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Rosary Testimonials - Miracle Stories and Signal Graces

The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Pius    April, 09 2012 - Lagos nigeria
I thank God 4d graces received tru ds site...Though i use 2say my rosary bt often on ad off. I got into some problems which i can't cope wt. Ad Severaly i ve try 2 do a novena 2 our lady of perpetual help bt always find mysef abandoning it after 2 or 4days. Bt now wt d inspiratn i got here, i was able 2start a novena 2 our lady of perpetual help ad 'll b endn 2moro. I thank God 4 everyday graces he gave me 2b able 2 defeat my weaknesses each day. Since i startd i ve bn filld wt gr8 hope, peace ad assurance dt it is well. I thank the blessd virgin mary 4d d grace to invoke her help every ad 4d gift of ds 'nuclear weapon'...I urge everyone to say d rosary it never faild.

Diane    April, 07 2012 - MO
I come to this site often to remind me that other people experience signal graces and it is more than coincidence so I thought it was time to add part of my experiences with signal graces. I have prayed the rosary off and on since I was a child but more consistently the last few years. A couple years ago I attempted to pray the rosary every day for a year because of a story I read in "The Secret of the Rosary". At the end of the year when the king had finished, Christmas Day, Mary appeared to him and presented him with a rosary. I has asked Mary to obtain my petition but please do not appear to me. In the meantime, someone had taken my Mary statue from my backyard. About the time I finished my year, the statue reappeared. On the next Christmas, I believe Mary sent me another gift. Most recently, I was in an adoration chapel and decided I would ackkowlede Mary's presence since I had read somewhere that she is in every adoration chapel. Within just a few minutes it seemed like the links on the rosary I had picked up were turning gold. I finished the rosary and showed it to another lady in the chapel if she thought they had turned and then asked if I could have it if I replaced it. After I took it home, at some point I noticed the edges of the cross had filled in with what looked like marble. This rosary continues to comfort me as I ask the Blessed Mother to interceed. Hope this story inspires you even if you don't have the same experiences I did.

Jorge Villegas    April, 07 2012 - Colombia
I didn't use to pray much. just as often as twice per moth, I went to church on Sunday with my two kids because the oldest of them asked my wife and me to do so. We got married at a register office and we just got married in the catholic rite on june 26, 2010. Our son became a member of the community Heralds of the Gospel and he prayed everyday for us to get married. More recently I was in despair because of too much work and feeling it was not worth. One night I saw our mother Mary descending over the dark holw I was in among other desperate people, and with her open arms she took me out of the darkness and put me back softly on a calm a light place... I could hear a soft voice telling me not to worry... that everything was going to be fine... that I was safe now... The peace I felt was undescribable and I still feel it when I just remember how she took me out of that darkness. It was one week before the 13th of may. That date I went to the house where my son was staying witht the religious community and a priest explained that mistery to me... He told me that I I had been chosen to be given a signal. Many people pray for many years and tehy are not touched by the divine hand of our Mother Mary. Last Sunday (palm tree sunday), I was in the church asking again for some peace of mind because my work condiotions are getting togher an tougher, and while I was looking at the image of the Miraculous Virgin, I felt as if a drop of cool water or the tip of a fresh finger had touched on my head just above my forehead. It was not raining and there wasn't anybody throwing water above the people... and again I felt the message of our mother telling me not to worry, that she had always been by my side... "Don't you worry... Here I am..." I know that Jesus and our Holy Mother has been seeing me and my family with their healing sight.

Louis robin    March, 15 2012 - Tamil nadu,india
6 months ago I never pray the Rosary daily and never Find Peace in my Life now I feel the Love of Jesus and Mary because I now pray the Rosary Thrice daily and Motivate others to Pray the Rosary thrice daily for the Peace and Providence of God.

Ave Maria!

Scott Hebert    February, 28 2012 - Louisiana
Years ago when I made my confirmation my mother gave me a gold chain and cross. I was in my early teens and after a couple of years I quit wearing it. When I was 22 I got married and I kept my chain and cross in the valet on my dresser. In August of 1992 I lost my home to Hurricane Andrew. From that time on I couldn't locate my chain and cross. I just thought it was lost in all the debris after the hurricane. For years we talked about that chain and cross and wondered where it could be. My father also had a gold chain and cross and my wife saw it as we were talking about my chain and cross that was lost. A few years ago I had several surgeries and before the surgeries I had been praying the rosary every day for about 6 months. After one of my surgeries I prayed my rosary and ask the Blessed Mother that I would sure like to have my gold chain and cross. I felt that I really needed it. Days later I had another surgery, then I was released to go home. While I was home I was really down because I had been through a lot and my wife told me she had something to cheer me up. She handed me my gold chain and cross. She said it had been in her jewelry box. I couldn't believe I finally had my cross back after all of these years. My signal grace was answered. I think during my younger years I wasn't worthy of wearing that cross because of the way I was living. Now that I had changed my life and was going to church regular and saying the rosary I was now worthy of wearing that cross. I say the rosary every day and sometimes a couple times a day. My life has changed for the better, I wish everyone could take just a few min. a day to say the rosary. The world would be a better place if they did. I hope you enjoyed my story, I tell this story to others who don't believe or someone that is not happy and needs something more in their life.

Kris    February, 19 2012 - Ireland
i have felt a connection to our mother of perpetual help from as long as i can remember! i love Mary alot.

this is just one of many signal graces i got from Mary. i had been doing the rosary & decided to consciously ask Mother Mary for a signal grace! just because i love recieving them & they make me feel great. during the week my mum says to me "Oh, Kris, i forgot to tell you, my friend told me to tell you to listen to the song 'Lady' by Kenny Rogers!" (Very random)! at first i never even clicked, until i listened to the song, it brought tears to my eyes and shivers up my back because i then realised it was a message from Mary. 'Our Lady'.

we are truely communicating with heaven through these signal graces. i love it!

best wishes
Kris. x

Pamela    February, 18 2012 - Philippines
Ive been wanting to get out of my job for months. It was so hard to look for a job. I kept looking around but nothing fits what I wanted. I started becoming hopeless and desperate. It was then asked for God's help. I started praying the rosary every single day and talk to Him after work and before sleeping. through the divine intervention of our Mother Mary, i finally landed in an awesome job that I didnt expect to be accepted. She gave me a chance for me to show my capabilities through serving others. It was a true miracle. This experience truly brought me back to God and Mama Mary. I wish that everyone will be able to experience the miracle through Faith in Him :)


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