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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

MJB    June, 20 2012 -
Since I began my Rosary journey, I decided to do a Nine day Novena for two special requests and follow up with a Novena of thanksgiving. One of the requests was about finances.

Although I was trying very hard to have faith, I was still super stressed about two bills that were coming up and I did not have enough money to even cover one, much less both. My grandmother found out through talking to me about it and offered me some help. I accepted but I know it still wasn't enough to cover both.

Yesterday, my niece called to ask me if I would got to the cell phone store with her grandmother as she really needed a new phone. She is on my account and her grandmother offered to pay for it. I agreed and went early so I could start looking around. I asked them to check my account to see if I was eligible for an upgrade. In checking they saw the past due amount and said I would not be eliegible until its paid. I explained that I have a payment arrangement until Friday but according to them it did not matter. I was crushed. My niece's grandmother was on the way and I did not know where I would get that money before she arrived. I called my brother and he tried but couldnt. I called my father, not to ask him for money, but to ask him what to do. He had given me money earlier for my niece for her travel and he told me to use from that money, don't tell her grandmother anything and just explain that he didn't get all the money yet.

When I went in to pay the bill, I was calculating my money I had, the money my father told me to use, and the money my grandmother was to give me and I became amazed. I went from not enough for even one bill to over what I needed. I was such in awe I was speechless. I grabbed my phone to post my amazement about God on Facebook, while in my head asking myself how in the world is this possible and the first thing I see is a picture that is posted saying "All things are possible with God". I nearly dropped the phone. Talk about a signal grace out of this world!

And it doesn'e end there. The money I would have had to spend on a router, my sister-in-law has a co-worker that can get it for almost 75% LESS! God is so good and Mary is interceding. I must confess that I do sometimes get discouraged when I don't see the other request I am praying for or when the financial part seems slow, but I have no doubt that He is working and that my Mother is interceding.

Please give the rosary a chance. Give it a few days and see things start to change. Take this from a Catholic who was an unbeliever until recently. God bless!

Francisco    June, 12 2012 - Canada
first of all i'm not Catholic, but i do believe in the Virgin Mary.
When i was about 15 years old, i was playing a video game called : Samurai Shodown. I think it was on the super nintendo or playstation. There was this blue ninja with a wolf always by his side.I wanted a dog just like it.I ask God that He please give me one JUST like it. But my belief made me doubt that He would grant my petition. So i went to the Mother like all children do, when they can't get what they want from their Father.So i went to Her and asked it with all my heart. As soon as i finished, i had a presentiment ( if it's the right english word for it. ) In other words, something in my heart assured me without a doubt that i'll would have it. 1 or 2 weeks later... I was in a park and i saw a dog sitting... i don't remember exactly where... but i couldn't take my eyes off of it, and someone came. That person told me that the owners wanted to give it away. It was a husky but when i went to ask the owners for permission to have it, they told me it was also half wolf.But... unfortunately, I kept it only for about 3 months. I gave it away. But now looking back, i'm 27, i learned that God or the Virgin Mary doesn't always give you what you ask because of some GOOD reasons, even if i received what i ask for. I guess it happen to me for us to learn this lesson and believe in the supernatural. There is something beyond our physical reality, not only because of this testimony but also throught other personal experiences i lived. There is in fact something more to this world. And the other side want us to know,that we are never alone and that we need to love with all our heart.

MJB    May, 29 2012 -
It has been two weeks since I started praying the rosary daily, and although I have not received the main petition I have been praying for, I must say that I can see the changes in my life.
First of all, I prayed for the success of a surgery for a loved one and the healing of another loved one from cancer. Surgery successful and also when other loved one went for check up, they couldn't see any sign of cancer.
I have been so blessed with little things that have been coming my way (e.g. new clothes, new car, money). Things are far from perfect and it is not as miraculous as some of these stories on here but I believe that is just the tip of the iceberg. When God does a breakthrough, He does a BREAKTHROUGH! And I do believe my Blessed Mother has been interceding. I hope to come back soon with an even greater story.

MJB    May, 15 2012 -
I was born and raised a Catholic, but I have never fully understood the rosary. I still don't fully. My mother and grandmother pray the rosoary constantly, especially for me. There has been times when I have prayed the rosary for certain things and I did not receive what I was asking for. I took this to further fuel my belief that the rosary simply did not work and it is not real. I never stopped saying it fully, but I never said it with any real belief.

