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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Lam Siu Hin    November, 10 2012 - Hong Kong
I am new to this website, but I would really like to share my story.
I come from a non-Catholic family but I started to practise Catholic faith since 11. Heavy academic work has caused me to deviate from God, to put my story simple, and, when not getting what I wanted, I eventually went astray and indulged in bad videos for half year. Our Holy Mother is so kind; no one shall be rejected by her Immaculate Heart. I got poor results in my final term exam, which was quite unexpected to my teachers, parents and me since I was always a top student in this top high school, and the results were super poor. It was by then I started to reflect on my deplorable and sinful acts, which conquered my heart before the exam and made me feel frightened and agitated, two reasons for my being so careless in tackling even simple questions during exams. My Holy Mother's graces are not confined to repentance. One day, I accidentally came across with a website about the Holy Souls and started to pray for (and to) them. The good friends are really lovely. They give me a new definition of life, a life not for academic excellence or wealth, but a life of almsgiving and charity for the sake of the suffering Souls in Purgatory. Now I find internal peace and new goal of life - say the Rosary or, if time constraints are tight, at least a prayer for the Holy Souls, in union with the Sacrifice of Our Lord and all Masses said throughout the world today. This makes me less dependent on bad habits.
YET our Blessed Virgin's signal graces were not confined to spiritual aspects. On the 15th August, the Feast of Assumption, I received the good news of two level 5s in AP Exams, which greatly facilitated my application for universities. AND I prayed for the Holy Souls and Bristol gave me a rather low conditional offer. I had some tests in the past month and I prayed for and to our Mother and the Holy Souls, and I got signal graces of unexpectedly good results.
I am now facing tougher challenges, but I know Rosary is the way out.

Tisha    November, 08 2012 - Australia
I was diagnoised with breast cancer in early may 2012. I never questioned Jesus or Mother Mary. I was not in shock but I cried that day when I flound out I had cancer. From then on I just took one day at a time.Went through 2 chemo's and on the 3rd chemo Mother Mary took me to her. I did not even know this till I went into the church, had my confession after 10 years and stayed on for mass. My first mass after 10 years of absence.
Then i realised it was the 8th of September, the birthday of Our Blesse Virgin Mary. This brought me to tears and from this day onwards I have been going to church and praying more often and loving God and Mother Mary even more than before. My cancer was just a wake up call for me to come back to God and his blessed Mother. How wonderful I feel now and feel so happy and clean within. Thnak you Mother Mary for loving me soooo much and bringing me back to you. I will never go away from you again.
i love you very much.

Alice Udo    November, 02 2012 - Philadelphia, PA
There are so many heart warming stories on here. I have many stories to share and I have written before. It is so important to spread the word and get others to love and pray the rosary. You never know who will read and be touched by your story. I should have written this much earlier because I received a signal grace (miracle) the very evening I last posted on this site.

My youngest son is very bright and has always been a gifted student. My husband and I really wanted to have him attend a very good Catholic school in the area. The tuition was way out of reach for us, so I didn't think it could happen.

One day a colleague of my employer stopped into our office. He is a very successful businessman and attributed his success to this high school. He said he never thought of attending the school as coming from a large family, the tuition payment would not be possible. One of his nuns saw his potential and pinned a Miraculous Medal to his lapel and sent him on his way to take the entrance exam. He received a full scholarship! That day, in my mind, I pinned a Miraculous Medal on my son. He did get in and then my husband and I prayed for and received so many miracles that enabled us to send him there. It wasn't always easy.

The very night of my last posting, we were trying to figure out how to finish paying the previous year's tuition. My husband called the school for the remaining balance and we were told someone had made an anonymous donation to our tuition bill! The amount was $5000.00! I could not beleive it!

That night, I fell to my knees, and tears filled my eyes as I thanked Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother. Please continue praying. Our Mother's Love knows no bounds!

Thank You Heavenly Mother for all of the gifts you bestow on us!

