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The following testimonials are real life stories from people who have decided to pray the rosary. These amazing stories illustrate the power of rosary prayers and prove that signal graces, divine interventions, and miracles do happen every day!  Submit a Rosary Story

Signal graces like the ones you read below are PROMISED to all those who pray the rosary.

Ramiro Perez    January, 16 2012 - Montgomery
It was the biggest football game of the season and i was starting Quarterback so i decide to take my rosary so i could do a prayer there. I got to my locker i did a prayer with my rosary ask for good luck and once i was done i went off to the field. Our team ended up winning. I was getting dressed to go home and i guess i droped my rosary and i didnt notice that night i dreamed that i had lost it so i woke up at like 3 in the morning searching for it and no sign of it, i looked for it for about a week and i had no luck of finding it so i was really upset becuase that rosary was passed down from my great great grandmother. i ended up telling my parents what i did and they were pretty mad too so i prayed with one of my other rosarys asking for some luck on finding it and you will not belive it but the next day i saw someone wearing it and i asked him where he got it he said he found it i told him it was mine and he gave it back i was so relived and thankful that my prayers were heard.
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Great story! But just to clarify - you didn't get "lucky", you got blessed! :)

edward ugrina    December, 12 2011 - North Port, Florida
I was suffering from Kidney Stones on December 2, 2011. This was my 2nd major attack. On December 4th, I had put up all of my Christmas decorations, and began to put my empty boxes in my back guest room. After that chore, I caught a glimpse of something shining out of the corner of my left eye. A Key chain dangled on a figurine I had on my dresser drawer, and it was a Virgin of Guadalupe Key Chain. I have NO idea where it came from, it's not mine. It is shiny, Gold, and beautiful. I took it, stood before my little manger I created, and Prayed the Hail Mary, and pressed the key chain on my back, near my kidneys. With the Grace of God, and a home remedy, I was able to pass my stones and I have not suffered since. The scary thing is, on December 9th, I read online that in the 1500's Juan Diego first Saw the Virgin of Guadalupe, and on today,the 12th, her Miracles are celebrated. Thanky ou Mary, Mother of God! Praise be to Jesus! I will always pray the Rosary, and will always carry that mysterious Key Chain.

jane silva    December, 08 2011 - uk
Im ever grateful and humbled whenever l receive signal graces. I would encourage everyone to pray the rosary everyday.Thank you mother mary...thank you God!

ann mary    December, 07 2011 - saudi
each time i pray the rosary, Mother Mary gives one or more signal graces. My father has been recovered from his illness after praying the 54 day rosary novena.

Awe Maria

Peter John Bilbao    December, 02 2011 -
Ok I'm here again and this time,the story i'm gonna be telling is my own story which happened to me yesterday Dec 1. about 4 nights of november i am praying the rosary to mama mary that she will bring my cellphone back to me. i really didn't lost my cellphone, it fell in the internal of the piano. yesterday my mom was looking for me, when she found me, she showed me my cellphone and i was like "oh my God"...Mama Mary answered my prayers, but how did mama get my phone inside the piano, knowing that our adviser thought to my mother that the lower part of the piano could be open and she found my cellphone there, it is there for really one month. if i didn't pray the rosary, i would not have strength to tell my mother that it fell in that piano and my adviser couldn't tell my mother because he has no time, he is very busy in practicing mass songs. Tnx to Mama Mary and Lord Jesus.

Peter John Bilbao    November, 09 2011 - Tagum city
This actually happens to my mother, I am the one who will share this because she is busy. I haven't started praying the holy rosary daily. when my mother is young(after college graduate), she has no work because her family is so poor, lack of money, but mom has no choice cause she is the only hope so she must find a work but it's not that easy. Mom started praying the holy rosary daily. one time she dreamed of MAMA MARY, going up to heaven, crying and waving her hand to my mom then my mom wake up. after that dream mom has taken a job, she became a sub teacher in our city. We must all be thank full because we have a mother who always guide us. thanks also to God

Leopold Gary Welner    October, 30 2011 - Kuching, Sarawak
In February 2011,few months ago, as usual i went to a mall,to have lunch with my friends.On that day,i was really in a hurry..and it make me forget my bike keys and left it on my bike.i completely forget about it, and after i had my lunch i suddenly remember that i left my keys on my bike.Felt worry,i rush to the counter,paid my lunch and rush to the motorcycle parking lot,and hope that my bike and the keys will still be there.I sensed something bad,and it appeared to be true when i saw no motocycles at the place i parked my bike!!Someone stole it!!yeah,it's really an easy job for them because the keys are there!God..i hope this is not true.I can believe this thing will happen to me.My bike is my transport to my workplace..yes my insurance will cover it but it'll take much time to settle it all,and many works to do..i really need my bike to do my daily work and activities!but now i lost it,and it all because of my own mistake!!but i remain calm,went to the police station and logged a report.Then, i need to come back the next day to complete the paperwork with the investigation officers.That day,i was unable to go back to my workplace because of what happened.I'm sad..and i know,i'll never found it back because at my town,a stolen bike like mine,will be sell to our neighbouring country indonesia.I went back home that day and completely demoralized,and faced the cloudy face of my parents when they knew about what happened.For me it will most impossible that i'll found my bike back,NO,it will not happen..what playing in my mine and that time settle it with my insurance company,get everything done and lastly,if i had enough money,buy a new bike..and it will cost me thousands of ringgit!!On that night,before went to sleep,I pray my ROSARY,i forgive whoever that stoled my bike..but i never give even a single hope that i'll get it back.The next day,i woke up early,i already informed my colleague that i need a day off to settle everything.I sit on my bed,took my Rosary and started to pray quietly..on the 4th decade,suddenly my handphone rang,and it cames from my friend that work at the police station where i logged my report.The first thing he said to me was "what kind of black magic did you use?"...i don't understand..but he kept asking the same question.I told him, i really dont understand what does he mean,and i just wake up from my sleep.At last he told me that my bike had been recovered!!!I cant believe what i heard!!GOD answered my prayer and i believe that this is the Power and miracles of the Rosary Prayer!!I'am very happy,and thanks God for it!on the same day i went to the police station,and i asked the officer how did they recovered my bike.They said, somebody called them last night and inform that a motorcycle was left on the side of the road,not far from the mall that ii went to.Nobody arrested,but that is not important to me.I get my bike back,that's all i need,and it saved me thousand of ringgit!!Nowadays..i bring my rosary wherever i go..and i pray it at least once a day.I'll never forget the help that Mother Mary gave me..and i know,this is only one of many good things that God gave to me,from my prayer through the incercession of Our Lady Of The Rosary..May God bless us all.Amen.


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