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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Doris    September, 10 2012 -
I pray the rosary twice a day & have helped me to stay close to God. one thing that I love is the first promise,Whoever shall faithfully serve Me by the recitation of the Rosary shall receive signal graces. got plenty. last one I want to share with u. my father was going to have surgery on friday 7. for gallbladder remover. I know is a simple procedure but still there is a chance of even death & I'm very nervous person, plus my father suffer from hbp & diabetes. thursday I went to st joseph shrine to pray, right after that I went to the gift shop for a green scapular is for healing. I asked one of the 3 ladies that worked there if they have more I wanted to take a lot to give away. and she said that was nice to pray for sick people because she knows how it is, to be seek that she had a GALLBLADDER remove. I just could not believe it. to me it was our lady telling see everything is going to be ok. to me it was a signal. the next day friday I went to mass at 8am the surgery was going to be at 1:30pm when the priest start to say the petitions he say "We pray for all the people that are having a surgery today specially for..."he was praying for a friend of his, but what a coincidence. I been going to mass for 2 years every day I don't remember they ever pray for people going thru surgery they always pray for the sick. that prayer to me was a clear signal more clear can not get, our lady was telling me is fine let go. well my father did very well took him home sept. 8 u guessed our lady's birthday. thank you Mother I love you and I always will.

Maagan    September, 08 2012 - Saudi Arabia
Hi Diana. Today September 8 is the feast of nativity of our dearest Mama Mary. I understand what you are going through especially the physical ailment that you are battling with. Hold on firmly to your faith with our Heavenly Father through the graces and love of the Blessed Mother. I will include you to my daily rosary and prayer intentions and I would like to request also for the support of all the followers of Mama Mary and those who can view this blog - to please pray for the speedy recovery of Diana. I have endless ways and means to divulge how great our Lord is and how loving or Blessed Mother is. I could say that I am a man of answered prayers and because of this I will be forever grateful to our God. May the Blessed Mother intercede on whatever your heart desires, Diana.Pray for us oh Holy Mother of God!
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Thank you for your rosary prayers!

Diana    September, 06 2012 - New Delhi, India
Hi, I want to thank God and Mother Mary for bringing me to this website. I am currently at a loss.. for I do not know how my future will turn out. To cut long story short, I had moved away from God and there was absolutely no sense of God in my life. I used to pray the rosary but slowly, lethargy took over. And my life is a mess. But this website helped restore my faith to a great extent. I began praying the rosary three days ago. And I have never felt such great positivity in a long long long time. But sometimes, I still do feel a little low, whenever I think of the future. The thing is.. I am battling a physical ailment. And it has not gone away in more than an year. I am worried coz I may not get married if it continues. I will turn 26 this 14th of September. I am praying and I hope Mother Mary has mercy on me, although I am highly undeserving. Please ma, please have mercy on me and please forgive me my sins. Please have mercy on me and bless everybody around me. May your name be glorified for ever and ever. Amen. I know you are with me. :)

Maagan    September, 02 2012 - Saudi Arabia
I began praying the rosary when I was still in high school and entered as a Marian Volunteer Corps member. As a Marian volunteer we were required to pray the rosary everyday especially during Saturday in the dawn rosary (early morning community praying of the rosary). When I went to College and moved to other province, I totally neglected to recite the rosary and now that I'm already a professional here in the Middle East, I renewed my devotion to the Blessed Mother. Before I started praying the rosary again, my life seems to be lacking of something. My 2 sisters were having problems with their family, my youngest brother was also in deep trouble with his vices, and personal struggles since we lost both our parents that early. As of me, I'm having thoughts of rumination related to my job, relationship with co-workers, and uncertainties of my future especially retirement. There's no one that I can turn to when I started working here in Saudi but suddenly I began going back to praying the rosary, everyday as much as I could. From there, I began experiencing positive answers to my prayers, I became more comfortable to myself and I endure all the struggles of being alone and single here in the Middle East. I always make it sure that my family and friends are included on my intentions while praying the rosary and lately I discovered that my 2 sisters are okay they got their husband back and started living happily again with their family is intact. My youngest brother became less troublesome and I have never heard again that something bad happened to him. Every time that I am in doubt, lonely, scared or worried I always turn to the Rosary and never my prayers was not answered. The comfort and protection that the Loving Father through Jesus in the intercession of Mama Mary are giving to me can be considered miracles because I feel that nothing would go wrong when I asked the Father through praying the rosary. I am a living witness of the wonders that the rosary can give to us. Nothing is more powerful form of prayer than the rosary that's why I cannot start or end the day without me praying the rosary. Thanks for the gift of love Blessed Mother!

ann mary    August, 30 2012 -
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary! Pray for us. Through Rosary and the intercession of Saint Anthony i found my son's birth certificate which i have been searching for about a month. Awe Maria

Rita    August, 30 2012 - Australia
Ive been going through anxiety much of my life, most recently i started suffering from ocd thoughts,
i went through all the motions; fear, stress, doubt, lack of self belief and most importantly i thought i was a horrible person. i started seeking help from friends, doctors, counselors ect. nothing really worked. nothing was permanent. the one thing i always had was a deep feeling of faith. i knew i loved my Catholic faith but i doubted whether God could rescue me. a few days ago i was explaining my situation to a priest and he suggested i pray the rosary. for some strange reason i dismissed the thought, i said to myself "i've tried it and i know it wont help me." the same day i got a notice on my iphone suggesting i update my rosary application, i suddendly had this urge to pray the rosary. then while i was on the couch i decided for no reason the search the miracles of the rosary. i found this site and started reading the miracle stories. my urge to pray the rosary grew stronger, i messaged my beautiful fiance and asked him if i should pray the rosary and if it would help me. instantly he responded "yes, it's the only thing that will help." the only thing i remember reading was "only thing" i instantly knew this was a sign. i cried and opened the rosary app on my phone. upon opening the app i saw written before my eyes, "fruit of this mystery is hope" it was the joyful mystery. i was overjoyed. it was a sign. the blessed virgin Mary was looking after me and knew my sufferings and wanted me to pray. i cant describe how i feel but anyone who is reading this, please dont be discouraged! seek help in the arms of our blessed mother and she will always rescue you as she did me. i know my journey is only at its begining but i am filled with calmness, hope, faith and love. to all those who suffer from any form of anxiety please seek comfort in our mother the virgin Mary because i know from my experience she will help. i hope my story will help anyone looking for comfort during any difficult time. God bless.

Valkaria    August, 26 2012 - miami
I have submitted a few stories because I know many people cross this site looking for a miracle. The hardest thing to do is let Jesus and our Heavenly father take the problem over. I struggle with this constantly. I had a heart attack at 44 due to stress from deaths of my family and finances. My heart for the last month was between 105 and 120. My whole body was shaking from it and I was scared because I could not stop it. I prayed a rosary a week ago and said the following, "Father, I know you created us with a vison of perfect health. This includes a perfect heart. I ask you to send your Holy spirit into my heart and restore it to it's natural state of perfect health. I pray that my heart rate will stay in the normal range of 70 to 80 beats per minute." I then let it go. For the last week I have measuredd my heart rate, with no changes to medication or lifestyle and it has never been higher than 85. Tell me that God does not answer prayers immediately! Thank you God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother!


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