Rita Mary Severino    October, 22 2012 - Philadelphia, PA
I am a teacher in a Catholic school. This afternoon, I was teaching my students about the Rosary. I relayed the story of when my father-in-law was dying last year. I was in the hospital room with my husband and his brother and sister-in-law, and the nurse had just taken my FIL off of life support. I did what came naturally to me, and said a Rosary for his peaceful passing. Today, as I was telling my class this story, my husband was walking to his classroom (he teaches at another Catholic school), he was standing outside, enjoying the weather. As he often does at such moments, he thought about both of our fathers (he was close to my Dad). In thinking of his father, he wished that he had had an easier relationship with him. As he was lamenting that it is often too late in life to bring peace in difficult relationships, he looked down, and there on the ground, as though it had been placed there, was a lovely set of Rosary beads. He was immediately touched by this. When he came home and showed me the beads, he said that he thought my father had sent them for me. I told him of my Religion class, and said, "Honey, these are from your father." I have no doubt that God and the Blessed Mother are showing their great mercy to us today.

ann mary    October, 10 2012 - Saudi Arabia
my father died this year on April 12. i luved him so much but due to my personal issues and certain problems i nvr had time to be with him or talk to him. i was really guilty, depressed, and even wished to die to have a chat with him. i cud never say the rosary for this intention, bcoz i have already so many things to pray for, but finally last week i recited the rosary in tears. i had all these pics of my father loving me in my mind and asked for healing while i was in prayer. after the rosary i felt sudden peace, and till now i am not anymore depressed. i can hear someone is saying that he is happy there. oh i cant express the happiness i am enjoying now. Awe Maria.

Viviene    October, 01 2012 - Florida
In August, I succumbed to a major change of finances. I am earning just enough to care for my family and pay my bills. However, I have been told that I will be out of a job within the next year. I donít know when and it can come as soon as this month. I have already tapped into my savings and have been worried about not being able to save enough to keep me above water when I finally lose my career. I have been praying the rosary almost every day for over 10 months. I have been looking for a second job. I applied for my second job last night about 8pm and this morning at about 9:30 am, I received a phone call stating they read my resume and wanted an interview. I went to my interview this afternoon and was offered a job on the spot with an hourly rate I wanted. I thanked God out loud in my car and went to church to give thanks. About two hours ago, I realized the most amazing blessing. The manager who called, interviewed me, & gave me the job, her name is MARY. I KNOW it is NOT A COINCIDENCE. My Lord, my God, & my blessed Mother Mary made this job possible for me to help me. I am at awe & humbled by their help. Thank you!!!

Doris    September, 10 2012 -
I pray the rosary twice a day & have helped me to stay close to God. one thing that I love is the first promise,Whoever shall faithfully serve Me by the recitation of the Rosary shall receive signal graces. got plenty. last one I want to share with u. my father was going to have surgery on friday 7. for gallbladder remover. I know is a simple procedure but still there is a chance of even death & I'm very nervous person, plus my father suffer from hbp & diabetes. thursday I went to st joseph shrine to pray, right after that I went to the gift shop for a green scapular is for healing. I asked one of the 3 ladies that worked there if they have more I wanted to take a lot to give away. and she said that was nice to pray for sick people because she knows how it is, to be seek that she had a GALLBLADDER remove. I just could not believe it. to me it was our lady telling see everything is going to be ok. to me it was a signal. the next day friday I went to mass at 8am the surgery was going to be at 1:30pm when the priest start to say the petitions he say "We pray for all the people that are having a surgery today specially for..."he was praying for a friend of his, but what a coincidence. I been going to mass for 2 years every day I don't remember they ever pray for people going thru surgery they always pray for the sick. that prayer to me was a clear signal more clear can not get, our lady was telling me is fine let go. well my father did very well took him home sept. 8 u guessed our lady's birthday. thank you Mother I love you and I always will.


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