of God, and become worthy of eternal life."  See also: 15 Promises of the Rosary...

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