For the past couple of days I have been getting nudged to say the rosary (through mom, and other sources). Today I felt the nudge again (especially for a peetition I have) and this overwhming fear came over me. It was if a force didn't want me to pray the rosary. I began to think maybe it's the devil and he knows if I really try to dedicate myself to the rosary all I have been praying for will come to pass.

So today, through the fear I said the Joyful Mystery with tears in my eyes. I negleced the Blessed Mother as my mother, why would she want to intercede for me now. I felt I had nothing to lose, and although I don't have a miracle story yet, this is just for you all to keep me in prayers that I keep up with the devotion. I am hoping for a special birthday miracle but whether I receive it or not will not deter me this time from thinking that Mary doesn't really interced on our behalf.

I hope to be back very soon to relay that my miracle or miracles happened better than I could have hoped. I know Jesus is real and it is about time I found out about His mother.

Jayne hardy    May, 15 2012 - Cheshire England
I didn,t want to put another story on incase they look fake,but after reading other people,s stories mine look pale in comparison.
I put my other story on first as it was the most shocking,but this one is equally as good in it,s own way.
The morning of our camping trip,I was on the church cleaning rota. So, before cleaning I attended the 9.15 mass and prayed to our lady for a safe journey to Wales. I suffer with anxiety and hate car journey,s.
That evening we set of with a lot of equipment tied to the roof rack. I don,t think it was secured quite as well as normal as my husband,s back is bad.
When we hit the Fri. P.m rush hour it was very busy and started raining,making the conditions very dangerous. There were a lot of lorries and tankers On the road creating a lot of mist and spray.
Then,one of our chairs started hanging off and if it had fallen could of created a pile up.
Out of nowhere two men in a white van pulled infront and guided us onto the hard shoulder(that is the safety lane in the u.k).
Lorries and trucks were hurtling passed and my little boy started crying as our car seemed so exposed.
The two men jumped out ,opened the van and explained that they were furniture delivery men and had spare straps to secure our luggage which they did for us in the rain with traffic flying past!
We couldn't,t believe how generous and brave they were to help us.
They eventually took 20pounds for a drink which they were very reluctant to do. It was the least we could do!
Thankyou lord for keeping us safe on our journey. This story is the gospel truth and just reinforces our love and grateful thanks to our dear lord.
Keep praying,the more you tune in to the lord,the more we open up to his greatness. God bless.x

Jayne hardy    May, 14 2012 - Cheshire England
My husband has been suffering from a very painful back condition that has been leaving him in constant pain and discomfort . Last weekend we decided to take our boys camping and to have some family fun ,laughs and bonding.
We have been camping for many years and when we see new people we always like to offer assistance.
We came across a gentleman struggling with a few things and we duly helped.
We went to bed and that night under the stars I said a decade of the rosary for my husband,s back.
The following morning a lady walked passed ,who I recognised straight away as an old work colleague of many years ago. We were so pleased to be reunited and she duly introduced her husband. It was the man we helped!
But, guess what? He is the top osteopedic surgeon in our region and he gave my husband lots of good advice and he is going to help him and make sure he gets the best help!
Call it what you will,but I,m convinced that our prayers were answered by our lady.

John    April, 26 2012 - Ohio
As a child I prayed the rosary all the time and in my dreams Mary would appear to me quite often. The dreams were so real I began to pray for God to take the dreams away. When the dreams failed to leave, I stopped praying. During the years that I stopped praying, my life took a dramatic turn for the worse. Yes, the dreams stopped, however, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. I went down every terrible road that you can imagine. When you get so low in life, there is only one direction left to turn. I gave in, I handed my heart back over, I pray now, just as I did when I was a child, for others. The miracles I have seen through the intercessions of our mother could write a whole book, much like the life of sin I was in could, in complete 180 perspective, when I turned away. I was young, I didn't understand, however some of the best witnesses to the faith, are those that have been through hell. I thank God each day, and no longer do I fear the things I once did. I intentionally avoid the details of what I have witnessed, as to avoid any false hope it may generate in you. I'm no saint, I don't know why I have such a connection to the spiritual world, but I do. To truly open your heart and pray is as calming as sitting on a beach. To truly see Mary is a gift, that should not be wasted. I still remember the things she told me, and while she no longer appears to me in my dreams, she left words imprinted on my soul that I can recall just as clear, as if they this very moment. I'm sorry to be so vague, and skeptics will say I'm a liar. For me, however, this is not about "proving" what I have witnessed, but to bear witness. Hope this helps, God bless


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