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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Valkaria    August, 24 2012 - Miami
In 2008 I was in the middle of situations that were emotionally troubling for me. I had begun a practice of meditation on the beach that began before sunrise and continued until the sun had raised from 5:45 am until about 7 am. I had not been praying the rosary for awhile and while I was there I decided to do the rosary using my fingers (which is great because it forces your attention on the rosary). I began with my eyes closed and joggers were coming past as I stood there. About the 3 Mystery it became very quiet and I opened my eyes. No one was around anymore and when I looked to my right, about 10 feet away, I saw what looked like a little star hovering at head height. It looked like when in children’s stories the little star comes down and twinkles. It was a gold color with a red center. As I continued to pray two more appeared to either side of it. I was so peaceful I continued until I had finished all three mysteries (I have not incorporated the luminous into my practice). As I neared the end, the two side lights faded and as the sun rose, I thanked the Blessed Mother for standing with me, Jesus and our Heavenly Father and left.

valkaria    August, 24 2012 - Miami
I was educated in private Southern Baptist schools until the age of 13. I was always taught that Catholics worship idols, etc. I will relate later what happened to bring me to the Blessed Mother. I prayed the Rosary and Miraculous Medal for many years, then like most of us, I got distracted and fell away from the practice. Despite the truly amazing graces bestowed on me, as a non Catholic, I found myself away from her and Jesus in my mind and things fell apart by my own hand and decisions. I prayed again this week because I am in such turmoil and sure enough she has answered. I was actually speaking with her about my troubles in my room and crying, and I said, “Please give me a sign that I am in your care. I cannot even talk to my best friend about this problem. Before I could get the words out of my mouth he texted the following, “I am sitting here listening to the song “You raise me up”, and you should know you are loved.” I have never had a text like that from him before. Many people do not realize that the Miracles we receive almost always come from something subtle. I have learned that because God created all things his solution is often through his creation. We look at these events and it is our faith that must discern the spiritual source and meaning.

Greg    August, 18 2012 - Ohio
I've prayed the rosary for almost a year now. There are periods where i say it more than once everyday then there are times when I dont say a rosay for a couple weeks! anyways, I've found that when i pray it daily that my life becomes better. I'm never sad and I always look on the brightside. Everything just seems to go my way!
I was at a baseball game and at the end of the inning i ran into the dugout and sat next to one of my teammates. I actually never have met him yet because the season just started, so i introduced myself and we talked for a few minutes. Somehow we established that we were both Catholics and that we both prayed the rosary! So through the excitement I realized it was my turn to bat. I got up, turned to my new friend, and asked him to say a hail mary for me. He gladly accepted, so on my wait to the plate, with my self confidence up at its highest, i get in my stance. The very first pitch that was thrown to me I crushed over the fence! I didnt realize it at the time but later that night as i reflected upon the day the fact that my friend said a hail mary was the reason i hit the homerun. i immediatley messaged him and he was ecstatic! we rejoiced and it really made me happy to think our Blessed Mother is willing to do small things for us like that.

Maryanka    August, 10 2012 - Texas
The rosary has been very imporant in my life for quite some time, it is the center of my life and all things are possible and healed because of Jesus in the mysteries. I would like to relate a recent, very powerful signal grace given as a gift to me by Our Lady. I am the leader of a rosary making group at my church, we make knotted cord rosaries for the missions, but I also make other types of rosaries. About a year ago I was very depressed, some creative work that I had been doing had ended and I didn't know what to do to get myself going again. I prayed for help but couldn't seem to figure it out. One day a member of the rosary group brought a vintage rosary to me that she had found in a drawer at her house, it was in very bad shape, dirty and in a million pieces. She asked me if I wanted it saying she thought I needed a project. I sure did. I painstakingly restored that rosary, it was not a simple repair, but was a very involved and time consuming restoration that took me days to complete. I noticed while I was restoring that rosary that my mood lifted and I felt happy again. It went from being dirty and in pieces to being a complete rosary ready again for use in prayer. It was beautiful !! I had made sure when the woman gave it to me that she was giving it to me and not just wanting me to fix it for her. She said (in front of a witness) "no, it's yours." I was so pleased and felt so blessed and grateful to her for giving me that rosary and the gift of the work too. I called her to thank her and as soon as she found out I had been able to restore it, she wanted the rosary back ! It is a very long story with lots of twists and turns, but I will not go into that here. Suffice to say that it broke my heart. She gave that rosary to me twice. Adn took it back twice. I told my husband that she had "made a hole" inside me that I felt would never be filled. I felt like Our Lady had given me a Signal Grace through her, but she had stomped all over it and taken the Signal Grace from me. I couldn't understand how God would let that happen. But, now I see it differently. Yes, she has that rosary, but I now actively search for (and find) rosaries in bad need of repair. I look in particular for the exact type of rosary that woman took from me. And, you know what? It is the exact type of rosary that people seem to love the most. I restore and they buy them from me! I now have this wonderful work to do for Our Lady and it has been a huge blessing in my life. I truly enjoy working on the rosaries and always feel that same happiness that I felt the first time. I even have a little income for myself. I get a lot of satisfaction from rescuing the rosaries too, so they won't be cut up for jewelry. I now believe The Lord used that woman's weaknesses against my own to create that hole in me. It is the motor that drives me to do the work that gives my life purpose and meaning. And rosaries are being restored too. I love you sweet Jesus and Mary. Thank you ever so much for this great gift.

merce montal    August, 10 2012 - morocco
I have just rediscovered the Rosary in the last two weeks. I don't even remember or say the prayers well yet,but something amazing has happened.Every time I pray the Rosary,I feel a divine embrace. Chills and goosebumps run all over my body and spine just as if someone is embracing me and hugging me. I know the Blessed Mother is there because it truly feels she's the one.Also I feel this wonderful peace when I pray. As I pray more the rosary,I pray that I can write more miracles about praying the Rosary. Many blessings from Our Mother!!

Mary    July, 10 2012 -
Hi All,
I´ve been praying the rosary regularly for over a month now and I´ve been experiencing some "coincidences" which I said to myself "well, they could just be coincidences" but this "coincidence" today takes the cake.
I was on the net searching for a temporal job since I have to also study too, when I heard a knock on my door. I´ve been living in my apartment for a year now and no one I dont know has ever knocked my door. I opened the door and saw a guy who has been my neighbour for just about 4 days and he said he had not seen anyone come out my apartment and he was knocking to introduce himself. He started telling me how he was searching for a job and he was planning to go re-apply for a job at his former jobsite tommorrow. What a coincidence!!! I said I was searching for a job too and we´ve made plans to go together tomorrow at his former job-site to search for work.
I tell you all, the rosary is a powerful instrument and this was definitely a signal grace. I thank our mother Mary!!

Stephanie    July, 02 2012 -
Hello Friends,

For 3 years I have been in a marriage that became continually more violent and disrespectful. We have two children and I do not believe in divorce. I used to be very close to God as a child.. I strayed but found Jesus again. I was about to leave my husband.. but then I decided to make small sacrifices through out my day. (Like skipping desert or dinner.) and it has only been 5 days of praying and I FEEL Jesus and Our Lady so close to me in all I do. I do not have such a bad temper.. I trust my husband more, and I listen to his needs now. I am changing into a warmer more loving woman and he is changing with me. It is a miracle. We are falling back in love. He is being so much more respectful. I feel overwhelmed with joy and grace when I pray the Rosary. It is helping me in so many ways. I have more energy now and there is joy in all my moments. Blessings to you all:) Thank you to Jesus and Mother Maria.


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